How To Succeed In Multi-Level Marketing

How To Succeed In Multi-Level Marketing

How To Succeed In Multi-Level Marketing and to really succeed in it is something you will have to learn and get comfortable at being a great leader, a great sponsor, a master at duplication, a team builder, and be great at showing others how to duplicate the process to succeed with Multi-Level Marketing.

Here are the steps required to succeed in any How To Succeed In Multi-Level Marketing business that I think you should follow to really succeed in doing so.

  1. How To Succeed In Multi-Level Marketing

    Be A Great Leader
    Be A Great Sponsor
    Master The Duplication Process
    Be A Team Builder
    Be Great At Showing Others How-To Duplicate
    Know Your Target Market
    Set Goals Everyday
    Don’t Be Afraid Of Following Up

Be a Great Leader

So you can excel in your multi-level marketing business is something you should really work at doing to succeed in any multi-level marketing business.

Doing so can really explode your multi-level marketing business and reaching those goals faster than you would have thought of.

To be a good multi-level marketing leader you should learn or get to learn the process of knowing the list below.

  1. Learn what the leaders above you are doing and duplicate their actions to help you
  2. Learn as much about the products and services you are going to show others and be very professional at explaining to them
  3. Speak with authority and with the sound of letting others feel this a person of trust and confidence
  4. Show others that the content or services you are teaching them that will benefit them now and into the future
  5. Get out there and do a live presentation every week or do as many as you can in a week
  6. Give results to your followers and let them know they can achieve great results as well

Whatever multi-level marketing business you’re doing makes it a goal to be a great leader and it will pay off with great satisfaction.

Being a Great Sponsor

Is something you have got to get comfortable with so you can show others the process of doing it themselves in the right direction you have shown them.

Being a great sponsor in your multi-level marketing business doesn’t mean he or she is going to babysit you the whole time in your business.

Here are the traits of a great sponsor.

  • Being there for you when you need help
  • Teaching you everything you need to know about your business
  • Showing your product info
  • Letting you know about webinars to attend or zoom meetings
  • Reaching out to you when corporate has an update for the whole team
  • Understanding how to duplicate the business
  • Guiding you along the way until you get comfortable with the business
  • Your sponsor should be there for you only until you can proceed without him or her

With any multi-level marketing business, the old true saying is you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Being a great sponsor is always something that people love to achieve so they can have great success in their multi-level marketing business.

Planning for presentations to your group is something you should do as a sponsor.

Always let them know about everything you can or at least have them stay plugged into the ways of finding out from corporate what is happening on a daily or weekly basis.

Master The Duplication Process

Is something you have got to learn in order to have great success for any business.

When you become comfortable yourself in your multi-level marketing business then it’s time to really show your skills and shows others how to do the same thing you are doing for success.

If you have no problems with speaking to others whether it be in a small group or in large ones you should be able to show them it’s easy doing the business.

In order for you to be successful in any multi-level marketing business, you need to show others how to duplicate the process in order to achieve passive income over and over again.

Once you yourself have sponsored about 5 to 10 people this is what I would do to have your team duplicate the process as well.

  • Get your team on a zoom call or Facebook live stream or in-person if that is the case
  • Show your team what worked for you and what is working from your sponsored above you
  • Get them to contact their warm market list of 100 people in the next 90 days
  • 90 days for 100 people that’s on average 1 person a day to talk too
  • Have them to at least sponsor 20 of those 100 people they talked too
  • Out of those 20 at least they should have got 5 that became paid members
  • Now work with those 5 members and teach them the same power of duplication

If you can just stick to that list above you will have no worries about the power of duplication and just follow those steps to success in your multi-level marketing business.

Be A Team Builder

This is another one of those aspects of the business to succeed well in any multi-level marketing business.


If you are going to take on this role of being a team builder here’s what I would look for in a team builder joining my team.

  • Knowing how to take action with the goals and progress with a well-documented plan
  • Learn everything you can to be a team builder to share with your whole team
  • Making sure you let the whole team below you the opportunity they have with the business
  • Let your team understand and learn as much as they can about the business
  • Show your team and share with them success tips that were shared with you
  • Making sure your team is aware of all the tools and materials they need to succeed
  • Don’t be afraid to lead the pack
  • Knowing who in your team will be great team builders as well is key

To be a team builder just remember to always be helpful to your team when you can.

Be there for them when they need help when calling you to ask for advice or just answer an email.

Always do follow-ups when you can but do remember to have a life as well.

If you have the ability to distribute the material to them quick enough with a well-executed plan and a system for follow up you will have great success.

When you create a large team and you want to be a team builder remember that knowing who else can be a team builder is another way to excel your and their business in no time flat.

Be Great At Showing Others How To Duplicate the process of a great multi-level marketing business for months and years to come in your passive income quests.

In order to be a real success in any multi-level marketing business, you have got to show others how to duplicate the process like I talked about above but let me try to give you some major points to focus on here.

No one person is the same so you have got to be able to discover how your personally sponsored members are feeling about how they can share this opportunity like you do and be comfortable.

If you want to show them how to duplicate then this is how to first walk them in the first step of doing so.

When they are ready to present the business to someone else have them call you to present it for them the first couple of times.

Tell your sponsored members to don’t worry about them signing anyone up as they can tell their sponsored members that they have a partner that can explain the whole process for them.

In order to duplicate a system for new members, they have got to tell their future sponsored members that they have a partner that will help them understand things a whole lot better and get questions answered for them.

Now after about 3 to 5 times of doing a three-way call with their personally sponsored member this gives your sponsored member the chance of listening to how you explain the business and I’m sure they are taking notes.

When they are listening to you they will also get more comfortable on how to present it themselves when the time comes.

Now, let’s say they get past the part of presenting it themselves without being nervous.

So the next couple of times be there with them or over the phone and just let them handle the process and if they make a couple of mistakes let them politely know and correct the process with them.

The main thing here is no one knows how to do the business from day one just like you didn’t so give them time to mature in the presenting process and before you know it they will feel comfortable doing it themselves.

For the first little while just make sure they are not required to do it exactly how you do it like I said above no two people are the same but when they listen to you I’m sure they will catch on.

Share Your Multi-Level Marketing Business Every Day

This is another step to making sure you succeed with your marketing business.

There is plenty of ways that you can share your multi-level marketing business every day and I will outline for you below just how you can go about doing just that.

  • Blogging is a really great way of sharing your business over time it won’t come overnight but it will gain a lot of traffic if you can write awesome blog content
  • Social Media is another great way of sharing your business with others so get on them and get your profiles created if you’re not already doing so
  • Go over your warm list and cold list so you can contact others about your business
  • Set up meetings with others on a daily basis if you can to promote your multi-level marketing business
  • Share Photos of your products and services every day if you can
  • Use Classified sites for local promotion or global promotion
  • Sponsoring new members at least once a week if you can so make a goal to do that as well
  • Have a followup system in place to reach out to others current and future customers and sponsored members

With sharing your multi-level marketing business every day I would treat it like this is your job and your business to succeed.

If you are in public don’t prejudge anyone who might be a customer or team member.

Have a mindset that everyone you deal with could be a perfect fit for your business.

Now that being said there is a time and place on how to present it to people when you’re in public as well.

If you really want to succeed in your business treat it as just that and let the world know as much as you can about the multi-level marketing business you are doing.

I also just released this post not too long ago How To Advertise A Network Marketing Business 10 Easy Steps and I hope you like it.

Learn How To Market Your Business

Is something that will take time but you will do just fine once you really get comfortable with your network marketing business.

When it comes down to learning how to market your business this is how you should go about doing it.

Learn everything you can first about all the products and services you are going to promote for your multi-level marketing business.

Take as much time as possible on knowing exactly what your business is all about.

When someone is talking to you about your business or products you have got to really know what you’re talking about so you look to them as a Professionally in your industry.

The next step I would begin to market your business is you have got to know what your target market is you are trying to capture in your business.

In any multi-level marketing business if you know who is a customer and who’s not interested then this will be half the battle of knowing how to market your business.

I would also start with your sponsor or upline above you and ask them what worked for them as they have already been in your shoes.

Reaching out to them will save you time to know how to market your business.

Set Goals

Is another key to making sure you succeed in any multi-level marketing business.

If you can plan your goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis this is another way to reach those goals and see the progress you are doing.

When you are setting goals this gives you a way to organize your day or week so you can take action for achieving those goals.

Setting goals in any multi-level marketing business will also help you with time management so you are knowing how to achieve the best results that are obtainable.

This also gives you the ability to know in the short term or long term of your business when you set goals.

If you are setting goals in your business this gives you the motivation of achieving the next step as you go along in your business.

Setting goals also give you the chance to really focus on the reason why you want to do this type of business, so you want to have a better life financially.

Do you want it for motivation to work on your own?

Do you want more family time to enjoy with loved ones?

The main reason to set goals is so it keeps you moving forward and stay focused on your business.

Know Your Target Market

I know I touch a little bit about this above but before I finish this post I have got to remind you again.

Knowing your target market is the make or break in any business or multi-level marketing business.

If you’re out there talking to people about for example how to advertise their business online and they are only interested in how to buy health products you not knowing your target market.

I would start by talking to your sponsored member above you or someone already in your business and asks them to show you some tips on knowing what helps them when they first started in the business.

I’m sure you will have no problem in identifying your target market so be sure about achieving how to do just that to get you going.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Follow Up

Is something you have got to be comfortable doing and here’s why.

Most network marketers will tell you that most of their businesses of getting sales for them and sponsoring others come with the follow-up.

Network Marketers who have mastered the follow-up sequence have done it with auto-responders or getting back to them within a couple of days of the first contact with them.

If you doing auto-responders, for example, email marketing you won’t make a sale or sponsor a paid member to your business until at least you sent them 5 emails or more the experts are saying.

For those of you who have got to physically talk to them in person or over the phone, it also can take a couple of times before the message gets through to them.

So practicing a good follow-up with your customers or new sponsored members is something that you have got to learn and not be afraid of doing if you want to succeed in any multi-level marketing business.

I hope that to see you come back for my next post and happy reading and blogging my fellow readers and bloggers.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post of How To Succeed In Multi-Level Marketing

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