7 Steps In Marketing Your RV For Sale And Step 6 Will Shock You

How To Sell Your RV Privately

How To Sell Your RV

So if you’re looking for ways to sell your RV, then I have a list of 7 ways to help you generate ways of selling your RV and getting results.

1. Your Asking Price
2. Best Time Of Year To Sell
3. Online Advertising
4. Getting Your RV Ready To Show Buyers
5. Sell Your RV On Consignment
6. Ask More Than Your Value Price
7. Social Media

To get top dollar for your RV and not lose more money then you are owed is knowing what steps to follow in doing it right so you get a good lump sum back on what you have purchased yourself, so I’m going, to be honest here, you are better off selling your RV yourself instead of letting a dealer offer you what they do on a trade-in.

Another reason I like the thought of selling my own RV is you have total control over the sale and you will no doubt get a lot more than you expected if you follow any or some of the steps listed below on How To Sell Your RV.

Your Asking Price

Your Asking Price

Your asking price is something that you have got to be ready to ask and you also have got to find out how much your RV is really worth, as you don’t want to send your potential buyers a higher than normal asking price as they will just skip right by you and go to the next person who wants to ask a reasonable price, now I’m not saying to undersell your self either here, just make sure you get fully educated on the right asking price to generate a successful sale.

So to get a good asking price and get the best value you can to get the best price for your RV make sure your RV is.

  • In excellent condition
  • Not out of dates like appliances, furniture, and electronic tech stuff
  • No damages inside or out
  • Your not upside down financially, etc you owe more than what you’re asking to get for it
  • The odor of the RV inside, does it smell bad and even have a mildew odor

If your RV is in top-notch you will have no problem in getting top dollar for it, if it has any of some of the listed items above you will have to consider dropping your price of what you were originally asking for it.

Now that you have taken care of those issues above now it’s time to get a solid asking price to get you started on that will get you results in getting that sale of your RV, you can go to Kelly Blue Book or Nada to get a price and rating from them so you can get a real good idea of what to ask for you RV.

Also, find out what your competition is asking for the same RV you are selling, go online and search some of the sites locally and nationally and compare the year, make, and mileage of others similar to yours in getting a good asking price to get that RV of yours sold.

Best Time Of Year To Sell

Best Time Of Year To Sell

The best time of year to sell is another one of the pay attention to when you can get the best time to sell your RV and achieve that top dollar in doing so.

Never try to sell your RV during the Christmas Holidays, as people are just too busy shopping at the malls and getting prepared for the upcoming holidays and will most likely not have the time to take a look at RV’s at that time.

Wait until the holidays are over and start advertising it for sale then like most people in the middle of January on are looking and dreaming of getting ready for the warm weather and get anxious to get into the RV spirit.

If the economy is doing well this is also another great time to start selling your RV as when the economy is booming there’s a lot more money around and people don’t mind spending it.

If you live in an area of when trade shows are coming to town, try to sell your RV before when the trade show starts, also if you don’t have luck in selling the RV then, wait until the trade show is over as with most people who are shopping at these trade shows some will be sticker shocked and they just might buy yours faster than you think once they see what the price is at full price for a brand new one.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is another one of those great ways of How To Sell Your RV and getting lots of potential buyers in checking out the RV that you have in the market to offer buyers.

If you do decide to go with online advertising, like online classifieds in your local area or nationally here is a list of tips below to making sure your ad will stand out and get noticed if you decide to go with online advertising.

  • Photos, make sure you have at least 10 photos for your online ad to really showcase your RV, include photos from the outside to inside at least 6 photos of the inside as this is where most people are going to spend at least 10 hours a day in so make sure the photos are bright and the lightening is good to show good photos

  • Make sure your ads are well written with good grammar and detailed descriptions of your most fabulous points of the RV, also make sure the descriptions are well listed, what I mean is use bullet points for everything you are describing

  • Show your RV at a nice location to really capture the buyer on what it will look like when they buy and use it, what I mean here is set up your RV at a campground, beach, or at a travel destination and capture your photos there to really get the buyer excited on what it will be like for them

  • Take photos of your RV at your estate if you are one of those who have a very nice home to showcase the photos in your driveway if you are not happy with what your driveway looks like in the photos ask a friend or family member if you can use theirs to showcase your RV in their property

  • Make sure you are available to answer everyone in a speedy fashion when they reply to your ad so they don’t move on to the next person who’s trying to sell theirs as well, or you could end up not selling yours faster than you hope

Getting Your RV Ready To Show Buyers

Getting Your RV Ready To Show Buyers

How To Sell Your RV ready to show buyers is an area of how well to present your RV to potential buyers and closing that sale faster by just spending some time in doing it right the first time.

  • Make sure your RV is cleaned inside and out.
  • Empty all of the wastebaskets and replace new fresh bags in them.
  • Open the window blinds to let the light shine in better to really brighten it up inside.
  • Empty out all personal belongings like clothing, bathroom stuff for example hair brushes makeup, etc so whatever you got in there take it out and present it like the way you bought it.
  • Make sure everything on the RV is working and fix what is not working, you don’t want to leave a first bad impression.
  • Roll out the awnings and make sure they are working properly.
  • I would also make sure the engine is washed and degreased so it looks well presented from you to show others you had a lot of pride in owning it.
  • If it’s still in a park or at your residence keep the utilities connected so you can show buyers that everything is working fine in that department.
  • Keep records of any maintenance you had done like service appointments and oil changes etc.

Sell Your RV On Consignment

Sell Your RV On Consignment

How To Sell Your RV on Consignment is another great way for you to sell your RV and not to have to worry about even being there for the sale as when your selling on consignment chances are you’re selling it by means of having an RV dealer do it for you, or a car dealer for example or someone who is taking advantage of getting a commission for the sale so they are meeting all potential buyers instead of you.

So if you have already an RV dealer in your local area, pick up the phone and ask them if they would be open to selling your RV for you on a consignment basis, this also works great for those dealers as this will give them a chance to earn extra cash and most likely your going to be shopping for another one soon if not now, so they are hoping you’re going to deal with them when that time comes also.

You may also have a local car dealer in your area that may just want to take on the job of selling your RV for you and they can place it in their lot for customers to take a look at, and it will give them the chance of doing a side hustle to make some cash for the sale.

If you do decide to take your RV and sell it on consignment just make sure your RV is fully insured before you place your RV in someone else’s possession while you wait to have it sold for you under consignment.

Ask More Than Your Value Price

Ask More Than Your Value Price

Ask more than your value price, now this is the step I listed above about step 6 will shock you.

The reason I have listed this as one of those steps is you don’t want to sell yourself short, that’s where a lot of people can go wrong when selling their RV.

If you have taken all the steps in making sure that your RV is in tip-top condition and everything is work beautifully always ask more than the value price, the reason is most people never pay the asking price in anything when it comes to car buying and used RV buying, so buy the time they beat you down to the price they want its a good chance you got what you wanted in the first place.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media is a great place to sell your RV in getting results of getting the word out fast to all your friends and family on social media.

If you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest social media account then post some photos on these social media accounts to getting interested buyers to view the RV that you have for sale.

The power of these social media accounts are so powerful to gaining visitors to your RV is tremendously very helpful, for example, if you post on Facebook and you have lets says 500 friends and you decide to make the post on your timeline, then this post will get posted on your friends feed and if they all have let just say 100 friends each and if they all share your post look at the massive traffic you can get from them.

Facebook also even has a market place on their site now, so you can just go to the market place icon on the left-hand side of your Facebook page where it says marketplace you can then submit your RV for sale on their marketplace to getting potential visitors to view your market place ad and attract potential buyers that way and it’s free to list an ad on their market place listings.

I highly recommend Pinterest if you are looking for real fast results in selling your RV on any of the social media sites as most of the people on Pinterest are looking to actually buy and research things more on Pinterest as its the social media site to go-to for those who are serious of making a purchase, but again they all have their place of what works and what don’t but a lot of the other social media sites most people are only there to get entertained or just a way to keep up with friends and family.

Lets Recap on 7 Steps In Marketing Your RV For Sale And Step 6 Will Shock You

Selling Your RV can take time and patience it’s not one of those things that you can sell the minute you get it listed online or when you place a for sale sign on it when people drive by unless you get really lucky.

RVs are a huge investment for some people and they don’t want to be pushed into a sale right away as buying an RV for some people is like taking out a small mortgage and the last thing they want is to feel like they are being pushed into the sale.

The most important thing about How To Sell Your RV is being right upfront honest and telling the potential customer everything they need to know about the RV, for example, be upfront with them about the features of the RV, if there is any damage that needs to be taken care of and any other drawbacks that they don’t know about.

If you can just be patient and not be in a rush to selling your RV, I can assure you that the right customer will come by and be in the buying mode to buying your RV, as to be patient will be the right recipe for that final sale.

How To Sell Your RV will take time to sell as they are big and luxurious vehicles and not everyone can afford them and buy them at leisure, you have to be able to know your market and what the trends are in selling your RV.

There is a lot of factors to take into consideration when selling an RV, for example, what time of year is the best time to sell an RV, spring, and summer, of course, are the best times of the year in doing so, being in a climate that is hot all year long is not necessarily the best place to get an RV sold fast as not everyone will be in the traveling and camping mode.

Selling your RV is no cakewalk in the park, and How To Sell Your RV can take a lot of work in getting it right, like how you present it, how you list it online, knowing the right price to ask, and waiting for the perfect customer to come by in getting that sale for your RV to the right person who will take ownership of your RV.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until next time my fellow readers and bloggers come back again soon for my next post.

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How To Sell Your RV

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