How Affiliate Marketing Is Different From Network Marketing

How Affiliate Marketing Is Different From Network Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business model that you can join and sell other people’s or company’s products without any money out of pocket to join and earn a commission.

Network Marketing is usually a business model in which you have to pay a fee to take part in selling the products or services you’re going to offer others so you can earn a commission.

Affiliate Marketing and Networking Marketing business are closely related in terms, but they are pretty different.

However, most people confuse the two, whereby theory uses the terms interchangeably.

Although these two share commissions on referred sales, they are different when it comes to customer referring.

To know how different the two concepts are, just keep reading the article.

Before diving into the differences, it is essential to understand what affiliate and network marketing are.

By definition and how they work.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that utilizes affiliates to boost service or product awareness through online platforms and make money from trades or leads generated.

The model involves two leading players; the brands and the affiliates-Brands are the firms that retail products or services.

They can be retail businesses, broadband, travel, gaming, financial services, and subscription services.

Affiliates are product or service marketers.

The affiliates can be cranny content websites, bloggers, coupons, shopping sites, mobile and loyalty apps, and product review products.

Through associate marketing, associates earn commissions without producing their services products.

To get traffic, affiliates can use social media platforms like Instagram, emails, youtube, Facebook, and other websites.

The commission earned vary depending on the contract between the brand and the affiliates based on the following.

  • Fee per click basis

Here the affiliate earns a portion of the cost at which the consumer has acquired a service or product.

  • Pay per traffic basis

This payment system depends on the regeneration of traffic generated by the associate.

  • Pay per purchase basis

This is paid depending on the number of customers who click on the link, increasing transactions to the retailer site.

Steps you should follow to making sure you are able to succeed in affiliate marketing.

  • Product research and web follower patterns
  • Sustaining relationships with members and people who make acquisitions using affiliate links
  • Constant commitment with a company and its services and commodities
  • Regular use of social media to create new leads

What is network marketing

Network marketing, on the other hand, is a marketing model based on person-to-person of the sale of goods and services.

The business model entails well-organized policies, including hiring, management, and lead generation.

Instead of distributing the products or services to stores, the network relies on network distributors.

Network marketing has three main types, single-tier, two-tier, and multi-level marketing.

  • Customer referral platforms

Affiliate marketing and network marketing use different platforms.

Affiliate marketing uses digital platforms like websites, Twitter, Facebook, youtube to increase leads.

In contrast, network marketing uses business-based relationships to improve traffic.

  • Affiliate marketing is digital

Unlike network marketing, affiliate marketing is digital. In other words, everything is done in the digital space.

To do affiliate marketing, you need links and banners to broadcast over the internet via emails or other means.

If one source gets traction and starts sending traffic back to your site, you will probably make sales.

  • Network marketing is personal

While affiliate marketing is based on the internet space, network marketing involves a relationship-based business.

Here you cannot only sell on social media but also to family, friends, and relatives.

Network marketing does not include using affiliate links as it is based on relationships.

  • The compensation plan

The compensation plan for affiliate marketing differs from that of network marketing.

Typically the compensation plan is just a one to two-level compensation plan with ten percent on the first level and five percent on the second level this is an example of course.

On the other hand, network marketing has no additional ranks, levels, or bonuses most of the time.

Associate marketing compensates associates using cash remittances, and MLM marketers benefit from the sale of commodities at discounted costs.

  • The software

Affiliate marketing’s software is simple and straightforward. It is not on the same complexity level as the MLM and network marketing software are.

The MLM software is robust and has the flexibility to fit the specific application.

It has the features needed for multiple compensation bonuses, levels, order management, commission calculations, genealogy tracking, and many other features.

  • Control on what to sell

In affiliate marketing, an affiliate has complete control of what they sell, while in network marketing, you only need to sell products or services of the program you are involved in.

Affiliate marketing is like having your own business, where you are responsible for every coin you earn; you don’t need assistance from other people.

In network marketing, earning depends on your capacity to sponsor people to sell on your behalf.

An affiliate marketer has the freedom of picking goods based on their interests. You chose the brand you want and the goods to endorse without any restrictions.

This model of selling gives an affiliate freedom to concentrate on things they love and are interested in.

When you pick on items you exactly know about, you can help your customers make better buying decisions.

However, with network marketing, the marketer can be limited to selling unique items already selected by the founder company.

You might not be interested in the products but are forced to sell them, which can be challenging to trade something you don’t know anything about.

  • Joining fee

Affiliate marketing does not require any joining fees as long as you have the skills to promote a product you can venture into at no cost.

This approach is profitable, and the partnership between the brand and affiliate is mutually beneficial to both.

However, in network marketing, you need to pay some fees to join.

The partnerships with the brands and network marketer mainly benefit the company and not the marketer since many shares from every referral go to the company.

At the same time, the sponsorer takes a negligible amount.

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a business model that uses associates to increase product or service awareness.

Most network marketing programs involve multiple marketers signing up more prospects with no one selling more products.

This is best for individuals who have a passion for recruiting others but earning is difficult.

But if one is interested in making money from promoting services and products, consider affiliate marketing.

It is a more straightforward and more fulfilling way to achieve financial breakthroughs.

Unlike network marketing, affiliates can make money and help people find products with much ease.

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