How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business

How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business

How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business today you are given a chance to advertise your business online with services like having a website or blog, email marketing, content marketing, social media, and using search engines to reach your target market for your business.

When it comes to knowing all about advertising a network marketing business you really have got to be willing to learn and get good at some of these ways posted below.

The thing about any business whether it’s a network marketing business or not when it comes to advertising is just picking out 2 to 3 ways of doing so, then get good at them and get really good at them well.

If you decide you need to branch out in more ways of How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business then, by all means, do so but get good at 2 or 3 of these first and get comfortable with them then proceed.

How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business

Step 1. Website
Step 2. Have A Blog
Step 3. Pay Per Click Advertising
Step 4. Social Media
Step 5. Online Advertising
Step 6. Capture Page
Step 7. Google My Business
Step 8. SEO
Step 9. Email Marketing
Step 10. Sponsor Others


Having a website for your business is key to any business or network marketing business as this is the way of advertising today in this digital world.

If you don’t already have a website to advertise your business you’re missing out on sales and customers as your competition is doing this way of advertising their business or network marketing business I can assure you that.

With a website, you are maximizing all the best ways of doing business online and the reason is outlined below for your network marketing business.


Having a website will make your business look professional if you looking to build your brand and image you need a website.

When you have a website your not only having a tool to help promote your network marketing business but it’s also adding value and identity to your business.

If you have a website you’re showcasing all your products and services to your customers.

Customers also like dealing with a website for issues like if they need support so they can get a hold of someone to help them or get help with their products or services they just bought and have questions about.

It’s also another way of getting your network marketing business know with the search engines to find your business.

In order to have new customers visit your network marketing business online, you need a website, and there’s no better way of gaining traction with google is having your own website to show the world.

Having the right website theme and proper way of showcasing your products and services with your network marketing business is huge with it comes to sharing your high-quality images on your website.

You are also gaining that brand awareness faster and you also giving your customers a way to contact you with your email address for their support issues.

A few years ago for the average person looking to build a website, it was a scary thought of trying to do so with all the techy stuff you needed to know.

Nowadays you can create a website that is easy to do without going to that website design school to know where to begin.

You can literally make a website with WordPress that is now in a block editor for easy use and navigation.


You can also add a map on your website to help customers find you even faster with the power of your website and the google search engine linking to you.


Now my last point about having a website is if your competition is not online yet with a website I can assure you they are probably working on it or they are already on the internet so get this one done to advertise your network marketing business.

Have a Blog


Having a blog to advertise your network marketing business is something you really should consider if you are wanting to take your network marketing to the next level of doing so.

If you are going to start a website you will be adding value for your visitors then adding a blog to your website is something that can really do well in your traffic and your branding that you want to use to promote your network marketing business.

You can go ahead and just build a website but I would recommend building a blog first but if you already have a website then add a blog to your site.

So maybe this is something you want to consider just create a blog right from day one as your site, or create your website and add the blog to it as you grow.

The nice thing about having a blog on your site is, a blog gives you the opportunity to add content and blog posts that will help you in the search engine rankings, so the more blog posts you can write then the more content you will be delivered to those search engines.

With a blog, you have got to create valuable content and what I mean by valuable content is you just can’t write a blog post and talk about 3 or even 4 or 5 different subjects in one post.

When writing valuable content you got to create a blog post and stick to the topic throughout the whole blog post.

If you can stick with quality content and with the topic for your blog post you will over time do well with the rankings of that post, but the only drawback is it takes time for a blog post to get ranked on google.

Creating a blog will give you the chance to create awesome content, get calls to action, and harvest an email list from your viewers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business 1

Pay Per Click Advertising is another one of those forms of advertising that can generate fast results if you need customers fast and in a crunch.

With this form of advertising, you are paying search engines to deliver your ads to entice those who have placed a search term in their search engine like google for example, and every time someone clicks on that add you pay a fee for that visit.

It’s a way that you can gain traffic for a fee without the waiting of getting organic traffic to your site which can take months to get.

The nice thing about pay-per-click advertising is you are getting traffic faster to your site if you don’t mind paying for it on the pay-per-click platforms.

Now the only bad thing about pay per click is once your advertising budget is used up the traffic stops, so you only get what I call pay to play.

If you have a lot of time to build your customers with organic traffic then do it the way I said above with a blog, if you need customers faster then go the pay-per-click advertising route.

Social Media

social media

Social Media is another one of those ways How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business and excel in doing so.

There are lots of ways you can use social media to advertise your network marketing business on a free level or paid level.

On a free level, you can create social media accounts on their platforms and start creating posts and content on a daily basis for free.

If you going to go with social media I would only start with 2 social media platforms and get good at doing those first before I move on to any more.

The reason I say this is with social media it can take a lot of time to get good at advertising on these platforms and if you’re doing a lot of social media you want to have the time to create content to upload to your website or blog, and even talking with prospects through email or phone.

You have to decide what social media you want to try first and get familiar with it.

I will give you some hints if you are into stuff like Health and Wellness I would go after Pinterest as most of the traffic on there is female.

If you’re into marketing for example I would go after LinkedIn as most of the people on there or even Twitter are into that segment.

Now for the Paid Route of using social media, I would be careful what you are doing there, and here’s why.

Doing any paid advertising on social media can be costly if you don’t know what you doing with using social media.

You have got to know what demographics you are trying to capture.

What is the age of the audience you are trying to go after?

You have to be very careful with your ad spend on social media as you can run up your budget very fast with these platforms.

If you don’t know any of the steps above with doing paid social media advertising learn all about these forms of advertising so you don’t spend a whole lot of money fast.

Online Advertising

How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business 2

When it comes to online advertising it really does help with your marketing for your network marketing business to know how to go about online advertising.

Knowing your best place to advertise is another one of those ways of knowing where to spend your money with online ads.

There is a lot of platforms out there where you can set up ads online, for example, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to just name a few.

In the last couple of years online advertising has really taken off to reach your target market.

You can set up ads now with Banner Ads, Text Ads, Image Display Ads, and email ads on these platforms and do really well with online advertising.

Before you start you got to know a few things like the target market, you want to reach.

Knowing your analytics is another thing you have to focus on like how many impressions will you get, what is the cost per click per ad, what is the cost to reach your target market, and your conversion rate for the advertising you’re doing like how many sales have you made for the cost of the ad.

When doing online advertising just make sure you are prepared to spend a good sum of money to see what ads work and what ads don’t work for your target market.

It all comes down really to testing and more testing to see what ads do well and what does not work for your ads.

Capture Page

Capture Page

With a capture page, you can use this tool to really explode your network marketing business using a capture page.

Now, you may be asking me what is a capture page.

Capture Page is a page that you will have the ability to collect emails from your visitors so you can send out offers and updates on your new products and services who give you the consent to send them emails.

If you really want to make your capture page work well you got to entice your visitors by giving you their email by offering free stuff like a free e-book or a sample product that you are giving away.

The whole point in using a capture page is your offering your visitors something in return for them giving you their email to send them info.

Now when it comes to using a capture page just make sure you are letting them know that you will be sending them periodic emails once in a while.

Now my Next Step for How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business is something that a lot of people sometimes forget.

Google My Business Listing

google my business

Google My Business is something that you need to do to not only help you in the google search rankings but also to get found locally.

When you create a google my business listing for your business you are making your website or blog more accessible to local visitors in your area.

Google My Business is a free tool that will help Google show your business to your customers.

You will be able to showcase your business on google with all the details like your contact information, hours of operation, phone numbers, and a link to your website just to name a few.

The google my business listing is free you just have to submit your information and google will then send you a text or information in the mail with a verification code to prove who you are and once verified you on google for google my business.

Email Marketing

email marketing

The next thing I want to talk about is Email Marketing.

Email Marketing has the power to really earn you a large income from your email list.

The experts in the network marketing industry will tell you for every email that you can harvest from people signing up to your email list is worth $1.00 for every email.

With email marketing your gaining emails from people who are in your target industry as they are looking forward to receiving what you have to offer them.

The other thing about email marketing is people who have signed up for your offers are targeted emails so this will convert very well as you are sending out target emails.

Let’s say you have gathered over 5000 emails with your list with every email from what the experts are saying is worth $1.00 that’s an awesome $5000.00 a month income.

How this works is when you send out your email to your list of 5000 emails and let’s just say you only get a 10 percent open rate.

Now out of that 10 percent open rate only 5 percent of those buy what your offering so 500 emails opened 5 percent buys which is 25 emails and you selling a product for $200.00 boom that $5000.00 a month right.

With email marketing, you have got to use some kind of service to send out your emails like GetReponse or ConstantContact for example.

With any of those services to send out your emails, you have got to set up your campaigns when to send out your emails, and what target you want to meet.

You have got to be very careful that you are meeting the proper email guidelines when sending out emails as the last thing you don’t want is to be blamed for spamming others who have forgotten they signed up for your offers.

So when you create an email campaign that is going out with your emails make sure you include a link to unsubscribe them from your list of emails.

If you going to do email marketing and if you going to use an online service make sure you do your research and check the reviews of who you going to do business with, but most of them are really good.



SEO now this can be fun and can be very hard to achieve for the beginner when creating a website or blog.

The main purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to your website or blog in the form of organic traffic and un-paid traffic and to build on that traffic over and over to increase your search engine rankings.

Now SEO is something that takes a lot of work in mastering and doing tests upon test on seeing what works best for the content you are publishing on the internet.

Google for example has put in a lot of effort to make sure that the proper SEO to get your traffic is done with quality traffic.

Back about 5 years ago it was pretty easy to rank high on the search engines.

You just added a title page use the keywords in your title page and using your keywords in your descriptions and boom you were on the first page of google.

Not anymore I’m afraid, you have now got to work at getting on the front page of Google, and it’s not going to come easy.

With SEO and getting ranked there are so many factors in play now to get the SEO done right and getting ranked on Google for rankings.

You can literally place keyword upon keyword on your web pages or blog post all you want it’s not going to help you any more with the last google update with the BERT AI then is now running.

Google has established a way of knowing who gets on the front page and who doesn’t with SEO and I’m going to be upfront here, there’s no company out there now that can guarantee your first page ranking on the first page of google with any keyword phrase overnight.

It can take months now to get ranked on google with your website or blog posts, from what I’m told just to show up in the rankings and I’m not talking about the first page it can take 6 months to a year.

Now I’m going to give you a little hint tho if you want to take my advice of getting ranked high on google even with their update as this is what Google is looking for from what I’m hearing in the industry.

Write quality content and stick to the point throughout the whole blog post of what that topic was about if you do that you will get ranked, but again wait for about 6 months to a year and you will get ranked but again might not be on the front page so remember that.

Google’s new AI is so advanced now they can tell what your page or content is all about and they know how to rank it.

You can still update your keyword phrases and title tags and description tags as it does help some but again google has figured out how to rank everyone now.

Ok, now with SEO if you are going to do this and have no experience with it, take a course in it, if you don’t have time to take a course and learn it hire a professional or company to help you with SEO.

My recommendation is just to add quality content and eventually, you will get ranked on google and save your money.

Now my last step for How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business is.

Sponsoring Others

sponsor others

Sponsoring others is the real key to making your network marketing business grow fast in no time.

When you sponsor others you have a group of others helping you get the word out about your network marketing business.

Sponsoring others is a great way of building a passive income over and over again.

I know that some people hate the thought of sponsoring others or bugging friends and family to join you.

But if you really want to advertise your network marketing business this is a great way of doing just that.

When you sponsor others and let’s just say you sponsor others into your network marketing business and you sponsor say 20 others into your business you have 20 other salespeople out there helping to advertise your network marketing business.

So I would get out there and sponsor others to join you and reap the rewards of getting that way of advertising going for you.


Jim Morrison

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article about How To Advertise Your Network Marketing Business

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