Is Network Marketing Good

Is Network Marketing Good

With the ever-growing needs, creating and sustaining a sustainable network marketing business has never been this easy. Network marketing is good and it does work, but you must do it in the right way.

While the industry is lucrative for some people, network marketing is not for everyone.

You have probably heard about network marketing and are now wondering, “is network marketing good?”

In the contemporary world, anyone can become a network marketer, leverage various strategies to reach thousands of people, and eventually become a millionaire from the comfort of their home.

Well, you need financial freedom or just need flexibility.

So, what can you do to achieve the freedom to travel the world as you make money?

Establishing a home business gives an excellent way to make money while allowing you to plan for your time as you wish.

While there are various people who have succeeded very fast in being affiliate marketers, curious newbies will always want to know if network marketing is really beneficial.

Network marketing is a smart and legitimate business model. If you are considering joining network marketing, you have come to the right place.

How to be good at network marketing

With network marketing, you can be really good at doing any network marketing business as long as you follow the process of wanting to learn, have a desire to learn, create an action plan to follow, and set up goals to achieve on a weekly or monthly basis.

In this post, you will learn more about network marketing to help you determine whether it is good for you or not.

Before we explore if network marketing is good, let’s understand what it is and what it is not.

  • What is network marketing, and is it a promising career

At its core, network marketing is a business model where you sell a company’s products directly to customers.

For you to build a network marketing business quickly, you need to grow a team to help you generate leads.

When joining network marketing, your uplines may tell you to do network marketing full-time so you can commit all your time and efforts to the business.

Upon familiarizing yourself with the model, you will be left wondering and asking questions like; is network marketing good?

Is it worth the effort and time working full-time?

Is network marketing not a pyramid scheme?

While most people who join network marketing fail, it doesn’t mean that it is a dreadful career.

You can make a fortune through a network marketing business.

However, like any other business, you will need the knowledge and skills plus, of course, dedication to achieving your goals.

Before joining, always remember the existence of pyramid schemes, which prey upon the unsuspecting.

Network marketing is a promising career, but it is not good for everyone.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned network marketer, NEVER subscribe for uplines telling you to leave your job to do network marketing full-time.

Even if people on the stage are making a living out of network marketing, quitting your job to take network marketing for a full-time job might be your worst decision.

Like any other business, it takes time for a network marketing business to grow.

If you are in a job or running a stable business, you can join network marketing as a side hustle, hoping you will succeed.

After a few months or years, you can then make a decision.

  • What is good about network marketing

Network marketing is an attractive business model that allows you to make money selling products of a company directly to customers.

Because of how it operates, there is some stigma that network marketing is a pyramid scheme – the person in the top tier (uplines) can indeed make an impressive amount through the efforts of tiers below them (downlines).

However, anyone with good sales skills can find network marketing lucrative.

The good thing about network marketing is that once you get it going, you can make money doing literally nothing. But, it is demanding that you can imagine getting there.

Another exciting part of network marketing is that you get a chance to meet and surround yourself with cool people. Indeed, this is the recipe to succeed as a network marketer.

Some will willingly help you, making you successful. This is because the success of a network marketing business relies heavily on the number of persons within the network.

I cannot judge whether this is good or bad, but it is true:

They say you have to join network marketing early to make things happen.

If you’re in a legitimate network marketing business, you will, of course, make money at any level, but uplines will make huge money to sponsor their monthly bills effortlessly.

Network marketing will be good and work for you best if you are among the “early birds.”

Tiers at lower levels will make money, but most of them will not create a vast network.

Considering that network marketing success is tied to a massive network, the model will not work for all participants.

In network marketing, the truth is that you will likely have the most challenging time making money if you’re not at the top.

  • What is terrible about network marketing

The ever worst thing about network marketing is how it is presented to prospects. It is so unfortunate that most network marketers use hypes to lure new recruits.

Network Marketing is presented as a get-rich-quick scheme, while in reality, it is NOT.

So, it is no surprise that network marketing shares the same ethical issues as illegal pyramid schemes.

Top tiers will likely talk about accumulating wealth beyond your wildest dreams, which makes it a marketing fairy tale.

Most network marketing businesses are hot until the hype dies out, and that is when people start to quit.

It feels so bad that most participants in the network marketing business tend to forget they are selling products, not the opportunity.

They end up losing their focus to money and recruiting instead of selling products to generate income. You don’t need to be told what happens when nobody cares about the products.

Most network marketers hate hearing this, but … if you are considering joining network marketing and you’re not popular enough so people would start joining you, you will never make money.


Network Marketing is good for what it is.

Building a massive network is the real deal, which is never easy.

While you can make a lot of money through network marketing, it will always be the fruit of dedicated efforts in building a network to help you make more sales.

Before joining any network marketing programs, make sure to evaluate the company to ensure it is not a pyramid scheme.

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