Succeed Network Marketing

Succeed Network Marketing

  • Promoting A Product Or Service You Love
  • How Old Is The Company Your Joining
  • Deciding How Bad Do You Really Want It
  • Knowing Your Products Well
  • How To Sponsor Others
  • Getting Back To Your Leads

To succeed In Network Marketing is not going to come easy as it does require a lot of hard work to do any network marketing business.

In order to succeed in any network marketing business, you’re going to have to create an action plan, decide how bad do you want it, learn how to sponsor others, master the art of the duplication process, and find a product you have a passion for.

How can I succeed in network marketing fast?

Creating an action plan that will include goals, for example, talking to 3 people a day about your business, be a team leader in showing others how to duplicate the business who join you, and surrounding yourself with others who are excelling in the business as team leaders so you can learn from them.

How long does it take to be profitable in network marketing

If you take the time in doing the business on a daily basis even if it’s only 2 hours a day you should be in profit of at least $1000.00 a month within 6 to 12 months in doing the business.

Getting A Product Or Service You Will Be Happy To Offer Others

Now, this is your first goal in any network marketing business.

What are you going to offer others for your product or service is the first thing you have got to ask yourself.

If you’re already talking about something on a daily basis now well maybe that is the product you will be happy to sell.

Finding a product online is pretty easy to find but you have got to ask yourself a lot of questions about the product as it will be overwhelming for some.

If you don’t have a product in mind ask yourself this once you find a product.

Is the product safe to offer everyone out there or are there limitations for the product?

Does the company you going to deal with are legitimate and have a good better business bureau rating.

Would you like to use the product yourself?

Is the product fairly priced well for the markets and trends now and coming for years to come.

How Old Is The Company Your Going To Join

Making sure before you stick your neck out there for any of the products and services you’re going to offer others is something you should really take a look at in the companies background starting out.

Is the company brand new or are they just been in business for a little while now like say a year for example?

Does the company have great sales or are they slowing down in sales whether they are old or new?

What kind of reviews do they have, are they a really good company, do they already have great reviews, or are they just a medium company with just as many bad reviews and good?

Once you have found that company and want to get going talk with your sponsor with that company.

Ask them as many questions as you can possibly think of making notes on a piece of paper before you call them.

Don’ be afraid to ask them anything like questions about for example.

Are you required to recruit others below you like sponsoring others?

Do you need to take training webinars on a daily or weekly basis to get started?

How many sponsored members are you required to sponsor to really make money with network marketing.

For the income part of the business, what is the average commission you will earn when you sponsor others and sell the products and services yourself?

Deciding How Bad Do You Really Want It

Now, this is something that you have got to decide for yourself how bad do you really want it for any network marketing business.

Before you decide to do any network marketing business I may as well tell you now the reality of any network marketing business.

It’s not going to be easy at first and you are going to have to work your butt off for the first couple of years, to enjoy the easy life thereafter in any network marketing business.

So you have got to ask yourself this before you join any network marketing business and if the answer is no to a lot of them, then I would tell you to stick to your day job and do what everyone else is doing working the 40-year plan.

What is the products and service you’re going to sell and do you have a passion for it?

How much time are you going to put into your new business, are you looking to do this full-time or part-time.

What are your goals in joining any network marketing business, do you want to earn 6 figures a year with it or just some extra money every month.

Do you have a marketing strategy for your new business, for example, to sell your products and services you need to connect to customers and sponsor new affiliates for your business?

How are you planning on doing that, there are tons of ways of doing that just how creative are you in doing this part of the business?

The most major part of how bad do you want it attitude is where do you want to be in 2 years or even 5 years.

Do you want to earn a passive income no matter if you go out the door or do you just want to have a part-time income 5 years from now?

This is something you need to understand before you start any network marketing business.

Knowing Your Products And Know Them Well

Knowing your products and knowing them well is something you have got to know to be that go-to person when people are looking for something they need or want answers to.

I would start with every training I could get my hands on for knowing every product within the company well.

How are you going to sell any products if you don’t know what you’re talking about half of the time?

Have people think of you every time when they need the product they’re looking for.

By doing this taking that extra time of knowing the products and services are going to pay you handsomely over time if you are the one everyone thinks of when it comes to the products and services they are looking for.

Attend every company meeting and webinars you can get your hands on, be that person willing to learn that training they are offering to their affiliates as its never too late to know everything about what you’re going to be selling.

How To Sponsor And Get New Sales Customers

There are a lot of ways of getting new people below you in your business called sponsoring and also great ways of getting new customers to join and buy your products.

  • Social Media I would create Social Media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube if it was me creating a business online. All of those social media accounts I listed can give you a great amount of traffic over time, it won’t come overnight but it will come over time and I will explain them in more detail below. Facebook is great to showcase your business with family and friends, and you can also join groups on Facebook to join others in your niche that you are involved in to get others to visit your business as well.

  • Website Now, this is one tool you definitely need if you want to succeed online for your home-based business you need a website period. Not having a website for your home-based business is like not having a business plan before you start your business to be able to succeed in any home-based business.

  • Forums are a great way to get a lot of traffic over time, but this form of getting the word out can take up a lot of time and be tedious. The nice thing about forums is, you can build up an audience pretty fast as being someone who can have a large following if you are talking about things about being beneficial to the customer and something that is helping them within everyday needs you can excel in this space.

  • Email Marketing Email marketing can be another great way of sending out the offers to new and old clients so they can be informed about your latest offers and trends you are promoting in the marketing of your home-based business from home. You can set up an autoresponder with the emails you are collecting with your capture page and have your new and old clients up to date with everything your doing.

  • Cold List Make a list of your cold list, what I mean here is sit down and create a list of at least 100 people that you know in your family or friends and reach out to them and tell them about your home-based business if it’s new or tells them about your home-based business if it’s been around for a while. The reason I tell you this is sometimes you gotta remind people about your business as some people do get complacent.

Sponsoring New Members

Now I know some of you don’t want to hear this as some people hate the thought of sponsoring others in joining them with their new business, but it’s a big mistake to not do this for How To Success Network Marketing

You’re also probably asking do you really have to sponsor others to make money with any network marketing business.

The answer is No you don’t have to but if you do, the income will be a lot more if you do.

Let me explain if you are into network marketing and you get really lucky in your area, and you get a lot of customers that are just eager to get your product and services to them, well that will be great for you and you’re probably going to make a lot of money doing so.

If you sponsor others and train them to do just like you are doing like show them how to duplicate the process, this is how you’re going to make a huge income with network marketing.

With any other job out there like any 9 to 5 job, you make your money when you show up to work right.

Now with any network marketing business, you’re going to earn a commission for every sale you generate, but if you have others who are generating sales below you, you are going to earn a small commission from them making sales as well.

The good thing about this is any network marketer calls this earning passive income.

When your going to the beach or going on a trip your going to earn a small commission from those who you have sponsored into the business with you.

So do you want to earn money just from your own efforts or do you want to earn an income from your own efforts and those who you have sponsored as well?

That’s the power of passive income working for you.

My last step for this post of How To Succeed In Network Marketing is going to be a no-brainer for you.

Getting Back To Your Leads

Knowing how to execute the sale whether it be at the time of contacting your customer the first time or getting back to them over and over again with some form of response is something you should do like Email Marketing.

You can set up an auto-responder with the emails you are collecting with your business and have your new and old clients up to date with everything your doing.

Setting up an auto-responder can be tricky, but if you take the time to do this you can put your network marketing on autopilot 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

7 Tips for Network Marketing Success

I would google companies that deal in this niche.

You can get a great autoresponder setup for about $19.00 a month and it varies from there depending on how big your list is.

Now if you don’t want to do it that way, you can hire a company online to send out emails for you in the form of paid email ads.

This one can be rewarding but just make sure the company is a legit one and has been doing it for a long time, and make sure they have a good track record of doing this as you don’t want to start out in a bad way in this type of promotions.

and also look at this post I did a while back Network Marketing Tips For Beginners That Will Work as I’m sure you will get great value from that post as well.

So I hope to see you again for my next post, until next time my friends happy reading and blogging no matter where you are in the internet world.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post Succeed Network Marketing

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