Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing can be achieved by creating your own website and using social media like Facebook, YouTube Videos, and Google to maximize your affiliate opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Can be achieved by creating your own website, and using social media like Facebook, YouTube Videos, and Google to maximize your affiliate opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Well, you find a product or service that you have a passion for and signup as an affiliate with that company to offer their products and services to your friends, family, and visitors you can get with the listed steps below that I will show you on tips for Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook YouTube Google And Social Media 6 Steps.

Now finding a product to promote in the affiliate marketing niche is something you just don’t’ want to promote randomly, find a product and service that you are proud to promote and have a passion for that product or service.

If you don’t know anything about the product or service or you don’t have a passion for the product or service how are you going to promote that product or service well to others if you show a lack of understanding or experience with it?

The Next step in finding that product and service once you have found or you have already known well about that product or service you are going to promote and give it your all, make sure you do a background check on the company you’re going to want to offer their products and services to others as your also building your own unique brand with your new and current customers, what I mean by this is, be known for that person as the Health and Nutrition Person or The Mentorship Person these are just examples.

Ok, now you got your niche or may I say the product and service you’re going to want to promote full time or part-time.

Now you signup with them and you’ll get a referral link or links to promote to friends and family and most times your very own website as well.

Most of these companies will pay you a commission on every sale you generate directly and can be anywhere from 5 percent to as high as 75 percent of the sale, personally I wouldn’t be involved with an affiliate marketing business that is not paying me at least 20 percent of the direct sale that I generated myself but that’s my opinion.

Some companies also let you generate a commission from other affiliates that you recruit under you as affiliates and you will earn a small commission from all of those affiliates and their affiliates but let me stress this is a form of Network Marketing or MLM, not so much of affiliate marketing as to this post.

The nice thing about Affiliate Marketing opportunities is you have the chance in time to work for yourself and not have to go do a regular job from day to day if you don’t want to, doing affiliate marketing programs give you the option of earning a passive income online and off.

Now on to the next step of this topic of Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook YouTube Google And Social Media 6 Steps.


The website is a must if you really want to take full benefit of offering all your affiliate marketing programs and offers to your new and current customers and visitors to be aware of what you’re promoting in the affiliate marketing niche.

Like I said above when you join any affiliate marketing program, they will give you a referral link to promote, but this limits you to the real full potential of what you can really do if you have your own website if they don’t provide you with one that you have full control over, so I’m going to list below the real benefits of having your own website of taking your new affiliate marketing business to the next level.

If you don’t already have a website setup I recommend Name Cheap or Godaddy for getting the best online domain and web hosting.

Read my latest blog post on 17 Tips On How To Market My Business Online For Free and you will see the layout of knowing how to proceed with a website structure of design, plugins, and SEO to get you started.


Using Facebook to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing offers to new and current customers and letting them know about your presence online is a huge benefit in gaining lots of traffic and viewers by using Facebook to get traffic.

  • Create a Facebook Business Page or Fan Page
  • Signup for Groups in your Niche
  • Use the marketplace on Facebook
  • Use Facebook Ads
  • Post often on your Facebook page every day

I will get into great detail with the above steps below in greater detail on each of the steps to get you going correctly on doing the Facebook marketing model that you can use, but again I don’t work for Facebook this is something that I have tried and got some luck with doing it.

Creating a Facebook business page or fan page is the first step in marketing your offers online with Facebook and you could have great success with it if you follow my lead in doing it the way I have done.

Once you are done creating your Facebook business page or fan page start with posting the products and services you are promoting with your affiliate marketing offers and sharing the latest trends in the niche you are in on your page.

Now once you have the design of the page done, start creating a post every day on your page even better yet create at least 3 posts a day on your page and make them at different times for the postings, you can do this by scheduling every post at different times that gets posted automatically, you will see this option once you make a post that you can choose a date and time to make the post-go-live.

Signup for Facebook groups in the market you’re trying to promote, so for example, if you’re into network marketing do a search in network marketing at the top of Facebook and type in that keyword then groups, and then start joining the groups.

Once you have been given access that you have joined that group then start off with telling others in those groups that you have a product or service that can benefit them greatly and would love to show those interested how they can see your offers, just don’t spam the groups right away or even later on down the road with the intent of getting people to your offers without doing it professionally.

Some of the moderators of those groups will kick you out of them if you don’t go about it correctly.

The marketplace on Facebook is another great place to list things that you are offering to new and current customers to your products and services.

On the left-hand side of your Facebook page sorry personal Facebook page you will see the Icon or text that says Market Place, click on that and start posting things in the marketplace for others in your area to see or nationally on Facebook, I know you will get people interested in asking all about what you have to offer.

Facebook ads are paid ads that you can utilize in gaining a lot of traffic to your offers on Facebook using Facebook ads.

You start with creating a Facebook ad campaign and you create your ad in the target niche that you want to promote too, on the top right-hand side of your Facebook page you will see the option with a drop-down menu beside the icon with the Question Mark icon, click on the drop-down arrow and you will see Advertising on Facebook or Create An Ad, that’s what it’s saying now at the time of this posting, so it could change some.

My main tip here in creating a Facebook ad, start off small with a budget like $5.00 a day and stick with it for at least 1 week and see how it’s doing like impressions and clicks for the ad, don’t ever go into your ad settings and change the ad all the time like every hour of the day for example as it takes time for the algorithm on Facebook to optimize the ad in giving you the right audience so stick with the 1-week plan.

You can set up another ad if you like and have 2 going at the same time, but again when you create them keep them going for at least 1 week to see the results then you can check them and delete the one that is not doing well and create another one and let them run for another week, and so and so on.

Posting on your Facebook page at least every day is a must and here’s why, when you post on your Facebook page everyday Facebook knows that you’re staying active with your page and they know that you bring them traffic as well, and Facebook is all about getting traffic as it gives them more viewers to what they are offering all the time, so the more active you are on Facebook the more Facebook will give you more notice to your page and offers in return trust me this does work as Facebook is in the business to really market offers to make their money.


YouTube is another powerhouse to use in getting people to visit your affiliate marketing products and services to gain a lot of traffic for people to view your products and services your offering.

If you don’t mind creating videos to market your affiliate marketing programs to others then this is just what you need to do create a YouTube channel to start promoting your products and services.

Once you are comfortable creating videos on YouTube you will be amazed how many subscribers you can get to your channel to see your products and services your offering to the YouTube viewers who join your channel, if done right and professionally who knows you can get hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

YouTube also has a place to use their service and setup Paid Ads on their site as well, so if you are comfortable with the video’s that you have created and want to kick it up one more notch then create paid ads on YouTube so they can show your video’s to the market you’re wanting to advertise too.

Also, do remember this YouTube is now the 2 largest search engine in the world from this time of writing, and YouTube is now owned by Google, so creating videos on YouTube and pointing links from your Facebook page to your videos on YouTube and doing the same from YouTube and pointing back to Facebook with your links will benefit you greatly in search engine rankings as well, so if you can get this done by all means make this a part of your online marketing efforts of having YouTube and Facebook working better for you.


Google is the other powerhouse in any online marketing that you want to showcase your affiliate marketing products and services online as google is the mega-giant in online searches and is the largest and biggest search engine on the planet.

Advertising with Google is a way you can reach out to people online in the masses fast, they have a program called Google Adwords, where you setup up an advertising campaign and you can literally reach other people by the thousands or millions who use the google search engine to see your products and services when people type in a certain keyword that you used to be found with Google Adwords.

How it works is when you create a Google Adwords campaign, they will have you set up your ad or campaign you want to use for your product or service and when you type in a certain keyword phrase you pay Google Adwords so much money for every click you received on your ad.

So, for example, you are selling a product in the network marketing niche, now when you have created your ad campaign google will ask you for some keywords you want to use for that ad campaign, so you use the keyword Network Marketing, so when someone type in that keyword Network Marketing and you have given the option to be placed on that keyword to appear on the search pages on google if you placed a bid for that keyword say 0.20 cents per click you may be found on the search 5th or 7th place down on the paid ads search, could be 1st place depends on how the prices are at that time.

Now the real power of Google with their Google Adwords is, if your visiting a website, for example, now this is just an example let’s say you are visiting a business website that is talking about financial trending stuff, you will have noticed on these websites many others ads on them displaying ads that are part of the Google AdWords program, so its a possibility the ad that you have created will be shown on thousands of other websites around the globe depending on the countries you have selected, and the bid that you placed on your keywords for your ads to be shown.

Setting up an ad campaign on Google Adwords is almost the same as I listed above.

When it comes to a budget and length of time to test out your ads, so try it like I said at a budget of $5.00 a day for 7 days, and set up two ads or 3 ads if you have the budget to do so then try and see what works, again don’t change the ads until you see your results after 7 days and then edit them and delete the ones that are not working.

The main focus here when trying out different ads is what works and what doesn’t, it all comes down to testing and testing as it will take time as nothing works overnight until you test and test.

Social Media

Social media is the new norm when it comes to advertising online if you want to reach the masses and really make the brand you are promoting really gain a lot of traffic every day.

You have got to jump onto social media whether you like it or not, as I can assure you that your competition is doing it right now day after day.

For those of you who are new to Social Media, there are platforms to use in another form of socializing on the internet, instead of going to your local coffee shop as we used to do it in the old days to tell friends and family about what you’re doing we do it online now with social media and you can reach the masses doing it.

Social Media to just name a few are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and google plus to just name some of those platforms of social media, the list goes on but I just thought to tell you about the main ones everyone is using right now.

If you haven’t set up any of these accounts on Social Media I would get to do so right now if you have the time, not tomorrow, or next week right now if you have an hour or so to do it.

If I was to start with one of these Social Media accounts to start with I would go ahead and set up a Pinterest account, the reason, why you may ask, with Pinterest most of the traffic on there, is really looking at researching something to buy and use as most of the people on there using it as a platform to see what everyone else is using on there.

Some of the other Social Media account listed above will gain you sale and followers but it will take time and won’t happen overnight if done right and professionally you will find that doing the Social Media stuff online is an awesome way to gain a lot of traffic for free and if you have the budget try the paid ways of earning you traffic to your products and services in affiliate marketing.

Again if you like this blog post and find it useful share it with others also check out my last blog post How To Start A Network Marketing Business 5 Easy Steps and you will gain some valuable insight there as well.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post on Make Money Affiliate Marketing

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