How To Convince Someone To Join Your Team

How To Convince Someone To Join Your Team

Having good business ideas and making dreams real is a good launching point for a start-up. However, alone, a person can do better, but they will perform even much better when they combine the efforts of a team.

Behind a successful business, there is an excellent team that is innovative, passionate, and talented.

Above all these, the issue is not about how your team can help but how you can convince someone to join your team.

It is somehow challenging to convince and persuade someone to the extent that they agree to join your team, especially when you have a solo start-up.

If you want individuals to back you up, it is essential to know how to nail it.

Whenever you create a solid argument and exhibit love and care in your actions, it is automatic that you will pull them closer to you.

Do you wish to find individuals who can join your sparkling start-up but don’t know where to start?

How do you ask someone to join your team

You can start with showing them the benefits it has for them and allowing them to share with you the thoughts they have so you can proceed to invite them further so they can feel like you are welcoming them to your team already.

Relax, and apply the following techniques.

  • Learn How To Market Your Dream

If you want to convince someone to join your team, then you have to learn.

Are you looking for people to work with and help you make a change that you desire requires commitment?

You have to tell them the opportunities that your company offers.

Talk about its unique strengths and how it is improving financially.

If you do, what you tell them will create a good impression of your team, and the person will be interested in being part of your team.

  • Consider The Recruiting Part

The company employees who are still part of your team might be having a vision.

So, they might go ahead to help you find people to join you, so inspire your current team to share their experiences while working with you and how great it feels to be part of the team that makes profits.

If your company is innovative, then no doubt that you will have so many people interested in being part of your team.

  • Make Yourself Rare

If you need people to join, then you should be rare. Do not go around nagging and begging people to join.

If you do, instead of attracting them, you will be sending them away.

Persuade in that way that what your team offers is rare to find, and so if they miss it, they will have lost something significant.

This rare personality will work great and will make individuals desire to be part of your team.

Moreover, it is a natural tendency that human beings often wish to have what they can have( the impossible).

The latter is a psychological process, and if you employ it, you be sure of achieving what you thrive for.

  • Use A Language That The Individual Uses

Using a different language from what the rest of the people around you use will automatically make them avoid you at all costs.

They will even create some boundaries between you and them.

If you are looking for teammates, ensure you match your language with your targets, use the kind of words and styles they employ in speech.

Some might argue that the opposite can work, but if you want to convince and win someone, you should try to be like them.

This technique is essential even in persuading a group of people.

Before you begin addressing a congregation, it is advisable first to understand the people and the room.

Figure out what makes them feel motivated and what appeals to them the most.

  • Avoid Using Fillers

Did you know that verbal fillers can divert people’s attention from you and what you are saying?

If no, the point is home now. Using verbal fillers such as “Uhm” and “uh” can turn off people.

These fillers will make you lose credibility with the individual you are speaking to.

At this point, it won’t matter if what you are saying is making any sense or not.

Therefore ensure you are clear in your speech and maintain its flow.

Avoiding fillers can be a challenge, especially if you are used to them, but because you want to win somebody’s interest, try to practice at home.

  • Portray A Confident Personality

In convincing and winning a person, confidentiality matters a lot.

Confident people attract many. So, as a team builder, ensure you have this selling point.

Always be sure of whatever you speak and always ensure that you mention all the positive attributes.

Do not be aggressive but rather exercise assertiveness.

People should love to listen to you and be attracted to your choice of words.

  • Be A Good Timekeeper

Mastering the art of timing is an ideal point when you want to attract people.

Study and understand when it is the right time to talk to them.

Always remember not to talk to people you aspire to convince while they are working.

Be sure at the right time that you will be successful in your endeavors.

  • Portray to them that this is an excellent chance for something meaningful

Let your prospects know that what you are offering to them is a lifetime opportunity, and if they lose it, they would have lost much.

  • Speak Of The Future

Almost everybody wants something great in the future. So, speaking about the future with confidence will help you convince many.

Talks about the future will show your prospects that you are serious about your team.

Moreover, using phrases like “we” and “will” create a strong sense of solidarity and unity.

In addition to that, avoid being too pushy and never make decisions for other people.

  • Talk About Their Contribution To The Team

While trying to convince a prospect, try to talk about how the candidate can be of great help to your team.

Show them how significant their contributions will be towards moving the company forward and how effective it will have them as part of the team.


Persuading people into doing something is hard, though not impossible.

Companies have risen while others failed because of the difference in their techniques when looking for team members.

If you need to build a strong team, follow the above methods and ways.

Remember to always make follow-ups on the candidates to make them feel loved and appreciated.

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