What Are The Types Of Marketing Strategies

What Are The Types Of Marketing Strategies

Is one of the keys to success. Staying ahead of the marketing trends and learning the top marketing strategies to increase sales volume and your overall profitability going forward.

In order for you to increase your marketing strategies and growing your reach in any market, it’s not going to be very easy, sorry about being upfront with you here, but I’m just laying out the facts about Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales Volume.

Below is a list of top things I would suggest getting started to being successful and growing your business in a good way, and to build your brand and create a following.

Social Media
Create Videos
Capture Page
Social Media Ads
Email Marketing
Affiliate Programs
Social Media Influencers

Now let me explain everything above in detail for you from the above list, and see what is best for you, as some can be done for free and some will cost you some investment to start.

Social Media

Marketing Strategies

If you’re not doing social media, then you gotta start doing it to help brand your business and create a following.

Most Search Engines today want to see some links from your website, if you have a website start pointing it to social media from your site, this is a must nowadays to help your rankings on the searches.

To name a few Facebook, create a business page on Facebook and start posting on it at least 2 to 3 times a day to keep your followers engaged with your brand.

Twitter, create a business page with twitter, and again do some tweeting a few times a day on twitter to keep your audience engaged.

Instagram, create an Instagram account and start sharing photos of the products and services to keep your brand going on there.

Pinterest, now this is the most powerful one I think on social media, the nice thing about Pinterest is most of the people who are on there use it to really make more of a decision on buying something they are looking to get, so definitely get this one done.



Now blogging can be a big game-changer for a lot of you who are building a brand and wanting to take a stake in the market.

Blogging can help you gain some great organic traffic that will keep your followers coming back for more and this is a great way to offer your followers new products and services for them.

Now, the bad news about blogging is it will take a lot of blog posts to get you to traffic the natural way, but doing this correctly can get you tons of traffic over time.

If you can add that feature to your site I highly suggest you do this as again this is another one of those things the search engines like for your search engine score ranking.

Create Videos

create videos

If you love the thought of creating videos to increase your brand, then this just may be for you.

Creating video’s for example on YouTube is a wonderful way to get your brand out there to promote your products and services.

Also, some people don’t know, YouTube is now classified as an online search engine, so the more videos you create and link back to your website is another edge in your rankings as well, so by all means use the power of video’s to help you along.



This is a great topic for me to talk about, if done properly you can gain massive organic traffic for years to come, if done wrong you will be on the do not list on search engines for a long time.

How to get in trouble with search engines can happen very fast without you knowing it.

If you signup to some of the online services that tell you they can get you listed on the search engines faster, I would be very skeptical of these services, until you do your homework and see what they have to offer.

Just to mention a few things from above is, I would stay away from companies who say they can get you backlinks to your site fast, this is a no-no.

The problem with link building fast is, the search engines are looking to see how many sites are linking to you, and checking the authority of those sites where they rank.

Now if a lot of those sites are not so great in rankings, or have nothing really related to your site, this will hurt your rankings.

Search engines have now AI’s on their sites, and they are pretty smart as they know how fast your building links, and if they see a huge rise in link building fast, they know you are trying to trick them in your link building and boom you penalized with them.

I would suggest avoiding any company that will offer you this, as this is not worth the long term results down the road.

If you build your site with great content and services to offer, you will build links faster from others wanting to link to you anyways in no time.

You can literally spend a lot of time doing SEO to get your site well position for the search engines to have you on the top searches, but it’s well worth it in the long run.

This is what I would do, create lots of content on your site, as the content is king for the searches, don’t over keyword stuff in your keyword tags, that tactic will not work anymore, also stay away from fast link building companies as they tend to be more harm than good in the long term.

If you master the SEO the right way, your organic traffic and your rewards will pay off handsomely in the long run.

Capture Page

capture page

Now, this is a pretty cool thing to do, if you want to really capture a lot of your marketing efforts to succeed.

A landing page is a page that people sign up to so they can get informed about your products or services you have to offer them.

They submit their names and email address so you can send them to offer’s on a daily or weekly bases, or when you want to do so, I would suggest no less than every 3 or so days, you don’t want to get them mad at you for filling their email box all the time, or they will unsubscribe from you.

I have always said for every email you receive its literally worth 2.00 an email, so if you had to say 10,000 emails, it should generate you $20,000.00 a month income, with your offers to promote.

There are lots of companies out there you can get landing pages from, just do a search for them online and some are free and some are a paid service.

If you opt in to get a paid service, I would spend no more than $100.00 a month to have this one.

Social Media Ads

social media ads

This one can be highly productive if you have the budget for it.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest just to name a few offers paid social media ads.

If it was me just starting out I would go with Pinterest, as they have an audience who’s looking on their site mainly for products and reviews before they buy, they have claimed that 50 percent of the people on Pinterest are real buyers of the product they are searching for.

With Facebook, you can have success with them, but I will warn you.

Facebook is a social media site for people to use for entertainment, so most people on there only want to be entertained not sold a product.

Twitter and Instagram, I have mixed emotions about them, you can give them a try who knows might be great to see the results with them.

OH, I almost forgot about YouTube.

YouTube paid ads is a definite must to do in my opinion, as YouTube is an Online Search Engine as well, the more stuff you do with YouTube better rankings for you also for your website.

Email Marketing

email marketing

Email Marketing can be very rewarding as well, as long as you follow the guidelines you can get great success.

As I said above with the capture page you can send out offers to your email list and do email marketing that way.

You can also find companies online that will send out paid solo ads to their lists of people who are wanting to receive emails about new products or services, or what is trending online.

If you go this route, make sure they are a reputable company and have a portfolio to look over before you go this route of email marketing paid solo ads.

Affiliate Programs

affiliate programs

Affiliate Programs are a great way to earn money from your site to help pay for lots of things like hosting, advertising, and any other marketing promotions you are doing.

If you signup for affiliate programs and you pick the right products to promote you can literally make a lot of money month after month for just doing affiliate programs.

If you are going to build a capture page and you signed up to an affiliate program, you can start sending out to your email list from your capture page your affiliate links to them to earn commissions from their purchases.

To signup for the best affiliate programs on the internet, just google affiliate programs and do some research on them, I would suggest signing up for the ones that have tons of products to promote with great repeat sales.

The best 3 categories in affiliate programs are Heath and Wealth, Weight Loss and Nutrition, and Dating.

Social Media Influencers

social media infulencers

Now social media influencers can literally get things going for you in a nice steady stream of visits to your website and products and services.

This type of marketing with social media influencers is great because you are paying them to have them promote your products or services through their network of followers they have worked at so hard in getting to follow them.

If they are following them, they already have built up trust with them and have more trust in making that purchase with them as they are knowing who to trust or not.

So I would give that one a go, almost all social media sites have influencers, just hook up with some of them and they may be able to help you along.

If you can master any of those tactics listed above, you can achieve great success with them.

I would start with just 2 or 3 at first to get going.

If it was me, I would start with creating that capture page first, as this is a great way to start building a list of contacts to promote to over and over again, just don’t spam them every day with the same offers.

Next I would go with the Influencers as they can reach a large audience for you faster than you can just start out.

Then I would give it my best shot at learning everything I could at SEO, the more classes or free online training that offers online or off I would be there learning as much as I could.

You can learn a lot about SEO just going to YouTube and searching for those types of training or videos to watch and keep up to date with.

Whatever you do in your marketing efforts don’t get too consumed with just one, try your best to master one, but always be open to learning them all and taking as much in as you have time for as things change all the time and you will never keep up with it.

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I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post, and please return again and happy blogging everyone.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post on What Are The Types Of Marketing Strategies

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