Is Affiliate Marketing Legit

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit

A lot of misconceptions surround affiliate marketing that requires to be cleared up. Affiliate marketing refers to a performance-based marketing program whereby an outside partner earns a commission by delivering specific feedback to an advertiser or merchant.

This kind of result is, in most cases, a confirmed sale.

However, this result can also be a new newsletter subscriber, a new free trial user, or a completed lead form.

The first affiliate program emerged in 1994, which was amazon’s associate’s program.

The amazon program remains the longest-running program still and as a model for others to imitate.

Just like as e-commerce has developed over the years, the affiliate space has as well tremendously grown.

The growth has made it possible for it to be incorporated into the marketing strategy for the top fortune 500 firms such as Target, Macy’s, and Apple.

Although affiliate marketing is a source of income and traffic, it has always plagued a lousy reputation from the past.

Is affiliate marketing worth it

Yes affiliate marketing is well worth it, but it just doesn’t make you rich over night you are going to be required to do some work on your part and if you do then yes affiliate marketing is well worth it.

Is affiliate marketing hard

No, this is something that is actually not that hard at all for you to learn and do, if you are willing to do the work, learn from others and ask them the question how they are doing well with affiliate marketing then you will be on your way to making affiliate marketing rewarding and very enjoyable.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit
Challenges Of Old School Affiliate Marketing
How Affiliate Marketing Programs Work
Types Of Affiliate Marketers In The Industry Now
How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit

If you’ve been keen on the internet, then you have seen people calling themselves affiliate marketers looking for prospects.

The real issue is that the masses have a bad view of this kind of marketing and often call it a scam.

Perhaps, they have their reasons for believing so. But the truth is that affiliate marketing is real and legit, and you can make real money from the program.

The program can have high value because those who do the business make it and have a great and rewarding time doing so.

Despite the common myth about affiliate marketing as fraud and low-value traffic, it remains one of the best marketing strategies for those newcomers and those fortune 500 companies to expand their marketing reach.

Challenges Of Old School Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is it worth it you may ask well if it provides an opportunity for companies to grow their reach to audiences and acquire new prospects via partnerships.

Even if the marketing has proven itself as a viable buyer acquisition channel, it is still up to date, surrounded by doubting individuals who have viewed it as a dirty word.

This is also maybe because of its darker history.

The traditional referral programs went through fraud and pain because of the famousness of the black hat approaches like typosquatting, black hat SEO, spam, cookie stuffing, link farms, spyware, brand hijacking, and trademark infringement.

The latter fraud sounds scary. Of course, it is, and that is why perhaps, people associate it with deception and wrong.

Laws restricted the only better-performing referrals to deal sites and coupons, general business development referrals, and some content sites.

Most brands could not determine if their affiliate traffic was lifting sales or merely milking the brand’s marketing expenditure.

Is affiliate marketing easy as referral programs still go through similar problems, though today’s recent affiliate programs provide more value than before.

How Affiliate Marketing Programs Work

What is affiliate marketing as technology advancements have significantly matured and improved the affiliate marketing sector over the past decade.

Affiliate marketing for beginners the global population of affiliates has substantially increased due to the rise of social medium marketing and self-publishing tools.

Additionally, campaign tracking tools have become more robust, giving rise to better decision-making besides supporting a wider variety of promotional methods.

Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2021 besides that, it is now easy to track the affiliates by coupon codes, cookie cache usually for 30 days as you the referral, by store purchases made by online referrals, by phone across several gadgets, and pay the prospects by multiple inbound affiliate sources.

Transparency is now the driving force behind white hat affiliate practices.

There are endless services, subscriptions, and products to advertise across all platforms.

Types Of Affiliate Marketers In The Industry Now

In the current digital landscape, affiliate markets are vibrant and diverse.

The affiliate marketers include

  • Networks
  • Media Sites
  • General Content

These are larger media organizations with several websites, some of which have millions of visitors per month.

  • Niche Topic Sites
  • Review and Comparison Sites

These websites compare a line of commodities against competitors or review products for a particular audience type.

For instance, you can have a baby blog that reaches all of the famous brand strollers, a lifestyle site that compares and contrasts organic makeup products, or a merchandise blog for reviewing SEO tools.

The platforms will check commodities ad forward the message via social media, detailed comparison charts, videos, and blog posts.

  • Solution and apps type partners

These types of partners are strategic partnerships where services and or products are advertised in front of a relevant audience via an app partner.

This can be a shopping app that helps customers find the best price for a specific clothe or a beauty app that comprises a particular brand of makeup that allows users to make virtually using color stitches and their live image.

  • Social media mavens and bloggers

Bloggers are general but provide an organic introduction of their favorite products to their audience.

Besides, they can be the niche and talk about the items they cherish and resonate strongly with their followers, for instance, cooking blogs, yoga sites, or a website about how to jog.

  • Authors
  • High Profile Leaders
  • Influencers

Influencers have a substantial audience but are still determined to expand it further, a characteristic that makes them ideal for affiliate programs.

So, they promote other people’s products and earn a commission in turn.

  • WorkShops
  • Live Events

IRL events are embracing strategic referral partnership offers and even incorporating them into their courses, live presentations, and workshops.

  • Paid promoting affiliates

These affiliates utilize paid promotional traffic in contextual ads, medial social channels, or PPC ads for affiliate programs that permit it.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliates or an Affiliate Marketer requires discipline, dedication, and commitment, just like entrepreneurship. Here are tips to help succeed at affiliate marketing.

  • Come up with a marketing strategy
  • Be authentic about yourself
  • Develop and grow a brand
  • Create transparent relationships
  • Communicate with affiliate managers
  • Be creative


Affiliate Marketing is a real and legit business despite its shadier history.

The stuff is not associated with the scams and black hat methods it used to be associated with in the past and companies are now investing a lot of money to make sure their affiliate programs are legit and run legally.

It is valuable and has a lucrative and bright future for any affiliate marketer and if done properly you the affiliate marketer can turn affiliate marketing into a full-time thing for you.

However, the experience is the best teacher, so do not rely on what people say; dive in and try it yourself.

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