Why Is Marketing So Important For A Business

Why Is Marketing So Important For A Business

Marketing Your Small Business is something that you can achieve with the resources of creating your own website, creating a blog, working with social media, logging onto forums, creating a business listing, and doing proper SEO to market your small business.

How To Market Your Small Business

Can be achieved with resources of creating your own website, creating a blog, working with social media, logging onto forums, creating a business listing, and doing proper SEO to market your small business.


A website is the first way of getting your business online so you can market your business and offers to potential new customers, and a great way to market your services to clients you already have as your clients.

When thinking about getting your very own website up and running the first thing I would do in getting this done is coming up with a catchy domain name.

Create one that is as short as you can think of or even just use letters.

A good example, if you own a jewelry business instead of calling it worldwidejewelryoffers.com, if that’s not available call it wwjo.com or something like that, now this is just an example maybe you don’t like it but try to keep it small of a name as possible as then people will remember it better.

Now the next thing to do in getting a website up and running of course is to get a really good company to host your website, I recommend GoDaddy or NameCheap for the best of the best hosting and domain registration I would use.

The next step once you have got your domain name and hosting done is to create your website with WordPress.

I highly recommend WordPress to use when creating your site as it’s so well received on the search engines for SEO and most search engines will rank you higher when you use WordPress in designing your site layout.

So now you have your website ready to get created and are now ready to think of the design and layout of your site.

There’s plenty of WordPress themes to use for the layout of your site, just do a google search for the keyword phrase Top Free WordPress Themes On Google and you will get a list of WordPress theme’s to use for your site, just make sure your theme is clean and bright as you want to keep your visitors there as long as you can.

Choosing the right theme will keep your visitors there longer on your site because if your site is very hard to read with too many bright colours or large texts and fonts on your site your visitors will be gone and never come back.

The main point here is you want your customers to keep them returning customers to a place they can interact with you in a good and vibrant way and also give your customers a place that is easy to navigate as well, so make sure you really put a lot of thought into creating your site.


A blog is another way in Marketing Your Small Business online.

Creating a Blog on your website is another way of generating traffic to your site as using this tool is a way of uploading content on a daily or weekly basis.

The search engines love new content on your website, but doing this as to be well thought out and written for content on a blog post, you just can’t add content that doesn’t relate to your site, keep that in mind.

The main point here when adding a blog to your site is, keep the content of your post to the topics of what your site is about, and if you upload content to your blog daily or weekly the search engines love content so if you can get this done do it when you start.

Social Media

Social Media is another tool to add to your site for the ways to help your website to prosper and gain lots of visitors on a daily basis, so get busy creating social media accounts that are connected to your brand and business.

Create social media accounts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube just to name a few.

When you create these types of accounts, make them for your own brand and business and post on them daily, if you can’t post on them daily at least try to post on them every 3 days.

Increasing your social media presence online will gain you a great following over time and gain you lots of traffic if you stick to it right and do it professionally and with integrity.

Once you have created your social media accounts, then add those links to your website on the right-hand side if you can or at the bottom of your site.

With these links pointing from your site it’s also telling the search engines you have these social media accounts set up and they will give you more chances in getting rankings with them.


Forums are another great tool for Marketing Your Small Business to gaining the opportunity in getting visitors and potential customers to your business, using forums will gain you a lot of traffic if you are doing it professionally.

When you signup for any of the forums, make sure you signup for the forums in your market trend or niche that you are trying to promote to others, and be careful you’re not spamming the forums and groups of the forums you’re joining, most people on the forums are pretty smart and can tell if you’re using the forums for your own financial gain.

They will catch on to you pretty fast and get you deleted from using the forums so just be careful how you proceed on using Forums.

Blogging Channels

Blogging Channels is another one of those great resources to use on gaining followers and traffic to your Small Business.

Getting set up on some of the blogging channels is a great place to find new customers and get you going on what content is working for them and what kind of content you can place on your blog posts.

Get started to use Medium.com as this is a great blogging channel that will gain you lots of knowledge and visitors to your blog.


SEO is another thing you will have to get started on or hire someone to do it for you.

Search Engine Optimization is something you have got to get done, without it, your site will not get found for months and even years if it’s not done correctly, or done right.

SEO, search engine optimization is known what to use for Meta Tags, Description Tags, and Keyword Tags.

When creating your site and content you have got to create Meta Tags, these are tags that will tell search engines what your site is about.

Description Tags are to tell the search engines what that page is about or what the blog post is about.

Keyword Tags are Keywords that people put into the search for example google search and type in a keyword to help find your site.

Keywords tags in particular if you’re going to use Keywords try to make sure you are using long-tail keywords and try to make them as unique as you can.

Now for example, now this is just an example, let’s say you own a dry cleaning business in Texas don’t put in dry cleaning services as a keyword make it more unique like Dry Cleaning Services In Dallas Texas, now this will help you get better searches on google, so make them more descriptive.

SEO is something that you have got to learn and get familiar with.

If your new to SEO then jump on YouTube and watch some videos about SEO.

If you don’t have the time in learning SEO whether it be YouTube videos or buying a course to learn it, then hire a professional company to do it for you.

In my opinion, don’t spend more than $100.00 a month when you first start out having someone do this for you as SEO doesn’t just work overnight and can take months before the search engines start sending you visitors and unique organic traffic.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile-Friendly can make and break any website for traffic if your site is slow on a computer or desktop it will be even slower on mobile.

How to check this is to go to Google Mobile-Friendly Test, once you find out what your site speed is Google will tell you where you’re lacking in page speed and show you how to correct it.

This is important as over half of your traffic is on mobile today so if your site is not mobile-friendly your going to lose out on a lot of traffic, so get this done now instead of later as your competition will be ahead of you.

I also came across this fantastic tool called the Responsive Checker this tool allows you to check if your page is responsive and how it would look on different devices (including mobile phones and tablets, and even on custom resolutions), which I think it is awesome.

Plus you get to browse the website inside each screen (allowing you to truly try the website responsiveness).

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is something you have got to get done for your site and the reason this is very important is with an SSL Certificate added to your website you’re telling your visitors that your site is secure and their private information is secure with your website and they have no worries about their private information being hacked or stolen from your website.

Getting this done should be on the top priority of making sure your website is not losing traffic and visitors.

Some people will not proceed to visit your site if they are getting a warning sign pop up from their browsers saying the site they are visiting is not secure.

Online Classifieds

Online Classifieds to this day is a great way of promoting your marketing business to new and existing clients for your brand and business and it also is a great way of making sure everyone is aware of your online business as well.

Online Classifieds is a great way to advertise for free even in your local area as most online classifieds have the option of placing free ads on their site, some will limit you to so many posts per category and even so many posts per day so make sure you choose wisely if you decide to use online classifieds.

When creating online classifieds for your business or brand remember this when creating ads.

Keep your titles to the point as well as your descriptions.

Make sure you add high-quality photos if you can as more online classifieds get a better response with photos of 7 or more photos per ad as it tells the customer your serious about what you’re doing.

If you don’t have photos people will just move on to the next one.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is just what I’m going to talk about next.

Sending out offers and sending out newsletters to your subscribers is how you can market your business or brand in email marketing.

Email marketing if done right can be very beneficial and rewarding but make sure you are following all the new email marketing guidelines now with doing email marketing as the European Union just released new guidelines in doing email marketing.

If you do decide to do email marketing you can hire companies to do this for you or even use auto-responder services for sending out your offers to current and new clients on a daily and weekly basis.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising is a great way to make your business grow nicely and also a great way of making those extra sales on autopilot in gaining new customers and clients.

Pay Per Click Advertising has been around for as long as the internet started showing ads to people on marketing their products and services.

You can setup up Pay Per Click advertising with any of the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even YouTube to get your business out there on the internet.

How this can benefit you is you set up an ad campaign with one of those search engines above, when you create your ads you then add the title of the ad, the description of the ad, and the destination user of the ad.

Now when someone on the search engines types in the keyword example Marketing Courses you pay a certain amount for clicks for each keyword you want to use, so let’s say Marketing Courses is one of the keywords you use, that keyword may cost you up to $1.00 every time someone who clicks on the ad that you have created.

So make sure you create ads that are well written and look enticing for people to click on.

If you decide to go ahead and try Pay Per Click advertising go visit YouTube on how you can create the ad campaign the proper way and the most cost-effective way, type in How To Create An Ad Campaign On Google at YouTube.

Business Listing

Business Listing on Google, Bing, and Yahoo is something else you should get done if you are going to really want to make a mark for your business online.

This is a service with those search engines that you can create a business listing for free to get traffic in your local area and you can also pay a monthly fee for those search engines to be on the top of the searches when someone in your area types in the niche of your business and brand.

For example, let’s say you have a taxi company and the customer is looking for a taxi on say google your paid listing will come up first on the keyword search word taxi.

XML Site Map

XML Sitemap is your next step in your business and website to get better rankings on the search engines.

With an XML Sitemap, it helps those search engines index all your content of your website and will benefit you greatly in your rankings.

If you are really serious and want to achieve great success with your business and website is found not only by the search engines but this will also help you faster in rankings so get this one done.

If Your WordPress doesn’t already have a built-in XML Sitemap creator built-in, install the plugin to getting your XML Sitemap done and submitted to the major search engines.

The main reason why I made this post on Marketing Your Small Business is I want you to personally excel faster at getting better results like I had when I first started out with my online marketing adventure, so If I can save you hours or months for you to get better results than me it was well worth it for me writing this post.

Read my last post How To Start A Network Marketing Business 5 Easy Steps as I know you will like it.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post on Why Is Marketing So Important For A Business

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