What Is Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is crucial in getting traffic and rankings to your website. You will discover that learning how to optimize your website, proper keyword research, using long-tail keywords, and link building are all ways to improve your search engine optimization for your business to help boost your indexing and ranking on the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization For Your Business. If you’re looking for higher rankings and traffic to your website, you gotta learn the basics of search engine optimization or hire a professional in the field to do so.

How To Do Search Engine Optimization For Your Business

In order to do search engine optimization you will need to understand the process of keyword research, using H1 H2, and H3 tags properly, creating quality content, link quality, and title and meta tags in the proper areas of your site.

What exactly is search engine optimization

Its the process of making sure your website or webpage is correctly optimized so the search engines can read and understand what your website or webpage is about so they the search engines know how to rank and index your site.

How is search engine optimization done correctly

If you are tech savvy or you need someone or a professional search engine optimization company to do it for you then they will go over your site and understand what has to be done to so your site will come up in the search engines with organic traffic or un paid traffic we like to call it, without having the extra expense of paying for traffic.

Is search engine optimization easy to learn

Yes it can be easy to learn if your willing to put in the work to do so, with learning this technique for your site if your going to put in the time to learning it the rewards will be very beneficial to you if your willing to put in the time to learn, if your only going to do this a couple of minutes a day, you should hire a professional to do it for you.

Search Engine Optimization For Your Business

To be successful in any online business whether it’s big or small, you will need to learn SEO to help your small or large business grow.

Many businesses fail within the first couple of years, and some will fail in the first 5 years, its the true hard facts of any business, and it’s the cold hard truth in any business online as there are 3 million webpages published online every day.

Doing SEO should be something you should learn to acquire for your online business or hire and outsource your SEO to a professional company that is doing SEO for you, if not your online presence will get eaten up by the competition.

If you are going to market any business online your going to want to learn and be able to at least adopt some SEO.

Digital marketing can be difficult at the best of times so if you’re not at least trying to learn SEO or hire a company then I highly recommend you to do so.

Below I’m going to share with you some of the steps you can take in doing SEO and getting your online digital business going the right way online.

Get Your Site Registered With Google Search Console
Get Your Site Registered With Bing Webmaster Tools
Optimize Your Title Pages
Proper Keywords Per Page Of Content
Use Keyword Research
Optimize Your Meta Descriptions
Use Long-Tail Keywords
Create A Google My Business Listing
Build Links With High Authority Websites
Test Keywords With Keyword Research Tools

When considering SEO for a website you should consider these factors as well in getting your website ranked and working well with SEO.

  • Website. A well-structured website is something you have got to take your time in doing right when it comes to making sure your website is ranked on the search engines and doing SEO properly. A website that performs well in loading times and mobile-friendly is really important now with everyone on Mobile as most of the traffic now is from mobile. So test your site with the Google mobile-friendly Test Page.

  • Blog. Adding a blog to your website is another great way of getting your SEO done properly as well. Content is king online and if you can create a lot of content to your website like adding a blog is a great way to doing that, the more content you get on your site the better off you will get ranked in time providing your keeping your content to the page titles your trying to promote.

  • Link Building. Building links is still to this day a way of helping your SEO rankings. Now I don’t mean linking to a website that has no or little link authority as these sites won’t help you. So make sure if you’re going to do link building do it with high authority sites and don’t use those scammy Fiverr link building services as you won’t get results from them.

  • Social Media. Create a social media account with your business for example Facebook and Twitter and get good at doing this type of promotion on those social media sites. If you do decide to do so make sure you create your social media accounts that are the same name as your business. For example, if your into say marketing and your name is bluhbluhmarketing.com then call your social media accounts bluhbluhmarketing so the search engines can notice your identity and link to your site.

  • Keyword Research. Make sure when you’re doing keyword research that you’re not using keywords that are very competitive in your keyword rankings. I highly suggest using a keyword tool like Ubersuggest to help you in solving this matter.

Get Your Site Registered With Google Search Console

Doing this is something you need to get done in order to achieve better rankings and SEO experience.

You have to understand how Google Search Console works and how SEO will help your site grow in time by doing this aspect to your site.

Here’s a complete guide to Google Search Console that will help you understand how things will work for your website.

Get Your Site Registered With Bing Webmaster Tools

This is something you need to get done in order to achieve better rankings and SEO experience.

Now again you have to understand how Bing Webmaster Tools works and how SEO will help your site grow in time by doing this aspect to your site also.

Here’s a complete guide to Bing Webmaster Tools that will help you understand how things work with Bing webmaster tools.

Optimize Your Title Pages

This is very important to make sure you get a good ranking and professional look on the search engines.

Try to keep your title page’s title length to below 60 characters long as if you go past this limit the search engines won’t list the rest in the title on the search page.

Try your best to not use all CAPS for your title page as this will be something the search engines look for as well as a not good user experience.

If you decide to use longer than normal titles for your title pages which at times can look very well and can get you more clicks on the social media platforms but not on the search engines as it will stand out odd sometimes as it won’t be completely listed, but keep in mind there is no penalty in doing so on the search engines.

Proper Keywords Per Page Of Content

It is something you should consider in getting proper SEO rankings and proper indexing on the search engines.

This can be something that can take a newbie a lot of time mastering as this number of proper keywords per page of content can be from anywhere from 1 keyword phrase to up to 15 keyword phrases.

When targeting a keyword phrase to match your page content like say for example you’re into selling marketing services in say Texas.

This is what I would have in that target keyword for that page title and content (Find Marketing Services In Texas) as the keyword phrase and in that page title as well, you will have a better result from doing it that way as it’s telling the search engines its more relevant for that page.

The things to not do when creating your title tag and meta description for your keyword phrases is don’t duplicate or over stuff with your keywords.

For example:

Title Tag

Marketing Services in Texas, More Marketing Services In Texas, Find More Marketing Services In Texas see the pattern no a good choice.

Meta Tag

For description again don’t overstuff it for example Marketing Services in Texas, More Marketing Services In Texas, Find More Marketing Services In Texas.

Now if you want to get this right here’s how you would do it.

Header Tag

Marketing Services In Texas | Marketing Solutions For Business.

Subheader / Description Tag.

Find Marketing Services In Texas, Your One Stop Place For Marketing Services For Your Business.

Use Keyword Research

The thing to realize about keyword research is you got to know and understand what your audience is searching for online.

With keyword research, it tells you what people are looking for and what topics and searches people are looking to get answers to and find solutions to what they are searching for.

By doing keyword research will tell you what people are searching for, as well as what the searches are per month.

So knowing what keywords they are searching for will help you in targeting what to write about and how to choose what topics to talk about and also know what content to add to your site.

Use Ubersuggest and Google Search Console will help you in saving hours of doing keywords properly for that page content.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Try using long-tail keywords if possible to get you better rankings for your page content.

When you use 4 to 5-word keyword phrases for keyword rankings and when a person or visitor types in that exact keyword phrase from a search engine that you have used it tends to be a better result in what your offering as that is what the customer or visitor was looking for in the search.

When you use long-tail keywords over short-tail keywords your traffic at first will be slower than short-tail keywords as to opposed the longer tail keywords.

If you use the shorter tail keywords the same goes as well for no traffic as it’s very competitive for the bigger companies who are already getting rankings on those keyword phrases.

Now remember using longer tail keywords will get you smaller traffic at first until you establish some strong organic traffic but you will get more sales and visitors for what exactly they are looking for.

Always go after the longer keyword phrases if all possible to get you better rankings and SEO.

Optimize Your Meta Descriptions

This is something you also have got to figure out and get done properly in making sure your site will get ranked and noticed for your SEO practices.

Your meta descriptions shouldn’t be longer than 155 characters in length.

Try your best to keep it to the point and something that the visitor is looking for in the organic search as if your promoting your business getting organic searches from your meta descriptions will get you targeted sales.

Make sure you also use the focused keyword that you are targeting, so for example if your selling marketing services make sure to use your focus keyword for marketing in the meta description.

Also,make sure it matches the content of your page as this is were a lot of people go wrong.

Create A Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and Business Website on Google Search and Maps.

With your Google My Business account, you can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile, and see how customers are interacting with your business on Google.

Setting up a Google My Business is a really strong element in making sure you get a strong local SEO for your business.

Make sure when you set up your google my business account that it’s accurate and up to date at all times as the more people who search for your business in your local area will gain trust in a business that is always accurate and up to date.

If a visitor always sees inaccurate and wrong information when they are searching for business locally they will not have trust in your business and move on to the next one that they are looking for.

Build Links With High Authority Websites

Getting links with high authority websites is key to making sure your website ranks and does well with SEO.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo have all confirmed that building high authority links with websites that have high authority will help your site in better rankings and SEO.

Now, you’re probably asking how do I get links from high authority websites.

  • Create Quality Content that will outperform the rest of the websites that are looking for rankings on a consistent basis, if you can create Quality Content and I don’t mean just adding content to your site, I mean content that relates to what your publishing to your site.

  • Link to Authority Websites and let them know that you have linked to their website as website owners love it when you have linked to them and if they have a place to link to you they just might do so.

  • Use forums to get links pointing back to your website as this can also be a great way to do so but try sticking to forums that are in the niche of your business model as well.

  • Use Social Media to get links back to your site. I highly recommend Twitter especially for this.

Test Keywords With Keyword Research Tools

In the old days of getting your website ranked in google and in the other search engines you just add some keywords everywhere on your site a boom your got traffic.

Well, this tactic is gone as now the search engines refer this to keyword stuffing and now this old trick will not work.

Now to get rankings on the search engines you have got to provide content that relates to your keywords people are searching for.

Google and the rest of the search engines now are only giving you traffic to the keywords that your search for that relates to your content so if your content doesn’t relate to your keywords you’re going to never get traffic.

8 Best Keyword Research Tools below to help you get started.

  • Soovle
  • Jaaxy
  • Google Search Console
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • SECockpit
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • KeywordTool.io
  • Moz Keyword Explorer

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Happy reading and blogging my friends.


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