Content Marketing SEO

Content Marketing SEO

  • Write Quality Content
  • Searcher Intent
  • Knowing Your Correct Keyword Phrases
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Subheading Tags
  • Alt Tags On Your Images
  • Internal Links to High Authority Sites

Content Marketing And SEO have two purposes. Content marketing is the process of acquiring customers through the content you are providing for what the customers are looking for and to hopefully get their problems and questions answered. SEO is the technical aspect of knowing how to get that customer to your site to increase traffic and sales.

Content Marketing and SEO are the two most important factors for any website or business to succeed online and knowing how to take it to the next level of gaining traffic to convert to sales.

If you are new to Content Marketing and SEO and you’re just getting starting with your very own website you need to learn Content Marketing and SEO and make them work together for your business.

But first, let me explain this to those of you who are just starting your website or blog so you will get a good understanding of content marketing and SEO.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of writing quality content on your website or blog.

Anyone can start a website or blog and add some content to their site, but it is quality content that you got to create to get great rankings, not just content you just feel writing about.

This is where a lot of people go wrong with adding content to their website.

Let’s use a blog site for example if you are adding content to a blog site here are a few tips so you can focus on quality content marketing.

  • Never write content about you as most people don’t care about your daily life most of the time.
  • Write quality content that people are searching for as most of the time they are looking to get answers to their own problems.
  • People are on your site to get results to what they need help with so make sure you see your content through their eyes.
  • Make sure your content is your own original content that you created, don’t copy other website content as in time this will do you more harm than good.
  • Be able to provide answers to what people are looking for as this is the main reason they keep coming to visit your site.
  • Make sure before you post content that you have taken the time and done your research on it, for example, if you don’t have experience in marketing, then take a marketing course and learn some topics on it.
  • Try your best to always outdo your competition on the content like if you’re adding a blog post to your site also add videos and links as well.
  • Make your content actionable as well like this could be linking to other posts within your site as you want your visitors to stay on your website as long as possible.
  • Make your content as detailed as possible to keeping everyone looking forward to the next piece of content your posting.

Content Marketing is knowing how to explain it to your visitor to gain them as a new customer or having current customers return over and over again.

Once you have figured out how to target your market and know how to get them to your website which is part of the SEO process that I will explain shortly then you can focus on the content for your site.

Ok, let’s say you have done your research on how to target your market, now the whole process of content marketing is to know who your clients and customers are and what you have to offer in your content.

The main reason for content marketing is to build a strong relationship with your current and new customers, so the better your content is the more engaged your customers will be on your site.

If you have created quality content then getting them to take action on your site comes a little bit easier.

When your produce content on your site I can’t say this enough if the content is not well researched and presented, you could be years before you start ranking on the search engines.

Getting on the search engines with quality content is no easy task and if the content is not well prepared you may as well forget about the rankings.

The best way to get quality content and SEO working together is something that will take time but I’m sure you will learn this with no issues if you set your mind to it.

When it comes to adding content to your site always remember that does it add any value to your targeted market and if it does then chances are you will be getting a better chance to succeed in your business.

Content Marketing SEO 1

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Without SEO your site is not going to do well in rankings or people finding you organically on the search engines.

Content Marketing and SEO why do you need both?

Content Marketing and SEO both work hand and hand without one or the other you may as well forget about being successful online.

It’s like having a website without product or content to show your visitors, you need both to make it work and gain sales.

Search Engine Optimization SEO lets dig deeper into this topic.

SEO is what’s going to make your site stand out from the others if done right.

In order for any website to get a good SEO score, there are many factors to consider making any site perform well and getting that traffic from organic clicks.

Your title tags should be no longer than 70 characters if possible.

Meta tags are your description of what the page is all about I would not exceed any more than 160 characters for this one.

Add subheadings to your content like H1, H2, and H3, and so on so the search engines can understand better what the page is about and get a better understanding of it as well.

Alt tags are very important as well, as search engines can’t read an image on your site so they don’t know what it’s about so adding a text to the alt image will tell the search engines what it’s about.

Internal links point to other high domain sites to show the search engines you linking to quality content as well.

Ok with all of that said from above let’s get to the techy stuff of how to improve your SEO for your site.

Now what I’m about to help you understand might come a bit hard for some of you to absorb so don’t try to do this all in one day for your website when it comes to learning the following SEO practices.

Try to learn these other steps over the course of a month or so, and when you do I’m sure you will have fun doing it and you might even look forward to doing it all the time to stay up to date with it.

Here are the steps to learn and master below.

On-Site Optimization
Mobile Friendliness
User Experience
Search Accessibility
Quality Content
Social Media
Link Profile
Keyword Research
Page Speed
Local Optimization

On-Site Optimization

On-Site Optimization is the practice of on-page SEO to gain traffic and organic clicks from search engines.

It’s also a way of optimizing a web page without relying on backlinks for getting you traffic over time.

With on-site optimization, if you can master this one you’re on your way to not only organic traffic but you’re also going to build links as well faster than you have imagined, the reason being if you are ranking well with your on-site optimization you going to get traffic and the more traffic the more links your going to get naturally if you are writing and presenting great content.

Mobile Friendliness

Your site needs to be mobile-friendly today in order to get good rankings from the search engines and to have customers keep coming back to your site.

Now you’re probably asking why this is important.

50 to 60 percent of the web traffic now is on mobile and it’s only going to get higher and higher as more and more people are only using desktop computers and laptops for work or when they are home.

Now for a lot of people with the power of all these new mobile phones it just so easy now to get online and surf the web with these devices.

Google now is only giving good rankings to those websites that are mobile-friendly so make sure your site is mobile friendly.

You can check this at google mobile test here.

User Experience

User experience is another one of those factors that the search engines will have you rank higher as well.

How well is your site in readability?

Are you using short paragraphs that are more readable on mobile?

Is your design clean and easy to understand what your site is about?

Can users find what they are looking for quickly as today everyone is on a speed test for some reason no harm intended?

Does your website design have great functionality for desktop, laptop, and mobile this is key as well?

Search Accessibility

Does your site have a search accessibility function, now this is not required but it will give your site some kudos from the search engines with this option?

Quality Content

Quality Content is the major one for this topic without it your site is doomed.

Now what I mean here is just don’t write anything about your daily life in general.

Select the topic you’re going to have content for, and really get in-depth with it and do your best to explain everything you can about it.

The way I try to tell others about quality content is if you’re writing a blog post and it’s not at least 2000 words here’s what’s going to happen.

Google for example is probably not going to rank your post on their search engines high enough they will rank it but on the 1000 page and no one is going to go and see it there I’m sure.

There are literally over 1.5 billion blogs on the internet today, and over 3 million blog posts are published every day online.

So google has got a lot to choose from when it comes to showing who gets ranked and who doesn’t get ranked.

If you publish a blog post over 2000 words for example and they are staying there the whole time to read that post that tells google they are staying there longer and tells them your content is awesome.

So really try your best to write quality content as you got a lot of others online trying to do the same.

Social Media

Social media is something that will help you in getting your SEO optimization in the correct order as well and here are the reasons why.

The search engines are looking for pings back to your site from social media.

If you already don’t have a social media account set up for your site then I would get this one done as fast as you can get it done.

Now the first thing to do is select your favorite social media you want to use and get set up with them.

My first step to do is to try your best to get the same name as your website as the same name in your social media account

So lest say your selling marketing services and your site is marketing123 for an example then if you’re going to use social media get that name marketing123 as your social media account as this helps in your SEO for the identity of who you are to the search engines.

The next thing I would do is only concentrate your efforts on one social media account but get on as many of them as you can in case down the road you expand your social media.

If your selling products like health and wellness stuff then I would suggest Pinterest as most of the traffic on there are women.

Now if your selling network marketing products I would use Twitter for that type of niche.

The main point in using social media is to don’t get too absorbed using multiple platforms at first as these social media account can be time-consuming.

Try your hand at one of them when you first start out using social media and expand as you grow.

Link Profile

Linking your profile means a little more than just linking a profile to your social media.

When you create your social media accounts, link your profile from your home page to your social media accounts.

Also, create an about you page on your site and include your linked profiles to your social media accounts as well as this will again show the search engines your identity and trustworthiness.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is another one of those SEO practices you have got to get good at doing.

There are tons of videos out there that you can watch on say Youtube but do you have the time to do that probably not.

What I would suggest is to use tools like Google Trends to find out what people are searching for in Keyword Research.

You can also use this great tool as well answerthepublic also or ubersuggest to get you going in your Keyword Research.

Just make sure you select your keywords wisely as this is what everyone else out there is doing to get traffic to their sites.

Page Speed

Page Speed is a make or break a good site from doing well on the search engines.

Go to google page speed test tool and get what your page speed is showing up on mobile and desktop.

If your site is below an average of 65 you need to get that increased to at least 80 or higher to dominate the rankings for your site for indexing well on the search engines.

Local Optimization

Local Optimization is where a lot of people go wrong with their website and expand their SEO and content marketing.

Set up your page and you have your business name and address on your website to again get kudos from the search engines.

Now, this is not required but it will help you in the local searches on the search engines.

Let’s say your offering network marketing services in saying Boise Idaho then make sure on your home page you place your business address on the home page for getting local optimization done.

Also, set up a google my business page to help in that as well.

Content Marketing And SEO how do they really work to benefit you as they work as one.

Content Marketing and SEO are again on how well you can place your content on your site.

You need content marketing to be quality content and ease of use and great user experience to find an answer to what your customer or visitors are looking for.

SEO is the process of ranking your web page well with the content you are publishing on your site to get that traffic and rankings.

You can try the PPC strategy and these do have their benefits for the short term and long term as well.

With PPC you buy ad spots on say google, and you are given traffic from google to your ads.

Now once your budget is used up on your ads the traffic stops that day.

This type of marketing is great if you have a great page and sales page to make the sales so if you’re looking to make a profit from day one you very well can with PPC marketing.

Now the bad thing like I said above once your budget is used up the traffic and sales stop.

With great Content Marketing and SEO your planting, the traffic for the future, and what I mean by this is if you have great content and SEO done on your site in the long term you will start receiving organic traffic over and over again.

The only bad thing about it is it takes time to build up that traffic and can become very time-consuming to get it right but it’s well worth the reward in the long run.

Please take a look at my other post I just posted a couple of days ago What Is Network Marketing and How Does Network Marketing Business Work

So until next time my fellow readers and bloggers, happy reading and blogging and I hope to see you again.


Jim Morrison

I hope you enjoyed this post on Content Marketing SEO

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