How To Promote On Social Media

How To Promote On Social Media

It is needless to say that social media is the best approach you can use to connect to people who already know your brand and those who have not heard about it at all.

With social media, communication is two-way and businesses can interact with their customers and form working relationships.

Did you know that half of the world’s population use social media today?

With this kind of user base, social media becomes one great way you can reach a broad audience for your business, firm, or company.

If you wish to learn what social media promotion entails and how you can leverage it to publicize your products, this post is for you.

We have gathered tools, platforms, ideas, and best practices to help you make the most out of social media promotion in 2021 and beyond.

How can I promote on social media

Promoting on social media is actually just finding the right target market and creating your very own social media accounts to promote on, some social media platforms are to niche-targeted than others so make sure you know what market you’re trying to target.

Social Media Promotion Definition

Social media promotion is the use of social networks, platforms, and websites to publicize a product or service.

Promotion is one of the basic components of marketing.

Social media promotion includes all the activities done on the social space to make a product or service known and most importantly, sell.

This marketing component plays a crucial role in building a brand for a given company, firm, business or organization.

A working social media promotion strategy should respond to the constraints of the existing market and the needs of existing and new customers.

Effective social media promotion must maximally advertise the products the business is offering and ensure that the target audience understands why there are no other deals in the market that can beat what you offer.

A crucial aspect of social media promotion is communication and should start right when a social media marketing strategy is launched even after the products have been delivered to the buyers.

As mentioned above, social media allows this to happen two-ways meaning that even the customers can channel their insights, experiences, questions, and suggestions without so much hustle.

Benefits Of Running Your Promotions On Social Media

Besides the broad access to the target audience, here are the top reasons why social media channels are the best for the promotion of the product.

It takes less time to see the result- With social media, you can realize conversions and sales even in a day.

Unlike other strategies such as content marketing that will take longer to gain traction and significant results, social media, if done right, is capable of yielding an ROI in a very accelerated fashion.

The results are consistent – Consistency is the heart of marketing and there is no doubt that social media promotion wins in this.

With social media, you will get consistent results right from when your working strategies are launched.

It is relatively easy to work with social media- Unlike other advertising methods, it will take you less time and energy to be a master of social media advertisements.

Keep in mind that the easier it is to promote your products out there, the more time you will have to focus on other aspects of your business.

Many businesses have not yet taken social media marketing seriously – Although social media promotion has been around for a decent amount of time, many businesses have not yet tapped into it.

This means that if you put serious focus on it, your products will outshine your competitors hassle-free.

Best Social Media Platforms For Promotion

Today, there are many social media platforms available for marketers, and selecting the best one to cater to your promotion needs can be challenging.

To help you out in this, we have explored various social media platforms and found the following to be the best for business promotion:


As you may already know, Facebook is the largest social network of our time.

Currently, it hosts more than a quarter of the world’s total population and this only means one thing – you can reach literally anyone your business products are tailored to.

With Facebook, you will not only run highly effective ads but also interact with your customers once you’ve got their attention (you can, for example, use private groups where interested customers can join and interact with you).

This, coupled with its powerful analytics, clears all doubts that Facebook will remain the best platform for social media promotions.


Twitter is one platform that hosts new and engaged users every month.

With this, you are guaranteed of reaching a new audience each time you post compelling information about your products.

For Twitter to work for your business, you must master the art of compressing all your promotional information in a concise tweet without altering the primary meaning.

When this is done correctly, it will be easier for Twitter users to understand your promotional tweets’ intentions and respond accordingly.

Twitter is definitely a social media platform you will need to try out in case you want to expand your brand.


Instagram is the hub of the youthful audiences who, despite flooding this platform for entertainment, can buy products and services that they commonly consume.

Stunning photos of your products, short and quality videos explaining what you are offering, all supplemented by a small amount of text, is what will distinguish you from any other business using this social platform for promotional purposes.

If your promotional information targets a young audience, nothing will work for you better than Instagram.


LinkedIn is a modern social media site that has already revolutionized advertising and the careers field. Even with its relatively smaller user base, LinkedIn can help you show off your brand just like any other market leader.

This platform mainly hosts professionals that a firm offering professional services can capitalize on.

So if you want to promote any business-related content (easily done with a LinkedIn Business page) or expand your professional network, LinkedIn is the-go-for-platform.


If you have photos or infographics of your products, you can use this social network to promote them.

Pinterest has a wide variety of users who are constantly searching for impressive products in different niches.

You can tap into this audience by making unforgettable visual impressions with your business products’ photos and infographics.

For all your visual content promotion needs, you have Pinterest to rely on.

Also, since more than 85% of the audience on Pinterest is females, it would be more practical to promote products and services this section of the audience resonates well with.

Other Social Media Promotion Tools

Now that you know the most rewarding social media platforms you can use today, is it all you need to kick start your promotional campaigns? Keep reading to find out.

Promoting social media requires a handful of tools to help you create content, optimize it, post, and even monitor how the strategies you have put in place are performing.

Here are 6 crucial tools that you should have if you want to run successful and yield social media promotion:

Buffer – This is a publishing tool that helps you post your promotional information easily on social media networks.

Its engagement with Pablo makes this tool even better as it enables you to create impressive images that you can post to capture your audience’s attention.

Besides designing, publishing, and scheduling promotional content, you can also use Buffer to run quick analytics.

Hootsuite-With Hootsuite’s dashboard, you can connect over 35 social networks and manage them all at once. You can also use this tool to monitor keywords, hashtags, and mentions.

Mention – Mention is a social listening tool that helps you track mentions about your products and/or competitors in real-time.

You can interact with your target audience when on the same platform by replying to comments and responding to mentions. – Bitly is a powerful social media promotion tool for tracking clicks and referrals. With this tool, you will always be updated on how your target audience interacts with your promotional content.

Canva – This is the best tool for editing photos and creating stunning social media posts. Its drag and drop elements, including fonts and colors, are elementary to use hence excellent for novice designers.

Feedly – If you want to stay up to date with your niche’s trends, this is the tool to turn to. Its integration with other leading tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite makes social media promotions even more effortless.

Note that these are just example tools meant to show you how automation is crucial in social media marketing. You can use any other tool available to you and that works for your business promotional needs.

Social media promotion ideas

For you to clearly understand how to promote on social media in 2021 and beyond, we have gathered top social media promotion ideas that have been expertly proved to be working.

Let’s dive directly into them.

Pick the right platform-For your promotional content to reach your target group, you must choose and post the information on the right social media platform.

Follow the tips given on the best social platforms section above to know what platform best suits you.

Put more focus on visual content- Visual content, including images, videos, infographics, and illustrations, do well in social media and hence this is what you should use to get the attention of your target audience.

You can as well use the tools above to create attention-capturing visual social media posts.

Provide value – Before posting any promotional content on a social media platform, ensure that it defines your brand and that it attracts the right customers to your business.

It would also help if you made promotional posts that are entertaining from time to time.

Use your branded social icons on your website – If it is your first time trying out social media promotions, then you need to let your website visitors know about your various social networks.

You can achieve this by creating unique and branded social icons on your website.

Create targeted advertisements – Targeted advertisements are those that are directed to your target audience only.

You can use elements such as keywords or strategies such as posting your promotional information to niche-related categories in the platform of your choice so that your ads are channeled to the required people.

To ensure that you don’t miss any potential customer who interacts with your ads, you can use the tools above to manage comments and any mentions related to the ads.

Use several networks – Even if one social media platform works for you, there is always a chance to leverage the other platform’s audience.

Don’t channel all your promotional skills and resources to one platform but try out several to maximize your customer base.

Run contests and giveaways – Contests and giveaways are proof that you care about your customers and a way to build trust and supplement your social media promotion plan.

If you are, for example, a digital marketing agency, you can promote your services by, for example, running a giveaway where businesses can win, say, free websites.

Create a loyalty program – Other than contests and giveaways, you can also set up a loyalty program where your loyal customers can get rewarded.

This is one way you can make them trust your brand for a long, meaning that your social media promotions will remain fruitful for an extended period.


If you want your promotion strategies to yield results for your business, then you must put a lot more focus on social media.

With social media promotion, you not only increase public awareness but also increase sales and the returns you make at the end of the day.

If you are an employee, you can gather some social media promotion ideas from this post and present them to your employer as a solid plan to boost your company’s advancement.

The good thing about social media promotion is that it is cheaper than other advertising methods. Setting up social media accounts will cause you nothing.

Even if you were to pay a marketing agency to manage the business’s social accounts, it would still make financial sense in the long run.

Finally, remember that what works for one business may not necessarily work for you; meaning that you have to try out several social media promotions platforms and ideas to see the ones that work for you and your business.

If you have got great value from this post you can share it with your friends and family so they can benefit from it as well.


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