Is Network Marketing Just A Scam

Is Network Marketing Worth It

Is Network Marketing Worth It

Network Marketing is a business model of person-to-person sales of independent affiliates working on the companies business model that they have developed for their affiliates to duplicate.

What Is Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home.

Is Network Marketing Worth It, It actually a great business to get involved in if you’re looking to provide people with great products and services for a price that is competitive and fair.

Let me first tell you the difference between network marketing being a scam or not a scam or as some people call it a pyramid scheme.

With the Network Marketing business model, you’re joining a program with that company in the hopes of sponsoring other affiliates and partners to join you in the peer to peer sales of products and services in earning a commission from your whole team’s efforts.

When you join a Network Marketing company you get paid a commission for your direct sales as well as a small commission with those of you who you sponsored and earn from their efforts as well.

Some Network Marketing companies require you to buy many products and services on a monthly basis, but not all of these companies require this from you.

Now for those programs out there in the network marketing industry that is riding off of the network marketing model and you think is a scam here’s what to look for.

Are you getting a product and service for your money
Are you being told you only earn an income from those who you sponsor and so and so on
The earnings that you make is only based on how many people you sponsor in the matrix the call them
You are required to buy products and earn no commissions from others who are buying products over and over again
If you are receiving no products or services at all then this is definitely a pyramid scheme and scam written all over it

The telltale signs of a pyramid scheme

Network Marketing can be a very rewarding and lucrative program for anyone to join and make a decent income with.

For those people who approach network marketing with a serious attitude and get into that business mindset, you can literally make network marketing into a full-time income as well as a passive income.

With network marketing, you trade some of your hours every day to sponsor others into the program and help them do the same called duplication.

If you follow what the company is telling you to duplicate in their network marketing business model you can have great success with network marketing.

When you sponsor others and show them how to do the same duplication you’re going to be earning a passive income through the leverage of everyone else that you are sponsoring to join you as well as your sponsored are getting to join them as your earning also a small income from their efforts.

Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme so don’t rely on that mindset of getting rich overnight.

If you love the aspect of doing network marketing and love the concept of working with others to help them succeed as well I’m sure you will do fine with network marketing.

If you’re looking for more info on any network marketing and want to learn more I have also posted these articles a couple of weeks ago How To Succeed With Multi-Level Marketing 10 Awesome Steps and also How To Start A Network Marketing Business 5 Easy Steps.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Is Network Marketing Worth It.

So until next time my fellow readers and bloggers, please come back again for my next post, and happy reading and blogging.


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