What Are Some Good Marketing Ideas

What Are Some Good Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas can be another way to increase your market nationally and locally. Using email marketing, content marketing, paid solo ads, pay per click advertising, and having a website are all great ideas to do so.

1. Email Marketing
2. Content Marketing
3. Paid Solo Ads
4. PPC Advertising
5. Keeping Customers Happy
6. Website
7. NewsLetter

What Are Some Great Marketing Ideas

Using email marketing, content marketing, paid solo ads, pay per click advertising, and having a website are all great ideas to achieve great marketing ideas for your small business.

Email Marketing

If you decide to do this type of email marketing, make sure you are doing it professionally and on the topics of what your customers are looking for, don’t be sending them emails about anything other than what your business is about, or you will see your unsubscribe list grow faster than your subscriber list.

Another thing to make sure you’re doing right here in email marketing is to make sure you’re not sending your clients too many emails as well, as people are prone to unsubscribe from your email list if you keep bothering them with offers over and over again, I would try to only send them a weekly email myself but if you have lots to offer them stick to a 3-day email to them.

Make sure you’re not using tricky subject lines to get them to open your emails, as this will have them over time delete your emails and unsubscribe to your list, keep your emails to the topics of what your selling and you will over time have a better and more responsive open rate in your email marketing.

When you decide to make email marketing one of your steps of Marketing Ideas, make sure you are also adding value to your email marketing subject line in your heading.

If you’re showing your clients a way for them even saving them money month after month you will get a better open rate of your emails, so add some value to your emails to get opened.

Content Marketing

Content marketing for Marketing Ideas is also a must to be successful in this new digital age of marketing to online customers in gaining new clients and keeping old clients active on what you’re doing with your business.

Creating Social Media accounts is the first step in Content Marketing to help you in your loan officer business, and is also a great way to make sure your new and old clients can connect with you faster and easier than the old days of jumping into a car to just reach out to you or call you on the phone just to hear a busy signal.

If you don’t already have a Business Page, or Fan Page on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Youtube, then I highly recommend you do this and get going with social media on creating these pages in increasing your online presence online as again, your competitors are already doing it and your literally losing money by the hour by not doing this.

Once you have those pages created and setup, make sure your posting on those pages regularly I would at least try to post something on these pages at least every 3 days or so, if you have extra time I would make it a must on doing it daily, like in the morning when you’re having coffee as the more you do this and the more likes you get with your posts, the better you will get noticed on those platforms.

When posting topics about your business on these pages, make sure your keeping to the topics of what your business is about and how it benefits your customer’s needs, and new customers needs and wants, as long as you keep the topics well written and engaging to your clients and visitors the more chance you will get at them referring others to you like friends and family.

The best advice I can give you here for content marketing is always make sure your postings things that you share are well written and to the topic of what you’re offering your clients, if you’re looking to advise them about the lastest loan offers whether it be about loans for mortgages or buying a new car, or even if they are never going to buy or do business with you again, if you keep them engaged they will likely tell others about you and your business to their friends and family.

Paid Solo Ads

Paid Solo Ads, is another great way to get your offers out to new clients who are looking for a way of getting loans to get out of debt, or getting a new mortgage, buying that new car, or even starting a new business.

There are lots of sites online who specialize in paid solo ads, they have acquired a huge list of names and people’s email to send them offers on a daily and weekly basis, these are people who signed up with these companies who are eager to have paid solo ads delivered to them so they can stay up to date in all kinds of trends and offers.

If you decide to do paid solo ads, you can literally reach thousands and if not millions of customers with one paid solo ad, if you can afford it, by all means, test it out, I would start out small at first tho to making sure it is working for you.

Just make sure you google these companies and read some of the reviews about these companies with this type of marketing as the last thing you want to do is have your ad go out to people who are not even getting these types of ads through email, or even companies that are dealing with this type of advertising who are not delivering results.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising is another one you can try to getting traffic to your website and offers whether it be a local or national business that you are promoting in the loan officer business.

I would start off with Google Ads at first to getting traffic to your PPC Advertising as they have the resources to really get you started and familiar with setting up ads and testing your ads to seeing what works and what doesn’t work.

If you do decide to do this, start off small at first like put a limit to it of just $5.00 a day for about 7 days, then see the results you have gotten in this type of advertising, if you haven’t done well at first then after the seven days change the title of your ad to something else, then try it again for another 7 days, also focus in your area you are from at first and give that a try.

Now once you have figured out what title works and description that works then focus on that ad and set it up for 30 days at a budget of what you’re comfortable with, then set up another ad and see the results of that one, also I have to point out here do not go and change your ad title and description every day or more than once a day, let google algorithm do its thing first, also if you keep changing your ads every hour google doesn’t like it and they might ban your ad account and if that happens it’s almost impossible to get it active again.

Ok, once you have figured out what works and gets results, then do the same at Bing, and Yahoo, setup ads with them and get some traffic with those PPC Advertising Search Engines as they all can make your marketing success a big thing over time, and again don’t get frustrated with it for the first little while as this will take time to get it right, its all learning here for you on what works and what doesn’t.

Keeping Customers Happy

Keeping Customers Happy, now this is a big one if you want to keep those customers returning to you over and over again, or even if they are the type of customer who may only buy once in their lifetime with you, you want them to keep coming back to you or referring others to you like their friends and family to your business.

The best way to achieve this is always to make sure your door is open to them no matter what, and that phone calls your getting from them are always followed up on treat them like royalty, and in the long run, the rewards you will get will just keep coming in over and over again.

Here’s my little secret I know of from being in sales, if you know your customer’s birthdate or anniversary date, send them a birthday card or anniversary card to them in the mail, you won’t believe how far this will go with them and this tells them you are always thinking about them and the human connection that brings to them will work for you with major kudos.

The point here is, always be available for them and you will be rewarded for years to come because if you not your competitors are waiting to sweep them from you and enjoy your dinner you just passed along to them, so remember the customer is always number one.


Website, now this is definitely one tool that you need to have in place for the new digital world and to have a solid presence with the online community to doing business no matter where you are in the world if you don’t have a website I can guarantee you your competition has already beaten you to it.

Now if you’re in a business with a huge corporation that you’re offering loans to clients, you probably already have a website in place to share with new clients as well as old ones.

Now if you are working on your own as an agent and you want to build your own online storefront and have a website I will tell you below what you will need to achieve greatness with your own site.

  • SSL, this is a certification that tells everyone who visits your site is secure, you can see the icon at the top of the domain address bar you are using if it has an SSL or not by seeing a Lock in front of the domain address if it does it means it’s secure, this is a must if you want to gain better rankings with the search engines.

  • Domain Address, try to keep it as few words as possible, as this will be a better way for your customers to remember it easily.

  • Meta Tags, Keyword Tags, and Description Tags, this is a must to do for getting rankings in the search engines as it tells them everything about your site, so when you create these tags make sure you do some research for them to help you get better rankings, you can also hire a web service to get this done for you.

  • Content makes sure your content is fresh and up to date all the time so the search engines know you keeping it active so they don’t think the site is not just a static page and nothing being updated.

  • Social Media accounts linked to your website so add your social media accounts to your site’s front page to help your rankings on the search engines as well, for example, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Add a blog to your site, this is a great way to gain a lot of traffic to your site as this will give you a chance to always be adding fresh content on your site as search engines love content and the more you can get on your site the better chances you will see traffic coming in from them.

  • Mobile friendly, make sure your site is mobile friendly as this again is another one of those things you gotta have right and here’s why, most of the traffic is coming from cell phones today, so if your site is not mobile-friendly chances are you’re losing out on traffic also the search engines will give you higher rankings again with this tool.

  • Site Speed, do a site speed test with google to make sure your site is loading fast and the site speed is up above a 70 or 80 score in the results, again this will hurt your rankings as well.

  • WordPress themes, use WordPress when you’re creating your site as most of the search engines love the coding of WordPress sites the best and this is no joke, if you don’t do this in time you will just be doing it anyways trust me, so do it now instead of later.

  • SEO, now this is a must if you don’t know SEO, hire a company to do it for you as this is something you can learn but it will take you a while to learn this and it’s always changing getting more ways of doing business on the internet every day, you almost can’t keep up with it so if you dot have the time to learn SEO then hire someone else to do it for you. Just so you know I wouldn’t spend more than $100.00 a month on SEO.


Adding a NewsLetter is another great option for you to have on your website so people can connect with you on getting offers about your business in the Loan Industry.

When creating your website add the option of creating a form so your current and new customers can signup to your weekly or monthly newsletter, as this is a great way to maximize your traffic of sending out newsletters to making sure you can capitalize on your visitors and turning them into a new client or keep your current ones up to date with your loan business.

When sending out a newsletter to your current or new clients just make sure your stay on the topics of what your business is about as they signed up to your newsletter for updates on the business your offering so make sure it’s about just that.

If you’re not using any of the tips and ideas above I can assure you that all your competition is practicing some of these tips and marketing strategies above and you’re missing out on a lot of business.

Until next time my Readers, happy reading and blogging and I hope you come back again for my next blog post, Enjoy.

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Jim Morrison

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