The Next Big Thing In Karatbars

The Next Big Thing In Karatbars is going to happen and there calling it the June Boom. Want to take part then you have the chance to act now for The Next Big Thing In Karatbars.

I know the last couple of years Karatbars has seen its ups and downs for Karatbars International and its Affiliates.

The Next Big Thing In Karatbars as there are so many people talking about Karatbars in the past and some are good and some are bad and everyone does have their opinion in this free world.

They have been forced to fight off some really bad smear campaigns about them in the world trying their best to ruin their party to succeed in showing the world all the great things that are going to happen soon with Karatbars.

Karatbars has really been doing an excellent job on making sure their company, their affiliates, and customers are protected in this time of change and making sure their plans for success to give the opportunity to deliver Gold in Small Increments to the masses and dominate the BlockChain Space as a world leader and household name for years to come.

Those people who are still trying their best to ruin the party for Karatbars are really in for a surprise when they roll out their new eco-system and blockchain technology in June of this year.

Let’s forget about all of the bad stuff in the past that some people have created and move on with the exciting things that are going to happen with Karatbars as those who have not yet jumped on the bandwagon soon will.

Before I talk about the June Boom and what’s going to happen in Karatbars lets talk about the products first and how they are a global leader in the Gold Delivery System, A Digital Payment System Provider, A Blockchain Provider, and a Tech Provider.

Karatbars Products


Karatbars main product, in the beginning, was to deliver Gold to the people of the world in small increments at 1 gram sizes and what better way of doing it is with CashGold starting at 0.01 gram of gold in the form of cash gold which has physical gold bars embedded right in the cash gold notes.

2. KaratPay


KaratPay is the way to pay online with CashGold as its integrated with 0.1 gram gold pieces in the form of digital gold as a UNIVAL. The safest way of transferring, exchanging, using the payment systems worldwide using the KaratPay System.

3. Kmerchant


Kmerchant is another service that will become a household name soon in the payment sector and cryptocurrency space.

Kmerchant Accepts any retail shop or online shop to accept cryptocurrencies through their system.

They have No chargeback policy thanks to blockchain technologies.

Kmerchant has Zero Fee for any normal or high-risk payment processing.

As a Merchant.

  1. Accept payment to your account.
  2. Zero vitality on crypto payments
  3. Easy tracking and management of payments
  4. Multiply POS for each of your locations
  5. Accept high-risk payments for online stores.

Watch the video below for more detail of this service.

4. KaratBit Exchange

Karatbit Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange, trade, buy, and sell other cryptocurrencies that are listed on the Karatbit Exchange.

A lot of other cryptocurrency exchanges are doing thousands and thousands of trades online everyday and adding their own exchange will boost their blockchain to a whole new level.

Watch the video below on the Karatbit Exchange.

5. K1 Impulse Phone

K1 Impulse is the world’s first Blockchain Phone that will work over the Karatnet Blockchain.

You will have access to the Blockchain with total privacy and security, the K1 Impulse Phone is an awesome thing to get your hands, and again below this post, I will share with you how to get one.

Please watch the video below on how the K1 Impulse Phone works.

6. K1 Whim Blockchain Laptop

K1 Whim Blockchain Laptop is the world’s first Blockchain Laptop that again will work over the Karatnet Blockchain.

You will have access to the Blockchain with total privacy and security, the K1 Whim Laptop is an awesome Laptop to get in your hands, and again below this post, I will share with you how to get one.

Please watch the video below on how the K1 Impulse Laptop works.

7. Karatnet Blockchain

Karatnet Blockchain is going to be the powerhouse of all their products to run their whole eco-system from the cash gold, the tech stuff like the phone and laptop, and their cryptocurrencies that I will explain after the next video below.

8. CryptoCurrency Coins

Cryptocurrency coins for karatbars is something that is a new segment for karatbars, as they only got into this space back in early 2018.

The will have two coins working on their blockchain, they have the KBC coin that is already setup and running smoothly and being traded on some of the exchanges around the world as we speak.

Now in June or could be early July they will be introducing another coin that will be linked to the UNIVAL, which is 0.1 grams of physical gold in the forms of digital gold on their Blockchain.

Now for every UNIVAL coin that you own from their blockchain which is a means of physical gold you will be able to hold this coin as a stable coin linked to gold.

As a holder of this UNIVAL coin you will always be guaranteed to own a piece of gold one UNIVAL coin will be 0.1 grams of gold.

Now you will have the chance to hold this coin and have it traded on the Blockchain, use it to buy physical stuff with any of the Kmerchants that are selling their products and services online or at any Kmerchant brick and motor store.

The UNIVAL coin will be able to be used on the list of products and services listed above, its a digital means of paying for products and services with the same value of physical gold.

If gold goes up to for example $10.00 for 0.1 grams of gold, that’s what every UNIVAL coin will be worth, if the price of gold goes down again that’s what the UNIVAL coin will be worth, I think you get the picture right.

Now lets say one day you want to sell your UNIVAL coin, you will have the option of taking devalued paper currency for it, or you can have physical cash gold delivered right to your door.

With the cash gold you will have the option of holding it as a valuable means of holding a gold asset, or sell the gold in the notes to gold buyers and so on.

Now for those of you who don’t know much about cryptocurrency you will hopefully understand it a little bit better if you continue reading this post and the true power of the two coins and how they are going to become a powerhouse together in time.

Let’s say you own bitcoin now bitcoin is another cryptocurrency that is being used around the world on the cryptocurrency exchanges and some retailers now are using it as well, a lot of the Asian market is using it just like we do in North America like paper currency.

Now in order to send cryptocurrency to one wallet and to another you need what they call gas, which is etherium to do the transactions to send cryptocurrency.

So here’s the exciting part of the whole eco-system with what karatbars is creating and releasing in June with their Karatnet Blockchain.

The June Boom is when the Karatnet Blockchain will be launched in June it may be the first of June, the middle of June, or the end of June, it can also be delayed until July who knows just depending on how testing goes but from what I’m hearing it will be something in June.

Ok hopefully I didn’t lose you yet because here comes the best part and the excitement of what’s going to happen here.

Once the blockchain goes live and everyone is doing business on the Karatnet blockchain like using the K1 Impulse Phones, K1 Impulse Whim Laptops, using Kmerchant, acquiring Cashgold, trading on Karatbit exchange, paying for products and services using Karatpay, customers using the UNIVAL coin on the blockchain its all going to create a transaction fee, so keep reading below.

Ok with all of those things listed above will generate transaction fees every time something above gets done on the blockchain and a small portion of that transaction fee goes to the value of the KBC coin and it will eventually make the value of the KBC coin rise.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that Im going to share with you about the KBC coin.

Next, every time someone uses the UNIVAL coin on the Blockchain you need gas to send the UNIVAL coin back and forth on the Blockchain just like I talked about above about etherium, so every time someone uses the UNIVAL coin you need to have the KBC coin to send it again this creates a transaction fee with KBC.

Now the more powerful the KBC coin becomes with everything linking to it from the transaction fees it will increase the value of it.

Now with all of the transaction fees being generated from the KBC Coin, Karatbars will be able to offer more Gold for sales to their customers and affiliates.

They will also be able to offer more gold in the form of physical gold and offer more of the UNIVAL coin.

Karatbars is going to hire an audited team a third party outsider apart from the Karatbars organization to Audit once a month the total number of UNIVAL coins and value of Gold in a Swiss Vault.

Ok now with that being said, for those of you who are wanting to take part in this please visit HERE OR GET back to the person who referred you to this post.

My Conclusion

My conclusion for this whole new wealth transfer and how its going to play out here is simple.

Let me direct my attention to the naysayers and haters of Karatbars first as Karatbars did receive some really bad smear campaigns directed at them trying to ruin Karatbars and the KBC Coin.

Karatbars is not going anywhere anytime soon, they have built a system that is going to only get bigger and bigger as time goes by.

They have created not only a form to get gold to the masses in a physical way in small increments delivered right to the customer’s doors but they have also have created an eco-system that is just too large now that can’t be broken unless the internet stops one day as this will only be the way to stop the eco-system they created.

Now for the CEO of Kararbars Harald Seiz even if he decided to walk away from it all and spend the rest of his days relaxing on a private island somewhere there will be someone from his team or one of the huge private investors they have that will step up to the podium and take over and someone will be glad to take over from them and them and so one and so one.

So personally I think Karatbars and the whole BlockChain Eco-system that I talked about above will be around for the next 20 to 50 years to come and if the eco-system changes from crypto to something else don’t you worry they will be there changing as well to the trend of what’s next.

I believe anyone that does decide to take action now and join the party with Karatbars and their eco-system will be glad they did and again you can join HERE

For those of you who are not sold on it and don’t have any intentions of doing so, I’m just going to share this with you.

Sooner or later you will be involved with Karatbars and their eco-system you just won’t know it as I believe Karatbars and their eco-system is going to be a Giant in this space.

I know personally people who complain about certain products they won’t buy every day but they buy other products and I tell them the company that they so much complain about and won’t buy from them are owned by the company they are buying the other stuff from makes me laugh.

So one-day Karatbars and their eco-system are going to be so huge and with the more and more products and services they are offering and acquiring sooner or later, you will be buying something from Karatbars some of you will know it and some of you will think you are not, so join the party now and join us as you deserve to be rewarded and your family is worth it as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again for my next one also please read my other post Marketing Your Small Business

Happy Reading and Blogging my Friends and until next time cheers.

Jim Morrison

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