Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents 2021

Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents

Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents. I’m going to share with you the best ways of making sure you have great success with 7 Easy Steps For Mortgage Financing Agents Step 6 Will Shock You.

1. Networking
2. Video
3. Build A Capture Page
4. Email Advertising
5. Online Social Presence
6. Sending Out Birthday Cards and Anniversary Cards
7. Customer Needs


7 Easy Steps For Mortgage Financing Agents Step 6 Will Shock You

Networking is a big aspect in making sure you can make your marketing strategies work for your mortgage financing opportunities are to know to everyone in your town and city.

Get out there and let everyone know about what you are doing in the mortgage agent business and make it known to everyone what you are doing.

Make a list of 100 people you know and pick up the phone and tell them what you are doing, just come right out and ask them, are looking to get a new mortgage.

Next, ask your list of people if they know anyone that could be looking for their next new house and mortgage they are thinking about buying, try to get at least 2 to 3 names from them.

Use as much of the online services as you can use to get your name out there to obtain referrals in this market.

Classified websites are another great way to use an online service for free in your area, you must use this service as much as possible to get your name out there I would recommend it.

Then I would use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get started. Create a business page or fan page with these services as they are free to use to get things going for you, then you can think about paid ads for those pages down the road.

Create brochures and flyers to pass out to people and even post those flyers on message boards you have access to in your community, also like post offices, mall message boards, and even some restaurants that have access to free message boards.


Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents 2021 1

If you are not shy and love doing videos, then this one just might be right up your alley.

Videos online are the big game-changer now using services like YouTube.

Youtube can bring in tons of traffic if you do this properly and with taste.

Creating YouTube videos is a massive way of getting the word out about your brand and products.

Making YouTube video’s about selling your services in the Mortgage lending business can really be something you should take into consideration.

If I was going to do this, I would create a video series about how you can help anyone obtain a Mortgage and the steps in getting approved and getting the best value to a customer that you can offer them.

I would recommend a once-a-week update on YouTube so you can create a following with them to keep them coming back to your videos, if you can do it more than once a week I would suggest you do it as much as you can if you have time.

Build A Capture Page

Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents 2021 2

Now you’re probably asking a Capture Page, I’m selling Mortgages not affiliate programs here Jim.

Actually, if you build a free capture page or landing page to offer people about your Mortgage Rates and offers, you’ll be surprised at how many people you will get.

Once you have created your social profiles on the social media websites I wrote about up top, create a capture page and link it to all of your social media pages to get people to your capture pages.

When you create a capture page say stuff like, free info for mortgage rates, just fill out the form and subscribe for the best rates you can be offered or something that you feel you will get people to add their name and email address to get all your offers sent to them by email.

If you want to learn all about how to create a Capture Page read my latest blog post How To Advertise A Network Marketing Business 10 Easy Steps.

Email Advertising

Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents 2021 3

Email Marketing to get your offers out to the public about your Mortgage Offers and Rates is another tool you should really use to your advantage of marketing your offers and brand.

If you have taken the time to create the capture page, this is the first step for you to contact those who took the time to give you their name and email address to send them offers for your Mortgage opportunities. Just be careful not to fill their email box every day with the same offer over and over.

Now as for Paid Email Advertising, this is a great way of reaching new customers and clients in a big way and fast. There are all kinds of companies out there that will send out your offers to people in your town or city to help you get noticed in this mortgage lending market.

Online Social Presence

Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents 2021 4

Now this one is very important to succeeding online. If your social profiles are out of date or not up to date this can hurt your online presence.

To make sure your online social presence is in good order, here’s what to do to help you along.

  • Make sure your phone numbers are up to date on your social profiles
  • Make sure your email is updated
  • Make sure your website address is updated
  • Make sure you have a messenger active on your social profiles
  • Always update your offers on a weekly basis on your social profiles
  • Post weekly on your social profiles or even daily if you can
  • Make sure to delete the stuff that is out of date as this will make your visitors feel you’re always active at what you doing

Sending Out Birthday Cards and Anniversary Cards

Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents 2021 5

This is the one I told you about in the heading, Step Six Will Shock You.

Whenever you are given the opportunity of knowing from previous clients and new clients that you know about their birthday or anniversary is coming up soon, then send them a card.

Sending out a birthday card to each one in the household or sending them an anniversary card will get you massive Kodo’s with your clients and soon to be new clients, it tells them your thinking of them at those special times in their life.

This will go a long way in getting new and repeated customers.

Customer Needs

Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents 2021 6

This is a big one, customer needs.

Never lose sight of what the customer wants, the big thing to do is to listen more and talk less at the beginning of any relationship with a client.

Pay attention to your customer’s needs to how big of a place they want, how close do they need to be to all the local stuff like schools, downtown, malls, or even local entertainment.

Not everyone will want to live in the city or town, some will want the country setting, or close to the beach.

When your real estate agent takes your clients into a new house or property you can always tell in the sound of their voice if they are excited or not.

If you can make your clients happy and make their time with you a comfortable and enjoyable one, I guarantee you they will want to work with you again.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed Advertising Technics For Mortgage Agents

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