Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering

Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering

Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering. I have a list of 9 steps you can use in preparing for success in Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering.

1. Website
2. Blog
3. SEO
4. Video Content
5. Email Marketing
6. Social Media
7. Pay Per Click Advertising
8. Classified Advertising
9. Yellow Pages

1. Website

Website Under Construction

This is the norm for any business to succeed online today and even offline as well in that matter of Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering.

Not having a website is like working back in the early days of when the world had no internet, every business today needs to have a website of some kind in order to be successful if you don’t you’re going to get eaten up by your competition very fast.

If you want to even come close to making it online with an Insurance Company to offer your clients your services, you need a website.

Now depending on how much of an online presence you want or need is up to you, if your an agent working for another big company they probably have a website to offer you so you can link to there’s to offer your services to your clients.

If you want your very own website to market your insurance products and services to your clients, here’s what to do.

Setup your’re hosting if you haven’t already done so with a domain provider, like NameCheap or Godaddy to name a couple, I like both myself.

Now once you setup your hosting pick a really good domain name and try to make it simple or short for the name so people can remember it easier if you can.

Once you have that done, make sure your website is bright, fast, secure, and mobile-friendly as well.

The three major ones below are.

Fast make sure your website loads fast when people visit, you can check this with any online service who offers website load check times, google has one of the best ones.

Secure this is another major one in setting up with an SSL certificate, when you’re setting up your hosting most providers will sell you an SSL certificate to make your site secure, and most search engines today won’t list your site unless it has an SSL certificate.

Mobile-Friendly this is another thing to make sure you have set up on your site, as there’s over 45 percent of all traffic to any website now is from mobile and climbing faster and faster every day, so when you have your site setup make sure it’s mobile-friendly.

Always update your site with new content, just don’t create a website and 3 or 6 months later have it looking the same over and over again, what I mean here is, always offer new rates or services that you are always offering clients to keep your content fresh and up to date.

Keeping your content fresh and up to date all the time as this will tell your visitors that you are active with the site all the time.

If you have social media accounts set up already or plan on doing that, link those accounts to your website on the front page as well, and again this will also help your search engine rankings for your insurance website, and again this is a major key also in Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering.

2. Blog


If you can add a blog page to your website, by all means, get this done as another factor in Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering.

Blogs are another tool for getting traffic to your site and gaining authority by doing this.

Blog pages can get you a ton of traffic if you follow the rules correctly, it will start off slow at first but over time you can achieve great results with blogs, I will list below on why they do.

If you can add a blog to your website, I would suggest you write a blog post at least every week, if you can write more than once a week, by all means, do this.

Blogs are a great way of gaining traffic as a lot of people will link to your blog if they like what they are reading, and over time you can have thousands of links pointing back to your blog and giving you free traffic, it’s slow at first but over time is rewarding.

Now the more links you have to point back to your blog, the more search engines will list you in the better ranking, as it’s telling the search engines those sites have trust in you and the search engines will reward you with more traffic in return.

Blogs also offer your clients or viewers a place to come and read about what you have, and this will keep them on your site longer and over time they build trust with you and eventually will want to buy from you.

If you decide to add a blog to your website, just make sure you’re talking about topics about what your selling, you’re in the insurance business so make sure your blog is about insurance needs and wants.

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3. SEO


Search Engine Optimization, now this one is a little tricky if you decide to go at this one alone.

I’m going, to be honest here, if you have no experience with search engine optimization you should hire the real professionals on this one, you can find lots of these services online just be careful who and what company your hiring to do it for you, as some will promise you great results and you will be disappointed.

Now if your good at doing SEO or just a beginner and want to throw in your hat and give search engine optimization ago, I will list some of the things that can help you along.

  1. Title Tags and Meta Tags.
  2. Quality Content.
  3. Your website needs to be fast.
  4. It needs to be mobile-friendly.
  5. Needs to be a secure SSL certificate.
  6. You need Social Signals, for example, Facebook and twitter accounts linking to your site.
  7. Quality Backlinks.
  8. Optimized Images.

If it was me first starting out, I would concentrate on making the site secure and getting my title tags, meta tags and keyword tags have done first, then get as much content on my blog pages as possible, but make sure again its related content to your site for the blog posts.

4. Video Content

Video Content

If you can do this one, I would strongly recommend you do video content marketing, with services like Youtube, as this is free to set up with them.

Doing video content marketing with YouTube is a massive way to get traffic to your website to offer clients and new clients their insurance needs that they are looking for.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, so doing this type of advertising by setting up a YouTube channel will gain you lots of traffic over time as your traffic is coming from the second largest search engine in the world, and this will get you better rankings with Google as well.

I would recommend at least two or three videos a week if you choose this route, just keep is fresh and up to date with content and you will over time get a lot of traffic with YouTube and Google rankings.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get your offers out there to your clients on offering them new and updated insurance policies.

Try adding a link on your website, or a submission form where your clients and visitors can add their name and email address so you can reach out to them on new rates and offers with your insurance business.

If you’re not sending out updates or offers to your present or new clients, I can assure you someone else is doing this for their business.

There are also companies on the internet that specialize in sending out offers to people in your insurance market looking for new rates or better deals, as they have a list of people that who sign up for any offers to get emails from you in your town or city that they can advertise for you on a daily or weekly basis. This is called paid solo email ads.

If you decide to take this route on your marketing efforts, it will take time to capture names and email addresses to sending offers out on a daily or weekly basis, but in the long run its worth it and it also tells your email list your activities in the market, as most times it takes 5 emails before you get a buyer.

The next step below for ways of Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering.

6. Social Media

Social Media

Social media is a big part of the market now for getting your clients and new clients to buy from you and be a repeat customer.

You’re not going to get a ton of sales right away from using social media as the main reason to use social media is to build a presence and a brand for others to build trust with you and a following.

Once you build trust and a following with your social media accounts, you’ll be singing all the way to the bank with sales, but this type of marketing will take time to build up.

You can also buy paid ads with social media, this is a way to fast track to sales or building up that brand and presence but also you might now get sales right away, but you will gain followers and visitors to your site to help you along in your marketing efforts for your insurance business.

Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering 2

7. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click adverting is a great way to advertise your business locally or internationally if you have the budget to do so.

You can start a Pay Per Click advertising campaign with Google, Yahoo, and Bing from $5.00 a day up to Hundreds of dollars a day.

The best way I would start with this form of advertising is to start off small first. Try setting up a campaign for $5.00 a day and test it out over a 7 day period, or even set up two or three different campaign’s with different title tags, description tags, and keyword tags and see which one has the best click and hits from it, then you can concentrate on what works and what doesn’t.

The thing about Pay Per Click advertising, you are always testing and testing to see what works and what gives you the best traffic for the tags you are using for your campaigns.

8. Classified Advertising

Classified Advertising

Classified advertising is a great way in your local community to let others know about your insurance business and your offers.

If you have online classified sites in your area, I would highly recommend you to create some ads on those sites as they are free to use and possibly get some new customers from those sites, and it didn’t cost you a dime.

A lot of those classified sites today have a pay to be on top of the searches for the category that you have chosen, so your ad will be shown on top of the listings or come up first in the searches with the keywords you have submitted with them when you created the classified ad.

The nice thing about classified advertising is your showing the community in your area about your business, and its also another way to have a link pointing back to your website as well, so don’t forget to post the link to your website in the classified ad.

If your insurance business is more of a national business and not just locally, try to use all the services online for classified ad sites and submit your listing with them as well.

Now the last step below in Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering is an old way of advertising your ways of doing business for Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering and should not be ignored.

9. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages

Now your probably asking Yellow Pages, yes Yellow Pages are a big way to get traffic online these days, as there are lots of sites now that have a place to list your site in their Yellow Page sections.

If you do a search on any search engine about Yellow Page Listings you will be surprised at how many places you can list your business locally and nationally in their Yellow Pages listings.

Another example of this, Google has a place to list your business locally in your community to list your business in their search section to let others know about your business, you can also do a paid advertising spot to be listed first in your area when people search for insurance needs that you are offering current and new clients.

In closing about this article on “How To Market Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering”, here’s my advice on whichever you go ahead and do.

Pick a step from above 1 or 2 steps and work them every day if you can, and you will see some great traffic and conversions over time for people too want to deal with you and buy your offers in the insurance business.

Once you master and feel comfortable with those steps, then take on another of those steps above and master those and before you know it you will have a great feeling of accomplishment of what you have done with your marketing efforts On or Off-Line.

For those of you who don’t have time to do it yourself or fear the thoughts of doing some of the steps above, then hire someone professional to do some of the steps above to get your marketing done for your insurance business to gain new clients and also having a presence of keeping your previous clients.

In today’s online world you have to adapt to some of those steps above, and the reason why is, if you’re not doing it your competition is doing it right now as we speak.

I hope you enjoyed this article, Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering and I hope to see you come back again for my next Article.

My advice to you no matter what insurance business or brand you are offering to your current and new clients is always open to questions and always follow up with them on a timely basis and listen more to the customer’s needs and wants.

Your in a business of trying to make sure people have someone to call upon if something happens in a time of need. Doing so at those times when they really rely on you the most will get you major referrals for years to come in this business.

To my fellow readers, happy reading and blogging, and again have great success for Insurance Marketing Ideas For 2020 No Matter What Insurance Your Offering.

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