What Is Network Marketing Absolutely About

What Is Network Marketing

What Is Network Marketing Absolutely All About and how you can start off in the right direction in any network marketing business is something that gets searched for every day online.

You are probably asking how to do network marketing and knowing the correct steps in doing so for success.

What Is Network Marketing Absolutely All About and how you want it to be as simple and straight forward as possible, then I have a list of steps that will show you ways that you can be very good at network marketing.

Lets first talk about Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing so you have a better understanding of all three and what is so great about them all in their ways and uses.

Network Marketing is an industry that has produced millionaires but very rarely do people get rich in this business.

What Is Network Marketing Absolutely About

Network Marketing is a business model of which a whole group of affiliates join the network marketing business and grow in the process of sponsoring others to join them to make the whole process of their whole network marketing team build.

The bigger the network of marketers who join that company the better it will be for the whole company in product distribution and sales.

Network Marketing is a great way to try to do something as a side gig or hustle and work at it part-time, full time, or just whenever you feel like it.

Most network marketing companies that you join require a small setup fee or some kind of membership kit to join which is usually a small investment to start.

Some of the bigger brand companies are Tupperware and Mary Kay who are tied to the network marketing business model.

You have got to really be careful when you join some of these network marketing programs as some are in the business to only show you how to sponsor others to get paid a commission and if that is the case, they can be illegal to join in some parts of the world so be careful and do your research on them first.

If you are looking to join a business opportunity for the benefits of getting a tax break a lot of these network marketing programs don’t fall into the legal aspects of this so again do some research.

Now with all the negative things about network marketing you can very well do fantastic with network marketing and have a very rewarding life doing so with it so give it a try, who knows you can maybe one day make millions with it.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a strategy that companies use to encourage their current affiliates to sponsor new affiliates under them.

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing is a way that you are rewarded and paid a commission for every person you sponsor into the business model they are getting you to join and you earn a small profit for the life of the group you recruit if you stay active with them.

The bad thing I personally don’t like about multi-level marketing companies is if they are getting you to sponsor others to join you, and that’s your main way of earning an income it tells me what is their actual products like if they are focusing on you sponsoring others more to get paid.

Here’s the telltale sign of a Multi-Level Marketing Program that is not worth joining.

  • Hyped Up Product Claims
  • Pressure For You To Sponsor Then Sell Products
  • They Pressure You To Buy Stock Than You Want To Buy
  • Poor Reviews Online Like Better Business Bureau
  • No Company Support
  • Poor Quality Of Products And Services
  • Pressure To Sell And Recruit
  • You Only Make Money/Commissions When You Sponsor
What Is Network Marketing 1

Multi-Level Marketing is again a legal business model is followed in the correct and legal way, but the FTC does from time to time investigate them to making sure everything is done right and legally, as some of these MLM companies do operate on the pyramid scheme model.

Determining if the company is a multi-level marketing company or a pyramid scheme is an easy way to figure out.

If you are earning your income from the sale of products and services and also earn a small commission from sponsoring others to join you its a good multi-level marketing business to get involved with, but again do your research.

Now, if your only earning an income from sponsoring others and so on and so on, and your not getting paid for your sponsored promoting products then is got a pyramid scheme written all over it.

Affiliate Marketing is the way of earning commissions from referring others to other people’s products and services.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to get into a marketing business venture without coming up with your very own product to get started.

If your looking for a great way to earning some income without the hassle of joining a network marketing company, multi-level marketing company, or an MLM business this one will be a great fit for you.

The nice thing about affiliate marketing is you can work on your own terms, don’t have to attend all those webinars or training sessions, and home meetups like the general network marketing business model has you doing all the time.

When it comes to selling the products and services with affiliate marketing your not pestering friends and family like those network marketing companies who try to get you to bug from the first day getting started.

The general aspects of any affiliate marketing business are great for all kinds of reasons to get started with them.

One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is you almost never pay anything to get started, you just find a product and service you love and promote it to the world with your very own affiliate links or your very own website they supply you with.

Its an all in the box business for you without the financial risk of starting your very own product or service that can literally cost you thousands of dollars to create.

When you make a sale everything is tracked with your affiliate links and you get paid a small commission for referring that sale.

If you already have a website or mailing list created you can make some money with your affiliate marketing business right from day one.

With affiliate marketing, you get paid lots of different ways depending on the program.

Some affiliate marketing programs pay you a small commission for every sale, some pay you pay per lead you send them, and some pay you per click from that IP address you send along their way.

The nice thing about affiliate marketing also is you don’t have to be there for customer support as they handle that.

You get a chance to work from home one your terms of when you work and don’t.

When it comes to getting bonuses with them the sky is the limit as some affiliate marketing programs offer incentives and bonuses to entice their affiliate to promote and the rewards can be awesome.

So if you decide to do affiliate marketing then give it a try as I’m sure if you promote the right product you will do fine with it.

Network Marketing

If you want to really learn more about affiliate marketing please visit my other post Actionable Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2020

Network Marketing and how you can achieve greatness is something that will take you time to master but follow my advice below for my ways of doing just fine with network marketing.

Some key points to look for before you sign up for any network marketing business.

Getting A Product Or Service You Will Be Happy To Offer Others In Your Network Marketing Business
How Old Is The Company Your Going To Join
Deciding How Bad Do You Really Want It
Knowing Your Products And Know Them Well
How To Sponsor And Get New Sales Customers
Sponsoring New Members
Getting Back To Your Leads

The nice thing about network marketing is you are given a chance to work on your terms from home or anywhere you desire around the world.

If you hate the thought of punching a time clock and having bosses tell you what to do every day then network marketing might be something you may want to try.

Now, if you decide to get involved with any network marketing programs, I’m going, to be honest here with you, most people don’t get rich off of network marketing programs.

  • 1 percent of the people who do network marketing make over 7 figures a year
  • 5 percent make about 6 figures a year
  • 10 to 20 percent make a little more than $25,000.00 a year with it
  • 30 percent make their small investment back for those who join at started for under $1000.00
  • 54 percent of the others don’t make a dime with it usually

With any business that you do, you get out of it what you put into it, so network marketing is no different.

If you can follow the system and reach out to your upline in your network marketing business then I see you achieving great results at it with any network marketing business you decide to join.

Types Of Network Marketing are listed below in the bullet points outlined.

In general most of the network marketing companies will fall into these 6 categories.

  • Health and Wellness
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • E-commerce Companies
  • Internet Service Companies
  • Party Plans

Network Marketing is not going to be very easy at first, but with the right attitude, mindset, training, and commitment you should become very successful in any network marketing business model.

Network marketing is a fantastic way for you to break that chain of being strapped down on a regular 9 to 5 job.

If you are one of those people who hate going to work Monday to Friday and working 40 plus hours per week then network marketing might be just what your looking for.

You can decide when you work and when you don’t with Network Marketing.

The nice thing about What Is Network Marketing you don’t have someone standing over you telling you what to do, how to do it, what you can earn, and you can also go after the huge bonuses and incentives on your terms with network marketing.

With any and most network marketing companies you are creating a passive income.

What I mean by passive income with a normal 9 to 5 job you only get paid for the hours you work and if you don’t show up to work you earn nothing, unless you got a really great job that pays you to not show up.

Now with network marketing, you can build a passive income by sponsoring others to join you and you earn a small commission for their efforts so you’re going to earn whether you are doing the business or sitting on a beach that’s the power of passive income.

If you take the time and learn everything you can about your network marketing and learn the basics of What Is Network Marketing business and give it some time and don’t give up I’m sure you will do fine in your network marketing business.

I hope you enjoyed this post on What Is Network Marketing and please read the other post I just released How To Do Network Marketing And Be Amazing

Before you join any program make sure you do some research and see what they fall into from above.

So until next time my fellow readers and bloggers, happy reading and blogging and I hope to see you come back again for my next post.


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