Affiliate Marketing How To Make Money

Affiliate Marketing How To Make Money

Have you always wanted to learn how to make money through affiliate marketing, but you’re clueless about where to start? With lots of misinformation about affiliate marketing online, it can be frustrating for beginners to get ahead in this industry.

Some people believe that this industry is a quick way to get rich. Well, they are wrong because results won’t come overnight.

People will ask how to earn money with affiliate marketing and the answer is definitely.

How much of an income can you earn with affiliate marketing

You are given the chance to earn as much as you want with any affiliate marketing program, if you are a go-getter type of person and you are willing to work hard at affiliate marketing you can turn your affiliate marketing business into a full-time income.

Create an Appealing Website or Blog in Your Chosen Niche
Pick Ideal Affiliate Products to Promote
Create Content Aimed at Attracting Leads
Carefully Insert Affiliate Links and Product Promotions in Your Content
Optimize Your Current Traffic for an Increased Revenue
Treat Your Site’s Visitors as Potential Customers
Take Advantage of Your Email List

With a great strategy, you can earn a substantial income as an affiliate marketer.

Here are some of the steps to help you achieve this goal:

  • Create an Appealing Website or Blog in Your Chosen Niche

Of all the options available for building responsive websites, WordPress is the most viable one since it offers lots of web design tools and resources.

The goal here is to create a website that provides a better user experience and more functionality to your visitors.

Use WordPress plugins such as YoastSEO to optimize your website for search engines.

  • Pick Ideal Affiliate Products to Promote

Once you choose a niche, you need to find products in those niches that can help you grow your affiliate marketing income conveniently.

The products should also match the type of content you enjoy promoting on your site. Joining an affiliate network is an easy way to find relevant affiliate products for your niche.

Affiliate networks are a string of businesses that connect affiliates to merchants for profitability purposes. You can use their recommendations to inform your product selection.

Examples include ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, Amazon Associates, and ShareASale. These networks have adequate data on the profitability and viability of niche products.

  • Create Content Aimed at Attracting Leads

Creating random content and inserting affiliate links won’t get you the traffic you need to attract leads.

Your content should reach the target audience, which comprises people who would like to purchase a product but don’t have adequate information.

Generate content that suggests to people products that can help fulfill their needs.

Help them make informed purchasing decisions that will compel them to click on your affiliate links and buy a specific product.

Use keywords that capture the exact words your target audience likely uses on search engines when looking for products or services to buy.

Google’s keyword research tool can help you uncover these keywords.

  • Carefully Insert Affiliate Links and Product Promotions in Your Content

Insert your affiliate links in your content depending on the type of content you’re generating. For instance, one or two links would be ideal if you’re writing a product review.

Consequently, ten links pointing to 10 different products will do if you’re suggesting the products to your readers.

Inserting an affiliate link where it doesn’t fit will reduce the number of leads and negatively affect the user experience.

Since most people won’t read the entire article, add the links at the beginning of the post.

Use sidebar widgets, inline banners, and floating bars embedded with the links to promote your affiliate products.

A premium affiliate link plugin will help you track and edit the links to improve their efficiency.

  • Optimize Your Current Traffic for an Increased Revenue

Stick to the 80/20 rule (which suggests that 80 percent of profits should come from 20 percent of your content) in your affiliate marketing efforts.

Start by identifying content that’s likely to convert and prioritize it for affiliate campaigns. The content should resonate with your target audience for it to attract leads.

Use Google Analytics to find articles with the most traffic and then create targeted affiliate marketing campaigns for their links.

You can also include a review of your website’s highly-viewed posts to attract leads.

This strategy helps you save time and effort and multiply your revenue efficiently.

Your future content generation efforts will reflect the success of articles that drove more traffic to your site.

  • Treat Your Site’s Visitors as Potential Customers

You don’t need massive traffic for you to start reaping from your affiliate marketing efforts.

The key here is to promote products with the highest commission and treat your visitors as customers.

For instance, if your conversion rate is 2 percent and the affiliate commission is $50, you’re likely to earn $500 after 500 visitors come to your site.

Use pop-up campaigns to capture your visitors’ attention and convert them to customers.

Display the campaigns at a time when the visitors are more likely to purchase your affiliate products.

For instance, you can have them displayed when a visitor is about to exit your site.

  • Take Advantage of Your Email List

Email marketing is a convenient way of earning income since it relies on a predetermined list of prospective customers.

Though SEO (search engine optimization) may drive traffic to your site, at some point, your rankings may fall when Google changes its algorithm.

Furthermore, paid ads need continuous attention and care to maintain high conversion rates. Unlike these methods, email marketing is unlikely to disappoint.

An email list comprises people with interest in your particular niche and familiarity with your content. Since you know that they like your affiliate products, you can target them with your affiliate marketing campaigns.

The only challenge with email marketing is that it takes time to grow an email list you can monetize.

With the right website plugin, you can create floating bats and targeted pop-ups to compel your visitors to subscribe to your email newsletters.

Once you have their email addresses, you can send automated affiliate marketing campaigns with embedded links.

Your email newsletters should feature eye-grabbing titles to increase the chances of the recipients opening them.

They should also inform the recipients about exciting offers, discounts, and other promotional content that they may find compelling.

Use an email marketing tool that allows you to address the recipient by name to appear more friendly and relatable.


You’re likely to thrive in affiliate marketing if you stick to the strategies explained above without hoping to get rich quickly.

Be consistent with your campaigns as you look out for other ways to promote your affiliate products to a larger audience.

Emulate what other marketers are doing and be unique.

Affiliate marketing is a highly growing field that requires savviness and creativity.

Good Luck with your affiliate marketing journeys.

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