How To Market Your Business For Free

How To Market Your Business For Free

Can be achieved easier than you think with resources like having a website, creating a capture page, social media, forums, and email marketing just to name a few of the resources available to you.

1. Website
2. Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
3. XML Sitemap
4. Google Analytics
5. Blog
6. Social Media
7. Forums
8. Blogging Platforms
9. SEO
10. Capture Page
11. Email Marketing
12. Video Marketing
13. Pay Per Click Advertising
14. Business Listing
15. Online Classifieds
16. Page Speed and Mobile Friendly
17. SSL Certificate

How To Market Your Business Online

Can be achieved easier than you think with resources like having a website, creating a capture page, social media, forums, and email marketing just to name a few of the resources available to you.

I have compiled a list of some of the best online resources for you to start with below How To Market Your Business Online For Free, just make sure to master 2 or 3 of these to start with, and as you go along try your best to really understand all these ways on ” How To Market Your Business Online For Free as some call it digital marketing”.


A website is the first way of getting your content and your business online so you can market your business and offers to potential new customers and a great way to market to clients you already have as your clients.

When thinking about getting your very own website up and running the first thing I would do in getting this done is coming up with a domain name that is as short as you can think of or even just use letters, for example, you own a soap business instead of calling it, if that’s not available call it or something, now this is just an example maybe you don’t like it but try to keep it small of a name as people will remember it better.

Make sure you get a really good company to host your website, I recommend GoDaddy or NameCheap for the best of the best hosting and domain registration I would say.

The next step for you on the process of How To Market Your Business Online once you have got your domain name and hosting done is to create your website with WordPress.

I highly recommend WordPress to use when creating your site as it’s so well received on the search engines and most search engines will rank you higher when you use WordPress in designing your site.

So now you have your website ready to get created and are now ready to think of a design and layout of your site, there’s plenty of WordPress themes to use for the layout of your site, just google search top free WordPress themes on google and you will get a list of WordPress theme’s to use for your site, just make sure your theme is clean and bright as to keep your visitors there as long as you can as choosing a right theme will keep them there longer and not keeping them there longer they will be gone for good.

Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools is a must to set up once you have created your website and completed design of your site, what google search console and bing webmaster tools do for you is, it will tell you all about the details of your website is doing on a daily and even an hourly basis.

XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap is your next step in your website to get better rankings on the search engines, with an XML Sitemap it helps those search engines index all your content of your website and will benefit you greatly in your rankings, so get this one done, if your WordPress doesn’t already have a built-in XML Sitemap creator built-in, install the plugin to getting your XML Sitemap done and submitted to the major search engines.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is your next step in How To Market Your Business Online and getting you in the next phase of knowing all about your website and how well it’s doing it will tell you how many visits your getting, where the visitors are coming from, what pages they are staying on the longest, what are the demographics of your visitors, and even right down to the age and genders of your visitors.

With google analytics, it will also tell you how visitors are interacting with what pages and what pages they are not staying on at all, making sure you have google analytics will save you a lot of time in knowing what is working for your site and what is not, it will save you thousands of hours tweaking what works and what doesn’t.


Creating a Blog on your website is another game-changer for those of you who are reading this post and already have your site created and don’t already have a blog added to your site, do it right now like forget about everything else, and get this one done.

Now for those of you who are just completing your website design and still creating the layout of the content of your site add a blog to your site and create a blog page somewhere on your site, as that content is king online and google and all the major search engines love content, when they send out their spider bots to crawl all the sites out there all the time for the content they love content, content, and more content, so the more content you have on your site the better off you are in the long run for rankings.

Social Media

Social Media is another tool for How To Market Your Business Online to add to your arsenal of ways to help your website to prosper and gain lots of visitors on a daily basis, so get busy in creating social media accounts that are connected to your brand and business, I don’t mean creating these accounts with your personal social media accounts.

Create social media accounts like a business page or fan page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube just too name a few, when you create these types of accounts, make them for your brand and business and post on them on a daily basis if you can, if you can’t post on them at least try to post on them every 3 days, increasing your social media presence online will gain you a good following over time and gain you lots of visitors if you stick to it right and do it professionally.

Once you have created these social media accounts then add those links to your website on the right-hand side if you can or at the bottom of your site, with these links pointing from your site it’s also telling the search engines you have these social media accounts set up and they will give you more kudos in getting rankings with them.


Forums are another great place for How To Market Your Business Online to capture the opportunity in getting visitors and potential customers to your site, using forums will gain you a lot of traffic if you are doing it right and professionally.

When you signup for any of the forums online make sure you signup for the forums in your market trend or niche that your trying to promote to others, just be careful your not spamming the forums and groups of the forums you’re joining as these people on the forums are pretty smart and can tell if your using the forums for your own financial gain and will catch on tor you pretty fast and get you deleted from them.

If you decide to get going on the forums to grow your business and get traffic just be sure to mention on your forum post that you can offer people a great product and service that will benefit them as people love the fact of being offered something that will help them along on a daily basis, the point here is just doing it professionally and you should do well with forums.

Blogging Platforms

If you took my advice above and set up a Blog on your site, then take this next step in getting set up on some of the blogging platforms, and this will be a great place to find new customers and also get you going on what content is working on them and what kind of content you can place on your blog posts, to get started use Medium as this is a great blogging platform that will gain you lots of knowledge and visitors to your blog.


SEO is another thing you will have to get started on for How To Market Your Business Online or hire someone to do it for you, what I mean here is search engine optimization, without it your site will not get found for months and even years if it’s not done correctly, or done right.

Let me get into a little more detail here on SEO, search engine optimization is known what to use for Meta Tags, Description Tags, and Keyword Tags, when creating your site and content you have to create Meta Tags, they are tags that will tell search engines what your site is about, Description Tags are to tell the search engines what that page is about or what the blog post is about, and Keyword Tags are Keywords that people put into the search say google search and type in a keyword to help find your site.

Let me tell you about Keyword tags in particular if you’re going to use Keywords try to make sure you are using long-tail keywords and try to make them as unique as you can, for example, now this is just an example, let’s say you own laundry business in Texas don’t put in laundry services as a keyword make it more unique like Laundry Services In Houston Texas, now this will help you better in searches on google, so make them more descriptive.

SEO is something that you have got to learn and get familiar with, if you new to SEO then jump on YouTube and watch some videos about SEO, if you don’t have the time in learning SEO whether it be YouTube video’s or buying a course to learn it, then hire a professional company in doing it for you, my suggestion, don’t spend more then $100.00 a month when you first start out having someone do this for you as SEO doesn’t just work overnight and can take months before the search engines start sending you traffic.

Capture Page

Capture Page is another one of those tools if done right you can rocket your sales to all-time highs and you will be amazed at how well you have done with the sales you generated on using a capture page.

If you don’t have a spot on your website for people already to signup to a newsletter then creating a capture page link on your site is a great way to get people’s names and email addresses to send out a newsletter to them on a daily or weekly basis.

If you do decide to use a capture page, just make sure you are stating you will never ever give out their details to anyone else and make sure you are not spamming them every day with the same content over and over again, and you’re not sending them offers that’s not even related to what they are signing up, for if you do you will lose more people in no time fast.

Doing this right and doing it professionally will gain you massive sales and subscribers in the long run, industry experts say for every email you can capture on a capture page is worth $1.00 a month for you in sales so think about this if you had 10,000 subscribers on your list with your capture page you can make roughly about $10,000.00 a month in income on average sending out those newsletters with your offers, just make sure again it’s done with taste and done within your market they are subscribed too.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is just what I’m going to talk about next on how to 17 Tips On How To Market Your Business Online For Free, as noted above on the capture page tip this is what I’m talking about to utilize on those emails from your capture page.

Sending out offers and sending out newsletters to your subscribers is how you are going to market your business or brand in email marketing.

Email marketing is very rewarding if done right and you can also use some of the online services that have ways of sending out your emails for you every day or every week like GetResponse just to name one for example.

If you use a company like that you can pay them a monthly fee, for example, $19.99 a month and you create a list of emails to send out to your subscribers and you just set it and forget it and they will automatically send out your sales letters for you every day or every week when you set it up right down to the time of day or night to get those emails sent out for you.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a great way to get more clients and new customers to your offers and to also keep old clients up to date on what you have up and coming and up to date on your latest news and offers for them.

If you like to get in front of the camera and do video marketing like doing YouTube Video’s this is just what may be right up your alley and giving you massive traffic to your brand and business.

Doing Video Marketing like using YouTube is so beneficial in the marketing space now it can really be a game-changer for you to offer your current and new clients a way of communicating with you and building that trust level with them so they can follow you for your brand and business.

Youtube is also the second largest search engine on the planet now as of the time of writing this post, and being the second largest search engine on planet earth and if you know how to properly make your video marketing videos with the proper meta tags and doing the proper SEO to include in your videos will give you massive traffic if done right, so I highly recommend this type of advertising.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is another one of those tools of advertising opportunities that has been around for as long as the internet started showing ads to people on marketing their products and services.

You can setup up Pay Per Click advertising with any of the major online search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even YouTube to get your brand and business out there on the internet for paid search engine results to have them show your business to others in your local area or even nationally and globally.

How it works is you set up an ad campaign with one of those search engines above, when you create your ads like the title of the ad, the description of the ad, and the destination user of the ad, when someone on the search engines types in for example marketing courses or the likes you pay a certain amount for clicks for each keyword you want to use, so let’s say marketing courses is one of the keywords you use, that keyword may cost you up to $1.00 every time someone who clicks on the ad that you have created, so make sure you create ads that are well written and look enticing for people to click on.

If you decide to go ahead and give Pay Per Click advertising a go visit YouTube on how you can create the ad campaign the proper way and the most cost-effective way, type in How To Create An Ad Campaign On Google at YouTube.

Business Listing

Create a Business Listing on Google, Bing, and Yahoo this is a service with those search engines that you can create a business listing for free to get traffic in your local area and you can also pay a monthly fee to those search engines to be a the top of the searches when someone in your area types in the niche of your business or brand, for example, let’s say you have a taxi company and the customer is looking for a taxi on say google your paid listing will come up first on the search word taxi.

Online Classifieds

Online Classifieds still to this day is a great way of promoting your offers to new and existing clients for your brand and business and it also is a great way of making sure everyone is aware of your online presence as well.

Online Classifieds is a great way to advertise for free even in your local area as most online classifieds have the option of placing free ads on their site, some will limit you to so many posts a day or even so many posts per category so make sure you choose wisely if you decide to use online classifieds.

When creating online classifieds for your business or brand remember this when creating ads, keep your title’s to the point as well as your descriptions, make sure you add photos if you can as more online classifieds get a better response with photos of 5 or more photos per add as it tells the customer your serious at what you’re doing, if you don’t have photos people will just move on to the next one.

Page Speed and Mobile Friendly

Page Speed and Mobile Friendly is a make and break any website for traffic, I’m not going to sugar coat it here if your site is slow on a computer or desktop it will be even slower on mobile.

How to check this is to go to Google and search for google page speed test to check your site’s speed with Google, once you find out what your site speed is Google will tell you where you’re lacking in page speed and show you how to correct it.

Now once you have taken care of that then go to google and search for the Google mobile-friendly test, now this is important as over half of your traffic is on mobile today so if your site is not mobile-friendly your going to lose out on a lot of traffic, so get this done now instead of later as your competition will be ahead of you.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is something you have got to get done on your site and the reason this is very important is with an SSL Certificate added to your site you’re telling your visitors that your site is secure and their private information is secure with your site and they have no worries about their private information being hacked or stolen from your site.

Most hosting providers will offer you at a price to have an SSL Certificate added to your site, some hosting providers offer this service at a yearly fee of $99.00 a year and others offer it for free depending on what kind of hosting package you take for your site, so ask the question before you set up your hosting if they offer it free or a fee.

Setting up an SSL Certificate is a must to get done as a lot of the major search engines won’t list your site or index your site if your site doesn’t have an SSL Certificate.

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