How To Market Your Business

How To Market Your Business

If you’re looking for ways to advertise your business online for free then you can achieve this in many ways of marketing online and sharing your business.

Advertising my business online today can be a lot easier now with the power of having a website, blogs, social media, learning SEO, creating quality content, and creating videos as well.

Benefits Of Advertise My Business Online

  • Google My Business
  • How To Promote My Business On Google For Free
  • Free Online Advertising Sites
  • How To Advertise My Business Locally
  • Create A Website
  • Create A Blog
  • Social Media
  • Learning SEO
  • Creating Quality Content
  • Creating Videos

Create A Website

Creating a website is the first thing you should make so you can advertise your business online as without a website you’re usually not going to do well with your competitors as I can assure you they have a website online already.

If you are not tech-savvy today you won’t have to worry really about creating your very own website as with most hosting providers you signup to they have premade templates that you can use to create your very first online website.

Now I’m going, to be honest here with you, if you can have a professional do it for you or you learn how to do WordPress in your spare time then doing so will give your website a really big boost in getting ranked and indexed online.

If you are not too concerned about getting organic traffic over time and what I mean about that is for those of you who are new with online advertising with a website, organic traffic means traffic that you will earn freely with the right SEO in mind.

For those of you who are not worried about organic traffic with SEO then learning WordPress and how it works should be something that you shouldn’t worry about learning and just go with the templates the hosting provider gives you to create your own website.

With SEO I will go into more detail about that later on.

Ok, having your very own website is something that will make your mark online and it will be a great tool for you to do business online with for the advertising aspect of your business.

The power of having your own website will create your own brand online and it will give your customers a place they can go online and buy your products and services from you.

The beauty of having your own website you can advertise it online with social media, classifieds, and email marketing as well to your customers.

If you only have 10 products you’re trying to sell, or 100 products or more then having a website to advertise online for your business is a must-have tool today to market online.

How can I promote my business online?

You can start to promote your business online with a website or blog this is the first step in getting started with promoting your business online.

How can I promote my business online in 2021

With online promotion in 2021, you can create a website or blog and promote on social media, search engines, online free advertising sites, and forums or groups to get started in 2021 with no out-of-pocket income if you want to.

Google My Business

Google my business is the next thing you should do once you have your website up and running online to help you in local search and to also help with your steps with google indexing in showing google that you are a business and website that is open for business in your community.

When you are ready to proceed with google my business just head over to Google My Business and set up your account with them to get started and make your business accessible to local customers or nationally.

How To Promote My Business On Google For Free

This is something that can be achieved with google my business which I just explained above and getting your business submitted to google with indexing and ranking.

Now with google they don’t always guarantee your site will get indexed or ranked so it will take time to see and in my experience, most sites do get indexed at least but the ranking is another thing as that will take time and learning SEO.

Go to Google Here and get your site indexed and hopefully ranked with them.

How To Advertise My Business Locally

With getting your business advertised locally you have some options in doing so.

Like I talked about above you can go to google and get google my business done to attract customers and visitors to your website for free.

You can use online classifieds in your area for free to advertise your business and website link with them as well as most communities have a free online classified site they can use.

If you have access to an online community in your area you can do that as well join that online community in your area and start to get active with them on spreading your online business with them also.

Create A Blog

If you have created your website already or you haven’t created a blog that can boost your online business really nice for getting more business then build a blog with your website also.

For those of you who have a website created then adding a blog to your site is an awesome way to get more content on your site and with more content on your website the more likely you’re going to get indexed and ranked well on the search engines.

Now for those of you who don’t already have a website created then creating a blog first is again another way to make your business stand out and getting traffic to your blog quickly if your uploading lots of quality content.

Starting a blog is something that can really make your awareness for your content as long as your producing and publishing quality content on your blog.

Now what I mean by this is not just uploading anything that is not relevant to the content your trying to advertise I”m talking about quality content that people are searching for and wanting to solve their issues with.

The reason why blogs can do better than just a regular website in rankings is with blogs your always adding a blog post and uploading content.

Now if you only upload 2 blog posts a month first starting out your probably not going to do very well in rankings as with blogging it takes time and blog post to get good rankings.

I would recommend at least 2 to 3 blog posts a week when you first start out with a blog.

Social Media

Once you have your website or blog created then jump on over to the social media sites and start to use those platforms to advertise your business online.

If you can do this I would first recommend you to create business profiles with social media if you can use the same name for your social media accounts as the same name of your business even if you’re not going to use say Twitter.

I would still signup to Twitter with the same business name that way it’s not taken when you’re going to use Twitter in the future.

With social media, you can use those platforms for free and not spend a dime using them if you so chose to do so, unless you’re wanting to create a paid one there but this post is not on showing you how to spend money with online advertising.

Learning SEO

Learning SEO is another way that you can capitalize your presence need to advertise your business online for free.

When you can take the time in learning on-page SEO and off-page SEO the rewards in organic traffic are all worth the effort in doing so with SEO.

If you don’t know SEO then hiring a professional in doing SEO for you is something that you should have done for your website or blog as having the proper SEO will get you lots of organic traffic for the long term as long as your content is being refreshed and updated on a regular basis.

Now what I mean by a regular basis is not having to worry about updating every blog post for example every day, what I mean is adding fresh content if you can on a weekly basis, or just updating old content on a monthly basis should be fine.

I published this article a while ago Search Engine Optimization Techniques that I think can help you.

If you can take the time in learning SEO it can be very rewarding for you to help boost your traffic as I said above but it’s not going to be something you’re going to learn overnight it takes time in learning and just be patient when learning SEO.

Creating Quality Content

Now this one is probably something that you are going to have to really understand and understand to the best you can as this will make or break your website in getting traffic.

If you can provide your visitors, your customers, and the search engines with quality content then you’re going to have traffic to your website over and over again.

When it comes to creating content your not just going to upload content to your website or blog and call it a day, you have to upload quality content which is content that people are searching for, what is the user intent on the search, and how you can answer it for them, and knowing how to do SEO so the search engines know how to read the content.

Most people will tell you that for example, you’re creating a blog post for good quality content and they will tell you it must be over a 2500 word post to get you on the first page of Google, well that was true but now google is shifting to the user intent and how well you can answer the search.

If you can answer the user and stay on topic with the user search and narrow the question exactly to what they the user was searching for then search engines like google is now shifting towards that as quality content and there not necessarily giving those huge blog post the upper hand starting this year.

Creating Videos

Creating videos is another one of those ways you can advertise your business online for free if you are not shy of getting in front of a camera and creating videos.

Going to places like YouTube is a great way for you to create quality content about your website or blog and once you have created those videos you can link them from youtube to your website or blog and that will benefit you in ways of having people stay on your website or blog longer which in turn tells the search engines people like your content.

If you can and have the time try your best to create at least 3 videos a week on YouTube and embed those videos on your website or blog for the first few months of creating content and then you can shift it down to 1 video a week going forward.

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world now and if you can create videos’ this will help your website or blog in organic traffic very well over time.


When looking for ways to advertise your business online for free you can find ways now in doing so with all the services and platforms that are available to you online today with the ease of just going about doing it.

You can create a website or blog easier today than it was like 10 years ago for the even tech-savvy people who tried to do it then.

When you have your website or blog up and running you can then work on creating quality content for your site and then once you are comfortable with the content it’s then time to promote it like a mad scientist.

You can start by going to google and submitting your website or blog with their search engine listing or google my business to get indexed and ranked.

If you have social media accounts set up or you don’t then go and set up a social media account with your business name on those platforms and start advertising your website or blog that way with updated postings to them as well.

Learning SEO can really gain you lots of organic traffic over time if you are doing it right of course but if you are not willing to learn SEO then I highly recommend you hire a professional to do it for you as companies are all looking for the advantage of getting ranked and indexed the fastest way they can.

Creating quality content and videos is another great way of getting traffic to your website or blog as long as you create content that people are looking for and need and if you can deliver that answer to them then you can rest assured obtaining organic traffic over an over again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please share it with your friends and family on your social media accounts as well.


Jim Morrison

I also hope you got great value from this post on How Market Your Business

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