How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online

How To Grow Your Network Marketing Business Online

The ultimate goal of every network marketer is to grow their business. In essence, you should focus on nurturing a team to buy and sell your products. This definitely means you have to make yourself available so that more people can find you.

That’s why you should start growing your network marketing business online.

While we all know that network marketing is confined to in-person sales, it doesn’t restrict proponents from leveraging the powers of the internet to broaden their audience and recruit more people to their network.

Indeed, the world of the internet is one of the most valuable marketing assets anyone can use to grow their brand.

Growing your network marketing business online can dramatically surge your sales. Online is also an excellent place to meet recruits to continue enlarging your team.

In this article, you will all find all you need to know about growing your network marketing business online.

What is the best way for me to grow my network marketing business

Any network marketing business or any business that you have a passion for doing requires you to set up an action plan, and goals to aim for to achieve so you can excel in any business whether it be a network marketing business or something else that you choose to do so in life.

What is Network Marketing

At its core, network marketing is a business model that relies on a network of distributors to make sales.

Companies using this model distribute the responsibility of selling products to non-employed individuals who earn a commission for every sale they make.

Unlike most other performance-based businesses, independent representatives(network marketers) sell products and services directly to consumers.

Overall, it is a great business opportunity for people looking to create an extra income stream working from home.

It is worth noting that most network marketing programs ask participants to recruit other sales representatives to form what is known as a downline.

The salespeople you recruit will help you to generate leads.

This gives you a reason to grow your network marketing business online because you will meet more people who might be interested in joining you.

What is interesting with network marketing is that you earn from product sales and sales made by your sponsored members.

When you start growing your business online, you get a chance to meet more people from around the world who are interested in your products.

Note: If you’re new to network marketing, do not join any network marketing program where compensation is ONLY through sponsoring others. Such programs might be fraudulent pyramid schemes.

Tips to grow your network marketing business online

Online is a perfect place to build and grow your network marketing business.

Considering that millions of people are using the internet, you can build a successful network and increase product sales, provided you’re smart about it.

That said, here are tips for building and growing your network marketing business online.

  • Learns about the industry and make a decision

For you to succeed in network marketing, you need to master how it works and swear never to give up. Besides developing an entrepreneurial mindset, you need to learn and develop skills to recruit.

You should brush up on the realities of the network marketing industry and arm yourself with knowledge in order to stay safe from pyramid schemes and MLM scams.

Remember that growing your business online increases the chances of meeting scams that are tweaked to look legit.

  • Find a company with products you’re passionate about

Let’s be honest. You can only share your business opportunity if you genuinely like it. Similarly, you can sell products that you have pride in.

If you want to build and grow your network marketing business successfully, you need to sell what you love and partner with a company you can represent excitedly.

Whether you are selling online or not, you will achieve greater success selling what you love.

  • Set and maintain a website

When it comes to marketing online, you need a website. After all, no business can thrive if customers cannot find you.

Your website will make you visible and also establish a solid spot where prospects can find you.

On your website, you can publish content and high-quality images that show the usefulness of the products you are marketing.

Whatever content you publish, don’t hype potential customers or use deception to lure recruits.

Any legitimate company will encourage all network marketers to be honest in their dealings because they represent the company.

If you chose products that you love, you would not find a reason to lure prospects with lies.

Note: Some network marketing programs do not allow participants to advertise products online.

Make sure to confirm with the program managers before taking your business online.

  • Leverage social media platforms

If you’re skeptical about the power of social media when it comes to network marketing, you are really losing a lot.

Millions of people use social media daily, meaning you can access a larger audience with just a single post on Facebook or any other platform.

In a nutshell, Social media does two things for you: It gives your business the visibility it needs and effectively attracts traffic to your business.

Remember that traffic is key in any online business. First off, people cannot be interested in what they don’t know, and with more people more traffic, you will likely make more sales.

Each platform can help you grow your network marketing business, but you should use them prudently. Many network marketers have proved the following social media platforms to be remarkably valuable.

  • Facebook

This is the most evergreen social media platform. You can set up a Facebook group where you will be posting and engaging your target audience.

You can also join other groups, and you could meet customers or recruits there. Don’t forget to grow your friend list.

Overall, Facebook is a great platform where you can get started and take your network marketing business to another level.

  • Instagram

Instagram is popular and continues to grow. The flatform is flooded with users, so it may be more useful if your target audience is your and middle-aged females.

  • Twitter

When it comes to userbase, Twitter is the opposite of Instagram – it has a considerably higher number of male users. It could be more beneficial if your target audience is males between 30 to 50 years.

  • Tiktok

This is one of the latest platforms that can work miracles when it comes to growing your network marketing business online. It is an informal platform where you can post funny videos to engage prospects.

  • Snap chat

Snapchat is best if you are targeting a younger audience, particularly females. The platform is just as saturated as other social media platforms.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is similar to Google, only that it is a pictorial search engine. Many people visit Pinterest looking for inspiration, so you must capture the imagination of your audience.

Like most other social media platforms, a higher percentage of Pinterest users are females.

Be consistent without spamming

MLM gets a bad rap because many representatives use hype or spam prospects. To successfully grow your network marketing business online, you should put yourself in the position of potential customers.

For a website, consistency will help you outrank competitors, get a better SEO ranking, and build a lasting customer base. Being consistent is like giving service to potential customers, which makes them count on you.

While consistency is key, you might want to change your approach when it comes to social media posting. Be consistent, but remember the platforms are for socializing.

Make your posts 80% funny and let the rest advertise your business opportunity. If you more than constantly keep pestering people to join you, this will annoy them.

You have a great business opportunity, but your consistency would be adding value to attract potential customers and recruits, not repelling them.

Simply put, don’t be spammy.

  • Go viral with YouTube

Well, you may not be a big fan of doing YouTube videos, but it is a great marketing strategy. The appeal of YouTube videos is that you record and reach a significantly larger audience without requiring your presence.

To use YouTube to grow your business online, you don’t need to create very large videos. Even with short, funny videos, you can attract audiences to your products, provided you strategize well.

  • Host webinars

Immediately your network marketing business takes off; you will need more and more people to help you generate leads.

While there are many ways to recruit network markets, it is best when you meet them (meeting does not always mean hosting people in your home office).

After all, your home office can host a handful of people for a business presentation.

Let’s do everything online – technology allows us.

With video meetings or conference programs like zoom and Google meet, you can reach hundreds of people in a single session.

Did you know that webinars could be such a powerful marketing strategy?

The coolest thing about Webinars is that you can also promote them.

Remember that your success as a network marketer depends on the sales you make and your network.

What to post to grow network marketing business quickly.

There is always a learning curve in everything. With so many things to learn and master, you may run out of content or be confused, not knowing what to post on your site or social media pages.

Before you can take your business opportunity online, you need to create a posting strategy.

In case you missed creating one, here are some of the things to post.

  • Informative posts

No matter how good your products are, potential customers can’t know how useful they are until you let them know.

The best way to educate your audience about the products you are selling is by posting valuable content.

Remember to keep your posts natural without sacrificing any important piece of information.

  • High-quality images

When growing your network marketing business online, you should consider posting images of the highest possible quality on social media platforms.

You can either post photos alone or post them along with useful content.

  • Humor posts

Your audience needs to be amused. Platforms like Tiktok allow you to post short casual videos relating to your audience.

You can also incorporate jokes in your posts without sacrificing professionalism.

  • Tips

Everybody is looking for ways to make life easier, including you. That said, it makes perfect sense to post tips relevant to your industry.

This can help your stand out, especially if your products provide a unique solution.

  • Reviews

In the fast-paced world, reviews are becoming increasingly important. They help us make an informed decision when purchasing a product or service.

If you can offer reviews for your products and show how they differ from rivals, you can win more people.

New offers, products, and giveaways: It is undeniable that network marketing programs tend to roll out new products more frequently.

When a new product is out, you should be the first to let your target audience know about the latest product or offer.

You can also provide information about giveaways. They advertise your business while allowing you to get honest feedback.

Tips to convince prospects to join your business opportunity

Statistics show that many network marketers have failed.

So, what is the reason?

Many network marketers are yet to master the art of convincing anyone to join the network marketing opportunity. That’s why they fail.

So, how can you convince prospects to join your network marketing business?

Let prospects make major contributions as you listen:

When you meet a person with a motive to join network marketing, let them speak so that you know what they exactly want or expect.

This way, you will find it easy to convince them.

Speak like a business consultant: You are now taking the position of a business consultant, and you aim to show the prospects the value of your business opportunity.

Let your products or services speak for themselves: Ideally, this is to mean that your product should be addressing a specific problem.

Use future talks to show the full details of network marketing.


Growing a network marketing business online is not the most difficult thing.

Provided you choose products you are passionate about and are smart at navigating the internet, you will find it pretty easy to grow your business.

If you are looking to put in the work to really excel in your network marketing business for example 12 hours a day for the next 2 years you can excel and grow your business but if you only put in 1 hour a day your probably going to be where you are right now 2 years down the road.

If you have found great value in this post please share it with your friends and family on your social media accounts so they can benefit from it as well.


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