Network Marketing Business Work

Network Marketing Business Work

In order to be successful, you need to get others to join you in most of these Network Marketing Businesses, and I know there are going to be people that are going to refuse this advice.

Most network marketing businesses that you join can very well let you decide how well you want to make the business work for you like a full-time job for some of you or something you just want to do part-time as a side opportunity.

How Does Network Marketing Business Work

Network Marketing Business Work is based on the sponsoring of people and building an organization within the network marketing business model of that company. You sponsor people from the lead of customers in the hopes of them becoming part of your sales force for your network marketing business.

How can I start with network marketing

You can first start with network marketing by finding a niche or opportunity that you love or have a passion for as this is your first step in starting network marketing.

Is network marketing worth it

Yes, network marketing is definitely worth it but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, if you put in the work and do it well it can very well be worth it.

How Network Marketing Business Works
Types Of Network Marketing
How To Start Network Marketing
Network Marketing Success
Is Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme

I’m going, to be honest here.

If you don’t sponsor others you are literally not going to make that passive income you so hard deserve.

If you decide to go at it alone in your network marketing business you very well can do so and I’m sure you will have great success in making a steady income with what you’re doing, but if you really want to make that 6 figure or 7 figure income you’re going to have to call in the troops to get you going faster to reach that goal.

Here’s why you have got no choice in sponsoring others if you want to earn passive income over and over again.

If you do it yourself, you’re only going to earn the money that you have done all the work for which is fine as some people don’t like the thought of recruiting others, it’s like a day job, you only get paid for the time you put in.

So when you show up for work and work 20 hours a week you get paid for 20 hours a week if you show up to work for 50 hours a week you get paid for 50 hours a week.

Now, what happens if you get sick and have no sick benefit insurance to cover you when you are off work.

Looks like you are going to earn no money when you don’t show up for work right, well that’s the same if you don’t get any sales in any network marketing business that you’re doing if you’re not able to promote.

So, if you take the time to recruit others to join your network marketing business all while you’re doing your own selling of products and services you also creating a passive income as you have created a sales team under you helping you make that wheel turning all the time.

When you are talking to people about your products and services and if you think they would be a great fit in doing the same thing you are doing, ask them if they have ever wondered about starting a side gig or doing a network marketing business as well.

If you don’t ask them, you will never know if they were open to such a thing, and also if someone close to you like friends and family finds out they could have done this also, they might be offended why you didn’t ask them, so never prejudge anyone with your network marketing business.

The point here is if you really want to be successful in any network marketing business and earn a passive income over and over again, you have got to sponsor others to join you.

Having others in your sales team and making your network marketing business grow fast is the only way to making sure you can earn a passive income, and not worrying about showing up every day or sitting on the beach every second day once you have created a large team below you.

Types Of Network Marketing

There is usually an abundance of network marketing companies you can join now thanks to the wonderful world of the internet.

In general most of the network marketing companies will fall into these 6 categories.

  • Health and Wellness
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • E-commerce Companies
  • Internet Service Companies
  • Party Plans

Health and Wellness

Is a big niche for any of the network marketing companies you can start to work with.

It seems like everyone today is becoming health-conscious and are looking for ways to lose weight and stay fit.

With all the stuff on the internet today that’s really focused on staying fit and staying healthy this is the one niche I would start if you don’t already have one in mind.

The nice thing about the health and wellness niche if you can recruit a strong sales force under you the sky is the limit on what you can make with this health and wellness niche.

The other nice thing about the health and wellness industry it has massive consumer demand for a lot of those products to attain customer retention over and over again.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Is again another one of those opportunities that are a little different than health and wellness, as health and wellness focus of the health industry but with cosmetics and personal care they are into the making you look great image of products.

The other thing you have to consider with the cosmetics and personal care niche is you usually have a certain time period to sell those products in that niche as with that type of business with the cosmetics and personal care products it is a trend so it may not be trending 2 years down the road with a certain product.

Internet Marketing Companies

Is another one of the opportunities that you can now capitalize on even faster than before.

With the power of the internet and people becoming more and more of working online, they are now looking for ways to earn a side income or a full-time income with internet marketing companies.

Internet marketing companies now give you the power of reaching out to people faster with the means of the internet to sell your products and services.

You have so many more ways now to promote your products and services with internet marketing like social media, forums, having your own website to market with, and search engine advertising.

If you want to do network marketing you now have a whole list of options to use with any internet marketing company.

E-commerce Companies

Is a platform for selling products and services online to customers who are eager to get things online and shipped to their door, and even have products and services downloaded instantly.

If you love to shop online then there is an e-commerce company waiting to full fill your order.

One advantage of another model of e-commerce companies is if you are buying a product or service that is downloadable it is instantly sent to your email or you just download it to your computer.

This is also a great advantage to the company that offers this service as it saves them with shipping and the consumer gets it instantly as I said previously.

Internet Service Companies are focused on the consumer to get a product and service in the say for example the marketing and tools platform.

If you need Webhosting, autoresponders for email marketing, web design, and any other form of marketing services it is a great way for these companies to expand their customer base fast as today most people rely on these services online.

Party Plans niche is a great way to get into the network marketing industry and at least try it out and see if it’s for you.

The nice thing about the party plans niche is you can usually get started pretty cheaply without investing thousands of dollars upfront.

Most of the companies that you join in this niche will give you the products, your own website, and the promoting tools to get you started.

You can also have a lot of fun and make new friends by doing the party plan business and giving it a shot at network marketing firsthand to see if it’s for you.

How To Start Network Marketing

The first thing you have got to figure out in order to know how to start network marketing is you got to figure out your WHY in network marketing.

Why do you want to even think about network marketing, is it something you want to do on the side as a side hustle to earning some money for those little added things you want in life.

Maybe you want to get into network marketing because you hate your day job and want to do your own thing and reap the rewards of network marketing.

Whatever your why is in network marketing be sure you know exactly what your why is before you start.

Now once you have decided what your why is, now it’s time to decide on a goal in your quest of how to start network marketing.

The first thing to do when your setting your goals in network marketing, make sure it’s a goal that is very easy to obtain at first.

Then when you reach that goal set up a new goal to obtain and aim for that goal, then so on and so on.

Take as many training videos and training webinars as you can get your hands on with that company you decide to join in your network marketing business.

Make an action plan that you can achieve and set up those plans to making sure you reach those plans to success.

Once you have taken the time in setting up your goals and action plans, review them on a weekly or monthly basis to achieve success with them.

Network Marketing Success

The first thing you should consider in making sure you have network marketing success is to find a product and service you love telling others about.

If you love the product and service you love to promote you will have a better success rate than those who don’t love the product and service they are promoting.

You will love getting up every day and will love what you are doing if you find that product and service you have a passion for and being successful in any network marketing success business.

If you have a passion for that product and service you will be able to be a professional in explaining it to others who are looking for what you offering.

The old saying is if you don’t have a passion for what you’re doing now how are you going to be able to offer it to others in a helpful and educated way of selling that product or service.

So get that product and service you love and give it a go in any network marketing business.

The next thing to do is find that target market and see if it has a good standing of being a great success for the long term, what I mean here is are people going to be looking for that product 5 or 10 years down the road.

The last thing you want to do is start a business and have great success with it and then the trend stops and people no longer want it.

When it comes to nagging friends and family I would only approach them once with your products and services and if they don’t bit then leave them alone.

Make sure when you do get that customer or referral to always ask them if they know anyone who would be interested in your products and service as most of the time if they are happy with what you are doing, they know someone else who would love to try your products as well.

Next, I would learn how to market and use as many of the online tools you can get your hands on like social media, classifieds sites, forums, and search engine promotion.

Be that go-to person for what you are doing, if you selling say gold, then be the gold guy to your customers again be that go-to person whenever someone thinks about what product and service you selling.

Now lastly for this topic of network marketing success develop a follow-up system, like an email autoresponder as the stats show that most people don’t buy anything the first time and sometimes it can take up to 5 emails before they do decide to buy something from you.

Is Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme

The answer can be yes and no and let me explain to you why.

A pyramid scheme is a scheme where you pay money to someone and they tell you that you’re going to make a huge income from the form of recruiting others into the program and you haven’t received an actual product or service in return for your money.

Also, your hard earn money went to the up line above you for their earnings into the scheme.

If you are recruiting others into a program and you never received any product or service in return and you only earning money recruiting others then yes it’s a pyramid scheme and I would run as fast as I could from them.

Now if you’re joining a network marketing program and you’re actually getting a product and service in return for your hard-earned money no matter if you earn an income or not, then it’s not a pyramid scheme.

look at my other post Network Marketing Tips For Beginners 7 Easy Steps For Results.

So until next time my fellow readers and bloggers happy reading and blogging.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post of Network Marketing Business Work

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