How Do You Start A Blog For Free

How Do You Start A Blog For Free

Start A Blog is quite simple once you have an action plan to start with. The steps are getting a domain name, choosing a hosting provider, picking your blog niche, creating awesome content, and knowing what plugins you need to get started with your blog.

What you need to know about starting a blog is blogging can take up a lot of your time so be prepared to spend a lot of time doing it unless it’s only going to be a hobby blog you are looking to start.

  • Get A Domain Name
  • Choosing A Hosting Provider
  • Using A Free Theme To A Paid Theme
  • Your Blog Niche
  • Creating Awesome Content
  • What Plugins To Start With
  • Promoting Your Blog
  • Monetize Your Blog
  • How Traffic First Starts To Your Blog
  • How Long Before You Make Money

Getting A Domain Name

 Getting A Domain Name

Getting A Domain Name for your blog is something you have got to take your time with when choosing your Domain Name.

Once you have decided what your blog is going to be about like for example the niche then you want to pick the proper domain name that suits your niche.

When choosing a domain name make sure your making it unique for your brand and writing you’re going to be blogging about for your topics.

Pick a domain name that is only 2 to 3 worlds long if possible.

You want it to be as short as possible when choosing a domain name as its crucial in getting people to remember it, the smaller the better.

Try to always get a .com .net .org domain name extention if all possible.

Choosing a shorter than longer domain name is always best for people to remember.

Always avoid hyphens, numbers, and special characters if all possible.

Make sure to select a domain name that will match your keywords to your niche for a better ranking on the search engines as for better results when your creating post for your niche.

Now my last tip in choosing a domain name, research it so your not competing with some other big domain name when people are typing in the search of your domain into the search engines.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

Choosing a Hosting Provider can be something that is very scary to do if you are new to the Blogging Industry and just starting out.

If your very new to selecting a hosting provider my first opinion is BlueHost or Godaddy for web hosting and WordPress hosting for your blog.


When first starting out I would signup for their first hosting plans like shared hosting or managed because at first your not going to get much traffic anyways, sorry for being blunt here but it’s the truth.

If you do get traffic at first it will just be the search engines visiting you at times anyway so I wouldn’t get too excited if you’re getting traffic.

Shared Hosting plans are when you’re on a server with some other websites with the same server and you got to be careful with server load with these other sites on the shared hosting plan as this could slow your site down.

Your also limited to space, email, and how much traffic per month you are allowed on a shared plan.

If you take the managed hosting plan you’re being looked after from your hosting provider like making sure your service system is configured properly for your load, they keep an eye on security issues, patch your software as needed, and manage backups among other tasks.

Make sure when you decide to get your hosting done that you are using WordPress for your blog as this will give you the option of backing up your own site for your own peace of mind.

For your domain name make sure you own the domain name, not your hosting provider just in case your not happy with the hosting you can move on with another host and take your domain name with you.

Make sure when you decide to set up you’re hosting if you don’t take any of the hosting providers I outlined above like NameCheap or Godaddy to make sure you research the hosting companies so you don’t regret it down the road.

Using A Free Theme To A Paid Theme

Using A Free Theme To A Paid Theme

Using A Free Theme To A Paid Theme is something you should look into a little further to see what is better for you.

A free theme for your website comes with no support, fewer features, less uniqueness, and no warranty.

So if something goes wrong with your free theme you are pretty well on your own to figure out what happened to your website if it decides to go down.

But using a free theme is something you should consider if you’re just starting out.

When starting out with your blog you’re not going to be really busy with setting up a lot of plugins or worrying about hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site unless you get really lucky.

If you using the blog for just a small hobby at first and you just going to share the content with family and friends and maybe get anywhere from 5000 to 10,000 visitors a month then I would just recommend using a free theme.

There’s a lot of great free themes to use on your blog with just enough features for you to use if it’s just going to be a hobby blog and you’re going to just use it part-time for your blog.

Now if you going to use your blog for a business or make it into a brand for your blog or company etc I would definitely use a Paid Theme.

A paid theme comes with better features to make your blog or site stand out, unlimited support, and give you a better customization option for your blog to really stand out from the others.

Your Blog Niche

Your Blog Niche

Your Blog Niche is something that you will have to decide on to make sure your blog is a success and learning How To Start A Blog.

Choosing a blog niche that your going to be happy with so it will keep you blogging for months and years to come has got to be what you love to be doing and blogging about.

You have hundreds of ideas bouncing around in your head right?

The thing about picking a blog niche when starting out is going to be something you should really think about at first.

Writing about everything you’re doing every day like a diary is not going to cut it.

Most professional blogger who have a great following of followers is into it for ways of not talking about their own everyday life.

People come to your blog to get answers every day for the things they need answers for or get problems to answer to the things they are dealing with every day.

You really got to figure out your blog niche and who you are going to target for your blog.

Once you figured out who your target audience is, then you just got the first big thing done in blogging when you have got that figured out.

You also need to be very passionate about your blog and the topics you’re going to discuss on your blog, you have to be able to love and be passionate about your blog posts so others will follow you.

Will you have the same passion a year from now about the topics your blogging about.

In order for a blog to be successful depending on the blog topics you choose do you have what it takes to write at least 30 to 50 articles to make it happen?

It’s not going to be easy to write that many articles without the feeling it’s going nowhere for you and give up.

The reason why people quit blogging too fast is after they write about 20 articles on their blog they don’t see any income and give up just when they could have seen the traffic begin.

When you decide on your blog niche is there other people who are going to want to read about your topics on your blog you have got to ask yourself.

So my next advice is to do some keyword research to make sure there is a good fit for your niche.

Then ask your self can I make any money from this niche over time like 1 year out after I get some really good content on there and lots of articles.

Once you get your niche pick out go take a look at your competition and see how well they are doing with it.

Creating Awesome Content

Creating Awesome Content

Creating Awesome Content is something you have got to get done correctly and make sure you’re doing it on a consistent basis.

Content is King so starting off in the right direction of with the search engines and if you can create awesome content over and over again it will earn you more traffic over time that you have ever dreamed of having.

When your creating content always keep it to the topics of what your niche is about first of all what I mean here is, if your niche is about for example network marketing I wouldn’t be talking about soap for sale from amazon.

Selecting your topics to write about make sure when you creating the content to use keywords that are in the title of your user to rank a little better.

Make sure you are also using Long Tale Keywords for your topics that your blogging about.

Include media into your post, like embedded YouTube Videos, buttons to Social Media, and links to other posts that you have created that are already indexed on the search engines.

Now my most important statement to tell you about when creating awesome content is you have got to write articles that stick to what the title is about making sure your article really explains to your audience that the article is solely about what the tile was about in the first place.

So if you can make sure the whole article gives real value to what the title or subject was about you should have no problem keeping visitors on the article as long as it takes to read that article.

What Plugins To Use When Starting

What Plugins To Use When Starting my blog is something people ask me about all the time.

Personally if I was starting any new blog site, I would not use any more then 8 plugins first starting out and wouldn’t worry too much about plugins and concentrate on content first, but below is a list of what I would start out with.

Google XML SiteMaps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines better index your website for rankings.

Ninja Forms

Create forms and manage submissions easily with a simple drag and drop interface like Contact Forms, Subscription Forms, and any other form for WordPress.

BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin

If your blog is only a few days old or even months old this is something you should really do in order to not wake up one day and your site is down or your posts are lost for good.

With this plugin you can set it up for automatic backups on a daily or weekly basis on what you want it to do also it will backup if you set it up when your site map changes.


This effective plugin allows you to extensively clean up the WordPress database and optimize it without doing it manually in queries.

You can probably go ahead in your first early days of doing blog posts but as time goes by I would highly recommend this plugin for future use as the bigger your blog gets.

Social Media Widget

This plugin will allow you to post your social media accounts on your blog to allow others of your social media accounts.

Most search engines today will look for this as this is another way that the search engines can find out much identity you have with your site when linking to social media and your blog.


This plugin is just awesome and wouldn’t have a blog without it.

It optimizes your blog for search engine optimization. From sitemap support to the ability to quickly update titles and keywords, this plugin does it all and I highly wouldn’t have a site without it period.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin will not only speed up your site but it will also perform caching for: browser, page, database, object, magnify, and content delivery network support.

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

You need this plugin and here’s why you need it.

Almost 60 percent of the traffic to any blog or website is on mobile today and if you site loads and doesn’t perform well on mobile your not going to get much traffic.

Also, google will not list your pages if your site doesn’t perform well on Mobile so get this one done.

Promoting Your Blog

Promoting Your Blog is something you will be able to do overtime as this will not just come overnight to you.

Below I have listed some ways you can promote your blog over time and you will get some great results in doing so, but again it will come with time and some hard work.

  • Social Media
  • PPC Advertising
  • Forums
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search Engine Traffic
  • Online Classifieds
  • Guest Post On Other Blogs
  • Blogging Platforms
  • And Of Course Friends and Family

There is a lot of ways in promoting your blog I have also created a post on Is Blogging Worth Doing Now 7 Steps To Success and I think that will help you as well with those tips on promoting your blog.

How To Monetize Your Blog

How To Monetize Your Blog is something that you will have to decide in doing so as some people want to earn from their blog and some don’t so it’s up to you to decide.

Once you do decide if that is something you want to do I have a list of ways for you to do just that.

Once you reach about 1000 visitors a month I would start to find ways to monetize your blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn an income on the side with your blog. This is a great way of earning an income selling other people’s products online. For example, if your blog is about the weight loss segment than offer products and services in that segment as this is a great way to earn passive income.
  • Online Ads is the next step in making an income with your blog, there are literally hundreds of networks now that offer publishers to place ads on their blogs to earn an income. AdThrive and is a good starting place to signup with and earn an income with ads.
  • Sell Courses is something else that you should take into consideration as this is a great way for you too keep all the profits yourself and not worry about paying others. So if you have the know-how I would get this one done as well.
  • Sell Coaching Services if you have the knack of helping others and getting them motivated with the problems they are facing then you can sell coaching services to earn from your blog.
  • Sponsored Post is another great way of making money with your blog. There are companies out there that will pay you hundreds to thousands of dollars a month with sponsored posts on your blog.

How Traffic Will First Start For Your Blog


How Traffic Will First Start For Your Blog is something I’m not going to sugar coat here it’s going to take time and a lot of hard work but stick with me here.

My first step here for you to follow is to create awesome content if you do that you will be on your way to lots of traffic in time.

Make sure your blogging consistently like not every 3 or 6 months with a blog post try to get at least one blog post a week done and if your really energetic do it 5 times a week if you can.

Get on twitter as this will over time give you major kudos with the search engines so set up a social media account on twitter.

Write short posts first starting out then increase it to medium post then larger post, what I mean here for shorter post-1000 words, then 1500 words, and then those massive ones of 3000 words and more.

Leave comments on other peoples blogs to getting traffic to your blog, but do it professionally.

Now my last tip on How To Start A Blog In 2020 For Success.

How Long It Will Take To Earn Money

How Long It Will Take To Earn Money now this is the main reason most people want to get into blogging I would think.

Now this is something that will eventually come to you as long as you do not like the rest of the 99 percent of bloggers do and that is quit before you start to earn anything, as most do give up just when things are going to go good for them.

If you stick with your blogging, it will probably take you about 6 months and about 30 articles in order to make pizza money for the month.

Now this probably doesn’t sound anything that you want to hear right, but its the truth in the matter as it takes time before your articles start ranking.

Now after about 8 to 10 months as long as your still working at your blog you can make about 500.00 to 1000.00 a month in income I would suggest.

Once you reach the 24 month period and you’re still going at it and still writing articles I would say you should be making a full-time income with your blogging.

Now if any of those steps above is not working for you and you’re not earning any income at least after 12 months you should take the time and reassess what your blogging about and think of something else to blog and write about.

This is only if you want to earn an income from your blog if you not looking to earn an income from your blog and you just love to blog about the things your blogging about then keep on blogging in your niche.

What is better using a free theme or a paid theme for my blog

Both versions of using a theme for your blog is something you will have to determine what is better for you if it’s going to be a blog that you are going to use on a part-time basis I would just use a free theme if it’s going to be for your business than I would highly recommend a Paid Theme.

What plugins do I need when I first start my blog

This is something that you have got to choose depending on how much you’re going to go into detail with your blog and again are you going to do the blog on a full-time basis for your business and if you are we have a list of plugins that you will need.

How long will it take to earn money with my blog

Now, this depends on you, if you are lucky enough to get your blog out there to literally thousands of people a month it won’t be long before you will make money, but if it takes you a lot of time to get the traffic it can be a long time before you make money with your blog.

I also hope to see you come back again for my next post and happy reading and blogging my friends.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post on How Do You Start A Blog For Free

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