Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn extra money by promoting products listed on Amazon, the e-commerce site. At this point, we all understand the importance of having multiple income streams.

We can’t talk about affiliate marketing things you need to know with Amazon without mentioning the Amazon Associates Program which is one of the largest affiliate programs on the internet right now.

The program was designed to help bloggers, publishers, and content creators to monetize the traffic on their platforms.

With millions of programs and products available on Amazon any associate can sign up with the platform and market the products to their audience on pretty any platform they operate, including social networks like Instagram.

How do amazon associates even work

Of course, you start by signing up with the platform – Amazon will give you a tracking ID that looks like this: yourname-31.

You can add this unique tracking ID to the URL of virtually any product listed on Amazon to create your affiliate link.

For example:

turns into:

When a person in your audience clicks on the link and proceeds to buy a product on Amazon in 24 hours, you will earn a commission on that specific sale.

Better yet, the person must not buy the specific item you recommend on your platform.

If you direct them to a hat but they end up exploring the bottom segment of the page to settle on a pair of sunglasses, you still earn a commission.

Even better, if they purchase the hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a few other items, you earn a commission on each item!

Ways to Make Money with Amazon Affiliates

There are so many ways to make money with Amazon Affiliates, but let’s start with the obvious one – blogging.

How to Make Money On Amazon via Blogging

Well, maybe “blogging” sounds too bland, so let say “through an amazon affiliate site.”

By this, we mean you need an optimized website with sizeable traffic to make about $1,000/month, even more, just by directing your visitors to Amazon to make purchases.

To be successful in this realm, you need to take these steps:

Choose an Appropriate Niche

Do you have a soft spot for video games? Start a website and talk nothing about it but video games.

Proceed to amass a like-minded following on social media and keep directing them to the site. Do the same with any other area of interest.

Find Profitable Keywords

The details about profitable keywords are beyond the scope of this post – just understand that these keywords will help the search engine locate your site and place it the search results returned to an average person searching about video games on Google or Bing.

Create The “Correct” Type of Content

You can’t be talking about video games on your site and promote Amazon links that redirect to sex toys.

Keep the content relevant at all times. It should also arrest the interest of the audience.

Drive Traffic to The Website Through SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) helps improve the ranking of your website by ensuring that it appears among the top search results when a person searches specific keywords with a search engine.

It entails hard work, including proper link building and getting your keywords right. You will need to hire an SEO professional to get it done.

Get Clicks On Your Affiliate Links

Remember that Amazon links are accompanied by cookies that only last for 24 hours.

However, if you are just starting out, don’t obsess yourself with conversion rates – things will take time to work.

Here are the basics though:

Add a recommendation table above the post. Recommendation tables serve the important role of listing and linking to your top-recommended items in, say, your product roundup post.

Put the table close to the top to help your readers find them quickly.

Make your Amazon links more prominent: this can be in form of tiny buttons that rise or stand out from the design of your site.

Give your audience a good reason to trust your recommendations. More trust can mean more redirections, hence more sales, and commissions.

Remember we said there are numerous ways to make money with Amazon Affiliates.

Let’s look at a few others:

  • Mobile Apps

You can develop an iOS or Android app, generate traffic on it, and get the users to buy products on Amazon.

You don’t even need to possess professional-level coding skills, just visit platforms like Upwork and Fiverr and hire a developer to make one for you, fully optimized and working!

Once your application is developed, submit it to App Store or Google Play Store for approval.

  • Event Blogs

Event blogging is remarkably different from traditional blogging. Instead of running a standalone blog dedicated to a large niche, you set up a micro niche site based on a certain event.

Events like special days, award ceremonies, sports, and festivals, special days, sports can be appropriate.

There are normally 10 – 15 pages in one event blog. You need to target all major keywords related to the event.

There are specific Amazon products you can promote on Valentine’s Day which are different from what you’d promote during Christmas.

Another great thing about event blogging is that you can target a specific country, meaning you can capitalize on local celebrations such as their independence day.

WordPress (preferably through Godaddy or Bluehost web hosting services) is one of the many platforms that lets users run unlimited sites, some of which can be easily used as event blogs on more than one event.

  • Amazon store

You can set up an eCommerce store and list a bunch of products on it. When a person clicks on any of them, they are redirected to Amazon via your affiliate links.

There are several WordPress plugins you can use to set up your Amazon store, they include Spotify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce.

  • Coupon sites

Another great way.

You can start your own coupon website, not just to promote Amazon affiliate links but a range of other affiliate establishments that provide deals and discounts.

Amazon gives so many offers and discounts you can take advantage of and make some good money.

  • Social platforms

Do you follow a person on Instagram who likes to, once in a while, post an enticing product with a “check link in my bio” caption?

It may come across as annoying if it becomes too pestering and often.

One thing you probably don’t know is that you can try it yourself and make money. It works with almost all social networks.

And that’s how to make money with Amazon Affiliates.

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Affiliate Marketing with Amazon is not going to be something that will make you a lot of money overnight when your first start out with amazon.

The key here is to find the right niche, find profitable keywords, create the right content to advertise your business, and knowing how to attract the right customers is key as well.

With anything in affiliate marketing whether it be with amazon or any other online provider knowing the right opportunity for you is also something, you have got to understand to make it a success.

If you have found this post helpful please share it with friends and family so they can benefit from it as well on their affiliate marketing journeys with amazon or what other affiliate marketing they are doing.


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