How Do I Market My Network Marketing Business

How Do I Market My Network Marketing Business

  • Know you’re why like how bad do you want it
  • Find the right products to offer
  • Have your action plan in place before you start
  • Creating Goals for your business
  • Have a follow-up Plan
  • Contact Your Up line for support
  • Your goals must be achievable to complete
  • You must surround yourself with the right people
  • You must have the right attitude so others will follow your lead

Is achieved through the process of learning the business by sponsoring others, being a great leader, showing others how to duplicate the process, and also using social medial are all great ways to do network marketing.

With network marketing and how to do it online, you also have to realize that network marketing is also not easy to be successful so remember to understand all the right aspects of doing it correctly for any network marketing business you join.

But first, let me explain when network marketing first started.

Network Marketing

Was first started in 1932 and the first network marketing company was called “Wachters” a company’s sea vegetable supplement business.

Then came along Nutralite which started in the 1940s.

Wachters is still around today and is still growing strong in the business that they started so long ago.

What Is The Secret To Network Marketing

There is no secret to any network marketing business, you just got to set up your action plan, take steps to learn everything about your network marketing business and attend all the training, and remember it takes hard work as no one else is going to do it for you.

Network Marketing can be a very lucrative and rewarding way of life and you will experience a lot of enjoyment but it will come at the price of hard work when you first start.

Finding a Product You Love For Your Network Marketing Company

As you are taking your first step in trying your hand in doing any network marketing business or MLM the first thing you got to figure out is what are you going to start your marketing company business with for products to offer others to be a success.

I would start with something you already love as having a passion for a product or service can make the process of offering the product or service to others a whole lot easier if you loving what you offering to others.

If you are promoting a product or service in any network marketing business with any network marketing companies and already have a passion for it and love it for what it is now you will find promoting it will be an awesome experience for you every day and will love doing it.

Where a lot of people go wrong in any network marketing business is they just jump into a network marketing program and start trying to promote a product and service that they have no real care about and lack the enthusiasm of knowing the full potential of that product.

How are you going to really be successful in promoting a product or service if you don’t have the passion for it and don’t understand it to its full maximum offering to others?

If you can’t explain it well to others then others will probably not want to buy it from you.

So find that product you have passion for so you can be that go-to person when people think about that product or service.

Also make sure you do your research about the company, the product and services, and what kind of commissions are being offered for that product or service you are taking on with them to offer others.

Make Sure You Investigate The Company Your Joining

When joining any network marketing business do your research and find out as much as you can about the company and products they are offering to the general public.

Make sure the company you joining has products that are safe for anyone to use to protect yourself from being in a legal battle if you are promoting products and services that are not allowed in some cities and states as some companies sell products that are dangerous.

Ask yourself also are the products safe, would you use the products yourself, read the reviews online about what others are saying, and are the products in demand for the niche you are getting involved with.

Ask Your Up line Sponsor For Support

If you joined a network marketing business and have previously not known your upline sponsor I would ask him or her some general questions about the business.

Make a list to ask your sponsor.

What is the company expecting of you to do your network marketing business
Do you need to sponsor others into your network marketing business
How much are you required to sell on a monthly or yearly basis if any to be active in your network marketing business
Do you need to attend conventions or training webinars in person or online for your new network marketing business
Is there a minimum number of products you have got to buy yourself to stay active in your network marketing business

Those are just some common questions I would be asking them so make a list before you reach out to them as I’m sure they will answer every question you have.

Make A Plan To Share Your Network Marketing Business Everyday

In order for you to be successful in any network marketing business, you need to make yourself known to others every day.

Make a plan to share your products and services about your network marketing business every day for example.

  • Have A Website To Share With Others
  • Social Media Accounts For Your Business
  • Creating Videos Like Youtube Videos
  • Email Marketing
  • Auto-Responders Setup
  • Capture Pages To Get Others To Signup For Offers And Free Stuff
  • Online Classifieds to Promote Your Network Marketing Business
  • Pay Per Click Advertising With Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Good Old Fashion Cold Calling

Make sure that you are always doing some kind of promotion every day to get people aware of your offers in your network marketing business.

How To Do Network Marketing is not going to come easy but if you follow the steps you will have great success with it I’m sure of that.

Knowing Your Target Market Is Key

Knowing your target market is key to being very successful in any network marketing business.

If you are into a niche that your selling health and wellness products and most of your traffic or visitors are coming to you with e-business and marketing in mind then you got to figure out where are they coming from.

Once you know your target market and know the proper way to show those customers and future clients your products and network marketing business then everything will come naturally to you.

When you have narrowed down who is going to be a customer and who is going to be a network marketer with you, then you can focus on their needs.

For those folks who are interested in doing the network marketing business with you then you can focus on their why and ask them what motivates them to do network marketing with you.

Sponsor Don’t Recruit

Never use the word Recruit in your network marketing business if you’re looking to build a team of others to join your business.

Recruit or Recruiting sounds like you are using others to advance your financial gain in my opinion.

When you’re looking to get others to join you use the term sponsor when it comes to having others join your network marketing business.

Sponsoring others to join you is a better way of telling others they are being rewarded for showing them the business and they can do the same if they show others.

The term sponsoring sounds a lot more professional as you want to remain that image of being a professional in your business.

So when you look and play the part of being a professional you will have a better following for others to follow you and look up to you as a leader in your business.

Knowing Who To Ask To Join You In Your Network Marketing Business

Knowing who to ask to join you in your network marketing business is another thing you should learn about who and not who to ask.

My recommendation to you is to first leave your friends and family out of the picture when it comes to showing them your network marketing business.

The reason why I say this is when you are first starting out with any network marketing business you are still not there in the pro stage I call it, so you don’t want to show them at first all the minor details you cant answer at first.

If you have a strong upline above you in your network marketing business then you may want to ask them to offer them to your friends and family for you as a representative for you, but I would wait for myself.

Once you have gained a lot of experience in showing others your network marketing business, then I would venture to show your family and friends about your business, as within time there are going to hear what you doing and ask you probably anyways.

The real seasoned network marketing pros usually leave friends and family out of their network marketing business and the other golden rule is never to beg or pester anyone with your business.

Knowing How To Stand Out From Others In Your Business

Knowing how to stand out from other representatives in your business has got to be something that you learn and master to become that go-to person in your field or niche.

The first thing I would ask myself is done you have a product or service that everyone needs today and then tomorrow.

Does your product or service in your business answer all of your customer’s questions and give them results.

For example, you are into the health and wellness niche and you’re into promoting diet products the best way to stand out in that niche is to start with something that is totally different than others.

Here’s my example of this focus on a product or service for your network marketing business that promotes Losing Weight For Mothers After Pregnancy, not just a product that sells weight loss supplements do you follow me on this topic of standing out differently.

The main point here in standing out in your network marketing business is to give it a reason for people to buy from you, not anyone else.

Master Your Opportunity To Know Your Network Marketing Business Like Breathing Air

The next phase of any network marketing business is to know every product and service you’re going to offer to your present clients and future ones as well.

This also goes with knowing how to show others to join your team with your business and being able to show them what you know so they can duplicate the process effectively.

I would make sure you master and learn everything about the business you can this includes attending every webinar, zoom meeting, digital download videos your company offers, and talking with your upline every chance you get.

If you be the master of your craft and show others that you will be there for them when they need you this will be very rewarding to you and your business for years to come in your network marketing business.

Mentor Your Sponsored Team Members

When it comes to building a network marketing business you want it to earn you passive income over and over again right.

Well, there’s no better way of doing so by sponsoring others as I said above but you gotta be able to take them by the hand and mentor them the duplication system and show them how to sponsor as well.

Take the time in mentoring them until you are very comfortable that they will be fine without you to help them sponsor others.

The best way to achieve this is nobody is the same and if they are shy at first or nervous about sponsoring others tell them you are there for them, eventually, as they are with you they will grow and learn from you also when you are showcasing the business to their future sponsored affiliates.

If you are a great leader in your network marketing business I’m sure they will follow your actions and before you know it they will be able to sponsor others and be a mentor also.

Network Marketing on Social Media

Now with social media, this one can be intimidating for some of you, I have some tips on what I think about social media and what works and what doesn’t.

Back in the early days of social media, everyone was talking about Facebook to get your brand and awareness out there.

Now Facebook is still a great way to get the work out there about your business, but it has really changed in the last couple of years with promotions and ads.

Here’s why I wouldn’t recommend facebook anymore with promoting on their platform with any paid promotions.

Facebook now is just too oversaturated with ads and a lot of the target market has probably already advertised what your offering already.

The cost now to advertise on Facebook is not going to come cheap for you now if you targeting countries that are not third world countries so you going to pay a lot in advertising fees.

Most people on Facebook are only there mostly to be amused and entertained and are really not there to buy much.

Facebooks algorithm takes a while to master what works for your ads and what doesn’t to get people to click on your ads so it can be costly to master this one.

Now the good thing about Facebook is, you still should set up a social media account business page for your brand and business, and here’s why.

The search engines like google for example and still looking for social signals from social media accounts so I would get this done to help your rankings with them.

My next tip on social media accounts and what I would do to be successful with them is I would concentrate on one social media platform and master that one.

For example, if you are into stuff like anything that attracts the beauty niche, home and lifestyle niche, health and wellness niche, or animal pet supply niche I would only concentrate on a Pinterest social media account.

The reason why I recommend Pinterest for those niches is most of the traffic on their platform is female and most of them are looking for stuff to buy online.

Now for those of you who are only into network marketing in that niche, I would only create a Twitter account and focus on that platform.

The main thing about doing any social media is don’t try to create a lot of accounts on all these platforms when your first start out as you won’t have enough time in the day to keep up with them.

Once your business gets big enough then you can hire others to help you do all the social media for you, but wait till you make a lot of profit before you do that one.

Having A Plan And Stick With It

Having a plan and sticking with it is key to making sure your network marketing business can become successful in time.

If you follow through with your plan at least 5 days out of the 7 days a week you should very well do fine in any network marketing business.

When you stick to your action plan and stay at it all the time whether it’s posting to social media or following up with customers and new sponsored affiliates in your business they will all look forward to seeing your content and follow-ups with them.

It’s not going to be easy for you at first with your network marketing business and there’s going to be some long days and grueling times to get your business going.

The main thing to remember is don’t give up as with any network marketing business it takes time but you will see results.

My advice to you in any network marketing business if you doing it full time and if you haven’t replaced your full-time income within 24 months I would move on to something else or a different niche from what you doing now.

How Network Marketers Fail

How Network Marketers fail is caused by one reason and one reason only.

They give up to quickly and don’t stay the course of just when good things are about to happen for them.

The problem with most network marketers who fail is they are not as hyped up as they were 3 to 6 months before they were when they joined their network marketing business.

Most people fail at network marketing for that reason, if you find yourself in that frame of mine and your thinking about giving it up, contact your up line a see what’s working for them and ask them for support.

The top network marketers have great success because they don’t give up and stick with it and this is why they succeed with their network marketing business.

So for those of you who are thinking about giving up, just stick with it as I’m sure if you stay focused it will eventually work for you as network marketing takes time so stay the course.

Building Success In Any Network Marketing Business

When it comes to building success in any network marketing business you got to be able to build your brand and a professional image for people to follow you.

Today people don’t join your network marketing business they join you and your way of showing them your brand and the image of you for them to trust and follow you.

If you can show them how well you respect them and show them how you care about their success and the products they are buying from you in a way it’s not just about making the sale but true care and pride in them dealing with you.

Please read my other post How To Succeed In Network Marketing or even my latest post Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2020 7 Easy Steps.

So until next time my fellow readers and bloggers, happy reading and blogging, and please come back again for my next post.


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