How Do I Succeed In Network Marketing Online

How Do I Succeed In Network Marketing Online

  • Start A Blog
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Online Classifieds
  • Forums And Groups
  • Email Marketing
  • Capture Page
  • SEO
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Paid Solo Ads

Can be a very rewarding experience. You can achieve this with ways such as starting a blog, social media, online classifieds, forums, and groups also starting a capture page to get great results. These are all great ways for anyone to have success with network marketing online just by being creative with those platforms.

Start a Blog

When you start your own blog it’s going to take a lot of time and effort in starting a blog.

I also just posted this article on How To Make Money Blogging which is something you should also read if you going to start a blog.

You will want to quit and give up within a couple of months of starting your blog as most people do as they just don’t see the results they are looking for fast enough.

When starting a blog you have got to get into the mindset of I’m going to do this and I’m going to make sure that it will become a successful blog.

It will take a lot of your time, I would dedicate at least 1 hour a day to starting your blog and give it at least 1 year to see the traffic really start rolling in.

With blogging the traffic doesn’t come overnight as paid advertising does but the nice thing about blogging is it’s a long-term gain in traffic once your blog starts to receive traffic it should be a constant flow of traffic over and over again.

Now let me stress the point of blogging depending on your target market and the niche you going to blog about has to be in consideration for gaining blog traffic.

I will give you one example to make this point clear about blogging.

If you are into the weight loss segment which is a good segment or niche to blog about it’s very competitive in that market.

Now let’s make it more to the point in the weight loss segment.

If you want to blog about this narrow it down to how to lose weight with keto, or how to lose weight with keto recipes.

This way you not just competing with the terms weight loss, instead of narrowing down your target market with a keto diet.

With blogging, you can write articles all day long but make sure the articles are about valuable content about your target market.

If you write articles about the keto diet that don’t add any value to your visitors then your visitors are not going to stay on your blog reading your posts or content very long.

So if your visitors are not spending any time on your blog to read your articles your not going to gain the traffic you want.

The best way I would go about starting a blog is really do your research on your topics, and narrow it down to something that is more to the point of the articles you’re going to write about for less competition.

Now remember with blogging the traffic doesn’t come very fast but if you give it time you will receive traffic over and over again if you can provide quality content.

So if you love to write then blogging is a great tool to add to your network marketing business online.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Is the next thing you can try for a network marketing business.

Pay-per-click advertising is a way to gain visitors quickly if you’re in a crunch to earn sales fast.

There are literally lots of search engines out there that can try to get you some pay-per-click advertising going to your website.

Google has a great program call Google Ads to bring you results in gaining you pay-per-click traffic with targeted visitors to your website.

Google Ads can show your ads on millions of websites that people are visiting online all day and all night.

How the google ads program works are you bid on certain keyword phrases or keywords and depending on how much of a budget you have you show up on their search results on how much you bid on those keywords.

The more you focus on your keyword research the better the results you will receive with your advertising with Google Ads.

Bing also has a pay-per-click advertising program as well.

It’s similar to Google Ads and again you bid on the keyword phrases or keywords for a certain amount of money and you get ranked on their advertising websites and show up on their searches as well.

If it was me and I was going to go the pay per click advertising way, I would start with one country first and start with a budget of about $50.00 and let that campaign run for about 10 days and have it set up for no more than $5.00 a day.

Now once you have let that campaign run to its max then look to see what worked for that campaign and what didn’t work and start another campaign and again see what works and what doesn’t.

Now with pay-per-click advertising, it takes trial and error to see what will work for you.

It may even cost you about $500.00 in total to see what keywords worked and what didn’t work for the best results.

Once you have done your testing on the campaigns then you can focus on what worked for you for the best results.

With pay-per-click advertising, it does get costly at first but again you will learn a lot about it.

The only negative thing about pay-per-click advertising is once your budget runs out and you don’t spend any more money the traffic will stop as well, so again if you looking for long-term traffic go with blogging.

Social Media

Social media is something you should really look at.

The benefits of social media are well worth doing but there is a lot to take into consideration in doing so, so let me explain.

When it comes to the niche your into you got to know what social media is best for you as some social media platforms benefit certain niches.

The first thing you have got to do with any social media marketing to get a following for your How To Do Network Marketing Online is to get register with them with your brand name or name you want to be known for.

Now what I mean here is let’s say you are into for example home repair service and your blog is named just for an example.

So now you will want to go to the social media platforms and try to get ABC home repair as your social media account name.

The reason you want to do this is once you create your blog or website you want to link your social media account from your blog or website.

So now once the search engines start indexing your blog or website they the search engines are going to see your links to your social media accounts and notice your social media accounts have the same name of those accounts linking back to your blog or website with the same name.

Now what this does for you helps build trust and identity for the search engines to know more of who you are for the website or blog site.

With that said, all the social media sites are good for certain niches like I said above.

Now for you to be signing up to every social media account is something I wouldn’t recommend doing as they are time-consuming and some are not good for some niches that you trying to promote in your quest of How To Do Network Marketing Online.

Some of the big Social Media Platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Youtube.

Now you have got to figure out what platform is best for your business.

For example, if you’re into stuff like health and wellness or home decor, and even weight loss then Pinterest is the platform for you, the reason being its there’s mostly a female audience on Pinterest and that business does well on that platform.

If you’re into Marketing, Business, and Network Marketing then LinkedIn would be your best platform.

The thing about any of that Social Media account is you have got to pick the one that best suits you and make sure to only stick with one at first until you get good at that one as again social media accounts can be time-consuming.

Online Classifieds

Online classifieds are a great way for you to market your network marketing business for free with all the online classifieds out there on the internet today.

You can place free online classified on any classified sites and get great traffic to your network marketing business and it’s a free way to do business online.

Some classified websites have the free version of placing ads and some even have a premium service to place your classified ads at the top of those home pages for that category and even show up in the search results as well.

Using online classifieds is another great option for you when you want to do local advertising as most cities and towns today have an online classified website to use.

When it comes to this form of advertising for you I would definitely give this one a try as most are free and those who don’t like free.

Forums and NewsGroups

Forums and NewsGroups are a great way to get your brand or business online to show others what you have to offer in your network marketing business.

With forums and newsgroups, you have a chance to signup to the platforms and get a better target market by doing so.

When you join a forum or newsgroup you are getting your message out to others who are interested in the same topics you are as well, so it’s a win-win for you when you want to target your market.

The nice thing about forums they are used for the common topics that everyone is interested in for the forum.

Forums and based on the same way as a message board, people will post on the forum for a certain topic, and other users will come and read that topic and add their interset to it as well.

It’s a great way for the members to have a common interest and it’s a place for common discussion.

Now a Newsgroup is an online discussion forum that everyone uses to discuss a certain topic that is explained in the newsgroup.

Both Forums and Newsgroups are kind of similar but they do have their differences and rules.

Again they are both good for you to get some traffic to your network marketing business and I would suggest giving them a try as well.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is something if you not already doing then I would highly recommend you start doing it right away.

With email marketing, if you just starting your blog or a website it’s highly recommended to start gathering email addresses for your clients and customers to be informed of what you’re doing online with your network marketing business.

The thing that most experts who are doing email marketing will tell you is that doing email marketing is like money just waiting to be had.

What I hear about email marketing from the experts if you had just gathered 5000 emails over the course of 1 year you can literally make $5000.00 a month just from your email marketing list.

Now just think if you have gathered over 50,000 emails in a couple of years do you get the picture.

When you gather all these emails from your blog or website this gives you a chance to send out an email once a week or twice a week to your list and if you got a product or service to sell and only 10 percent open and buy your product you can literally have money flocking in all the time from your list.

Ok, now let’s say you want to even hire an auto-responder to do the email for you as long as you have that list of emails to send to you just put them into your auto-responder and set up the email to send daily or weekly, and boom you’re in the money.

Now in order to do this, you gotta make sure you have gathered the emails from your newsletter section of letting people know what they are signing up for so make sure you make them aware of what they are signup for.

Capture Page

Creating a capture page is something that will work and give you awesome results in getting that extra tool to get people to send you their email addresses and receive your email letters or new product launches.

If you take the time in creating a capture page you can use many services like Clickfunnels or even create a Capture Page in Google Docs as well.

If you don’t already have a means of capturing emails from your website or blog, then get this one done and create a capture page to explode your online network marketing business to the next level.


SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is where you need to be good at knowing how to do this or hire someone that knows how to do it.

SEO is something that can be learned but not overnight.

It takes a lot of time in learning SEO and it can be hit or miss when it comes to making this work for your site.

How SEO works is you have got to create a webpage or blog post with a certain tag to get your website or blog post ranked in the search engines.

The steps in doing this are as followed but remember this is just a basic understanding of how it works, so if you really want to know how to do this like a pro take a course in it or hire a professional person or company to do it for you.

Title Tags are is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) as the clickable headline for a given result and are important for the usability of that webpage or blog post

Meta Tags are a little piece of text that describes what the webpage or blog post is about, it tells the search engines information of what that page or post is about in more detail so the search engines can index it with a better understanding.

Keyword Tags are keywords that are found in the webpage or blog post that tell the search engines what the page or post is about also, but make sure you do not use them excessively as the search engines could penalize your page as they will think you are spamming them by using too many of the same keywords on your page or blog post.

No that is just some of the basics of SEO if you don’t have any experience with SEO and don’t have the time to learn it, then leave it to the pros and hire someone to do it for you.

If you do have the time in learning it I highly recommend you in doing so as it’s fun and very rewarding once you see the results you get with it.

Just remember there is a lot of companies out there that will promise you the pie in the sky so just make sure you research them and read their reviews if you do have to hire someone to do it for you.

Blogging Platforms

Blogging Platforms are another way to get your business out there to get traffic to your website or blog post.

Blogging today is a really big thing when it comes to people wanting to find out things on the internet today and people just love reading blog posts that have quality content for them to read.

Most search engines love content especially google if you can submit a lot of content on your blog they just love getting all that content listed on their search engine but remember it has to be quality content.

With blogging platforms you have the chance to capture a lot of traffic fast as most of these platforms are high authority ranking sites so google for example will rank your content from those blogging platform pretty well as long as your giving quality content that is to the point of the post.

Now the only bad thing about blogging platforms is if you don’t post any of that content on your website or blog and you submit that content to that blogging platform here’s what can happen.

If that blogging platform decides to close your content is gone for good as you don’t own that content because they do and they can do with it as they want.

So using a blogging platform has its pros and cons so be careful to make a backup of that content you posting on them if you haven’t already posted it on your site so in case they close you still have that content.

Now for my last tip on this subject of How To Do Network Marketing Online is Paid Solo Ads.

Paid Solo Ads

Paid Solo Ads can be a very rewarding and sometimes costly way to do business online with your network marketing business.

If you can narrow down the target audience and know what companies can get you results with the target market you doing then paid solo ads can make you some quick cash for your network marketing business.

This tactic has been going on for years to market their online network marketing businesses and still to this day people and companies are still using paid solo ads.

So if you have the budget to do this I would try my hand at doing paid solo ads and see for yourself if it’s right for you to give you that quick boost in income over time.

I also just posted this article How To Make Money Blogging and I hope to see you come back again for my next post.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post of How Do I Succeed In Network Marketing Online

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