Network Marketing 10 Things You Need To Know

Network Marketing 10 Things You Need To Know

  • Types Of Network Marketing
  • Network Marketing Success
  • Network Marketing Salary
  • What is Network Marketing and How does it work
  • What is a network marketing business
  • Network Marketing Definition
  • How to start a network marketing
  • Network marketing examples
  • Is network marketing good
  • Why do we need network marketing

There are ten things about network marketing that you need to know as they are significant. If your looking to start a career in any form of network marketing then having a really good understanding of any network marketing opportunity is where it all begins and these 10 things should help you to know exactly that.

How can I succeed in network marketing

Network marketing and learning how to succeed with any network marketing career or program that you have an interest in just really depends on how much you’re going to take it seriously to make it succeed for you if you are willing to put the work in and do it with the mindset that you are going to make it work then being successful in any network marketing career or the program will come naturally to you over time.

What is the best way to learn how to do network marketing?

When it comes down to network marketing and learning how to do so is to just create an action plan to get started, these will be areas of learning the business first, surround yourself with leaders, attend all the info sessions you can with your network marketing business, and don’t give up to early as this is the one reason why most fail at network marketing.

Types Of Network Marketing

There are strategies this type of business uses. They are systematic set formulas that include lead generation, recruiting and management. Under these strategies, there exist three types of network marketing.

  • Single-Tier Network Marketing

This is where network marketing for beginners involves the use of affiliate programs to sell products of other companies.

Suppose the network market wants to sell its product, it signups other distributors’ products where the business uses the paid traffic.

In Single-Tier Network Marketing, there is no need for recruiting so many distributors.

This way of linking the network helps the business to market itself by popping to other links that are connected.

Once the direct sales are made by the customer, then you get paid by the distributor.

  • Two-Tier Network Marketing

In this type of network marketing, you work and get paid for direct sales resulting from traffic driven to a website.

Referred traffic or direct sales payment are also made when you recruit distributors or affiliates working under you.

This is to mean that as you work for other companies to sell their products through networking, you can involve other distributors who help you sell, but they are under you.

  • Multi-Level Marketing

In this type of marketing, there are more than two tiers that work in distributing the products.

Under multi-tier network marketing, there are two strategies used here, name-driven and marketing-driven network marketing.

Those programs under multi-tier network marketing give you a chance to make money with more than five tiers below you. This increases chances to recruit as many tiers as possible to work under you.

Network Marketing Success

Network marketing, like any other type of business, needs a strategy. Therefore, for network marketing to be a success, there are some tips that you need to be aware of, and if you stick to them, you will succeed. See the steps below.

  • There is a need to set goals

For every business success, there must be existing goals that direct and guide it towards achieving something. The performance of the business is laid on the objectives and aims.

Set goals should be a mindset in that what you do for your business should be subjective in achieving the main aim, that is, success.

  • Always take time in listening

A network marketing business is all about understanding your customers. Therefore, there is a need to take more time to listen to their views, comments, and likely desire.

Doing more research to find what the customer wants will boost your network and sell more. It would be best to take more time to listen to your customers and provide solutions to what they want.

Not every product you are selling may be worthy of satisfying the customers’ needs; therefore, they may be requesting a change or improvement of the products or services.

It will lead to failure if you only intend to make a profit but forget to provide a service that the customer will be happy about.

  • Develop timing strategy

Business success is much affected positively by the timing factor. Following up with what customers desire can help you achieve the best in business.

Some events occur daily, and they can help you make your sales if the products match those events.

  • Stick to your services or products

When it comes to network marketing, always remember to focus on the market of your services. Whenever you have involved other parties, this should not cost your business.

Network Marketing Salary

The salary from network marketing differs in different companies. This is to mean there is no standard measure to trace that network marketing has a fixed payment.

For instance, Network Marketing in regions of the United States annually is about $35,430; this is only an average.

The method is reached in a simple calculation where per 1 hour, there is a payment of $17.03 as an approximation. As per month, this amount sums up to $2,952.

Considering ZipRecruiter’s information, annual salaries are $19 00 as the lowest payment and $52,000, the highest payout.

The range of Network Marketing salaries are $21,000 and $52,000; this is the 25th and 75th percentiles respectively for lower earners.

The top salary earners in the United States are in the 90th percentile, which equals $52,000 and above.

What is Network Marketing and How does it work

Network Marketing is a kind of business that uses the network to distribute its product services to customers.

It is a model that involves person-to-person product selling and includes independent representatives.

It becomes the best business that you can work from home. For the salespeople to succeed, there is a need to build a network for the business; that is, products’ connections to reach more people.

How it works

Payments are made for direct sales in network marketing. For this kind of business to sell its services, the network marketer must focus on a specific product for close contact or targeted customer.

They buy the products from the manufacturers at a low price and sell the same products to consumers at a higher price. This is to make a profit.

Companies have opportunities to recruit salespeople whose work is to buy companies’ products and sell them off to consumers.

These salespeople sell these products and get a commission from the sales made. The recruited salespersons also get a chance to recruit their participants who will work under them.

These recruited participants by salespersons when they make sales-worthy the agreement, salespersons also get paid by the company. These are called downlines sales.

Network marketing is in the form of a pyramid structure; you can get recruited by a company to market its product. You can also have a chance to recruit your participant or many participants who will work under you.

What is a network marketing business?

This is a model of business that operates under the networking of tiers or marketing levels.

When companies need to sell more products, they recruit people who will buy goods and services at a low price, and they sell the same products to customers at a higher price.

The recruited participants work under including other participants to market the same products.

The tiers or levels are built by adding new members to the marketing chain. In other words, a network marketing business involves the selling of products through distribution networking.

Network Marketing Definition

Network marketing can be defined as an opportunity type of business an individual can work while at their freestyle. It is a flexible business for part-time where people get to sell other company’s products.

In network marketing, salespeople or participants use a tiny amount to purchase products from the companies involved and then later sell them to the customers they come to contact.

Those contact persons may be family members or friends.

This kind of business mainly involves personal contacts selling because when you, as a participant marketing another company’s product, you will be required to recruit other participants.

The participation selling of products in network marketing forms a pyramid scheme.

The strategy involved in this kind of business is one way that does not meet the federal franchise laws. Therefore, the programs of network marketing are exempt from business chances laws.

How to start in network marketing

Are you interested in starting a successful network marketing?

First of all, you have to choose and develop an interest in the company you want to join.

If you have the company right away, now stick in this article, and you will get well-outlined steps that will help to begin and build a fruitful network marketing.

First Step: Develop a dream

This is where you should know why you want to join this model of business.

Several dreams may be existing with the personality; maybe you dream of being rich, getting fame, or any other reasons.

These are the reasons for your dream that will drive you to have a particular desire in your life.

Second Step: Have a goal

Every journey is a set of steps, and the main aim is to achieve something.

In this second step, having developed a dream, you should set a goal that will be subjective towards making your dream valid.

The goals are how you will make it to network marketing benefits. Goals in network marketing are set so that you should achieve something after a specific duration.

Third Step: Get trained by the company you have chosen to work for

The company you are going to join knows much about its product. It has its way to market and has a unique strategy to succeed.

Therefore you should get the ideas from it to help you be successful in its network marketing program.

Fourth Step: Take Action

You have a dream, goal, and enough training for network marketing, then what are waiting for?

Take action. Develop a procedure with a list of tasks or what you should be doing at an specific time, maybe in a day, week, monthly or yearly.

Your actions should be lias with the goals such as;

  • Order of minimum sales required
  • New team recruitment
  • Increasing training for the existing team

Fifth Step: Curry Action Review

As pointed out earlier, action is how you are going to act towards your goals. At the end of the specific duration that you had set, now you have to review whether you have achieved it.

If you have achieved your goal, you will celebrate, and if not, you have to evaluate where you have gone wrong.

Network marketing examples

There are several examples of network marketing in three categories.

  • Single-tier programs example include; Avon
  • Two-Tier program example includes; Ken Envoy’s Site Sell
  • Multi-Level Marketing examples include; Amway, LuLaRoe, Magnetic Sponsoring

Is network marketing good

Yes, network marketing is good to have positive testimonials for those who have ever joined.

It is a brilliant business opportunity where you can get involved and make money.

It acts as a part-time for those who have other activities. There are several reasons why network marketing is good.

They include;

  • It acts as a residual income

Since earning in networking involves working, the market is based on previous work. Therefore you work as you continuously receive income.

There more your sales continue moving downlines on the network marketing, the more you continue receiving income.

  • It is an opportunity for earning extra money

Maybe you are earning money from other activities you are engaged in, and you want to increase other opportunities to earn extra money, then network marketing is here.

Network marketing is a business opportunity that will help you earn money without quitting your main jobs.

  • Level booster

In one way or the other, network marketing allows participants to build their wealth. If you dream of becoming famous or rich, you can have that chance when you join network marketing.

Why do we need network marketing?

There are various reasons why you need network marketing.

  • You can work from any place

Network marketing is a flexible business opportunity that you can engage in anytime or wherever you are. Mainly with an internet connection, you can access its services.

  • Require little amount of money to join

Network marketing intends to purchase products at a low cost, sell them at a higher cost, then make a profit. It requires little amount of money to join and run it.

  • Tax relieving

Since you can work from home, you get low tax charges. It is referred to as a home-based business where it involves fewer taxes imposed by the authority.

  • It is based on self-time management

Network marketing can be attended to when you feel like it. Therefore you will not work under pressure from anyone.


Network Marketing is a significant business opportunity that anyone can join, work, and get paid.

Therefore, there are ten main things you should be aware of about network marketing, that is what is it, how it operates, whether it is good, its examples in the market, and why it is needed.

Network marketing can be a very rewarding career if you so choose to do so with any network marketing business you enjoy doing.

I hope you have got great value from this post and please share it with friends and family on your social media accounts so they can benefit from it as well.


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