How To Do Affiliate Marketing With No Money

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Affiliate marketing is today a popular digital earning strategy that, if done right, has the potential of bringing a decent income.

Sometimes when you look at seasoned and high-earning affiliate marketers, you’ll admire what they have achieved but, in most cases, forget that they started somewhere and learned how to do affiliate marketing with no money.

Surprisingly, you may even find out that the affiliate marketer you envy so much joined this digital occupation without a single penny.

So, how much does it cost to get started with affiliate marketing?

Is it possible to do affiliate marketing with no money?

Are there rewards for affiliate marketing that have started capital-loss?

Does affiliate marketing really work?

Follow through this post to find out.

Can you really start affiliate marketing with no money

Yes, of course, you can start affiliate marketing with no money as that is the great option you have, you can get started in affiliate marketing, and most of the time you are not required to spend any out-of-pocket money to start with your affiliate marketing business.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is selling products and/or services on behalf of a company or business.

The company gives you affiliate links for the products or services you wish to promote.

Your primary task as an affiliate marketer is to advertise and make sure people click the links and eventually buy products from the company you represent.

Sales achieved through ‘your’ affiliate links earn you a commission, previously agreed with the company.

The company also benefits from the process as the increased sales boost their profit levels.

How much does it cost to get started with affiliate marketing

The cost of getting into affiliate marketing will entirely depend on the approaches you choose to use.

If you, for example, choose to use free tools, say when building a website, you don’t need money to start affiliate marketing.

However, if you decide to hire services of every affiliate marketing entry action you implement, the cost of getting into affiliate marketing can be high.

Since many people looking to start affiliate marketing have an aim of making money, it is not sensible for them to go through the expensive entry path.

In this regard, our discussion will take the affordable affiliate marketing route.

How to start affiliate marketing with no money

Follow these easy steps to get into affiliate marketing with no money:

  • Pick your niche

The art of promoting and marketing products is borne out of preferences, likings, skills, and experience.

There is that one line of products that you know promoting is effortless for you and that is what you should select to get started.

If you can create great content to promote fashion products, then go for the fashion accessories niche.

If you are a seasoned tech gadget reviewer, then pick technology as your starting niche.

  • Pick a reliable company

So many companies out there are looking for affiliate marketers and joining them will not cost you even a single penny.

You, however, need to be careful here as not all are reliable or, even worse, sell real products.

Go for well-known products and services sellers, probably one you frequently shop from.

Also, check what existing affiliate marketers are saying about the company to know if it is worth the shot or not.

  • Prepare a list of products that you will promote

Guided by the niche and the company you selected, pick out the top products you will promote.

Good products for affiliate marketing should be well known and easy to sell.

It would also help if you picked products that bring high commission when successively sold through affiliate links.

  • Build a website

This is the most important digital asset you will need for your affiliate marketing.

Today you can build a website entirely without spending any money with free online tools.

WordPress is a leading website builder offering free top-of-the-pack tools that you can leverage to build a website with copy and paste prompts.

  • Create relevant and high-quality content

If you are reading this, chances are high that you have a computer and a strong source of internet.

Use these two tools to write reviews and advertising content related to the products you wish to promote.

You can also use your smartphone to record short, precise videos teaching people how to use the products you are selling on behalf of your preferred company.

Strategically add your links to the content so that your audience will easily see them.

  • Post and advertise your content and the affiliate links therein

Once you’ve created unrivaled content, you need to make people know that it exists.

An effective and free advertising technique is using social media accounts you presently run.

You can input your website links there and describe to people what they will get when they get there.

Once you start earning money from your affiliate marketing, you can invest some in advertising techniques such as hiring influencers.

With these simple steps, you can kick off your affiliate marketing journey without spending even a single penny.

  • The rewards of affiliate marketing

The earning opportunities of an affiliate marketer are limitless.

The fact that you can earn money even without leaving your home and at the comfort of your smart devices is enough reason for any person looking for easy money to join affiliate marketing.

What’s more, the discussion above shows that affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest to join digital marketing methods.

If you follow the steps explained above, you will eventually get rewards from affiliate marketing in the form of commissions.

Even though it will take some time to earn when you start out free, the long-term benefits will be substantial.

Just have a little patience, continually create high-quality and entertaining content, improve your advertising campaigns and the eventual results will do the talking.

The feeling of knowing that you are the primary force behind the sale of certain products for a given company is also unparalleled and priceless.

Other than earning commissions, affiliate marketing will help you build your digital assets.

It is needless to say that it is very crucial at a time that everything is now shifting to the digital space.

If you, for example, manage to completely optimize your website and make it a top result in related searches, it will be highly effective to run other forms of advertising and digital earning strategies such as freelancing.

With digital assets, you have more chances of earning a passive income.

Top affiliate marketing earners can even maintain a continuous stream of income even when they are not actively running the affiliate links as they have highly effective digital assets.

To scale up the earnings you get from affiliate marketing, consider reinvesting the money in improving the assets you acquired for free, like your website.

You can also put back this money into your advertising strategies, such as improving your social media accounts.


Yes, affiliate marketing can be done with no money and as seen above, you can still get rewards even when you start small.

As long as you follow the right procedures and up-to-date strategies, you can never go wrong with affiliate marketing.

Don’t just admire what other affiliate marketers are doing. Join the earning team by kicking off your affiliate marketing journey.

Nothing should limit you from earning money digitally with affiliate marketing, not even a lack of starting capital!

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