bookmark_borderWhat Are The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In 2020

Here I have done some research for you in the top 10 Network Marketing Companies in 2020

The top 10 network marketing companies for 2020 are going to surprise some of you, and some of you are going to say yes I knew that would be on the list. So here is the list of the top 10 Network Marketing companies as of 2020, in my opinion.

Network Marketing companies are in most ways another way of MLM and thrive off of creating large groups of people so everyone can prosper and succeed.

No matter where you are in the world for most countries you can start a network marketing company or join one, and take your new adventure in this space without a huge budget doing it.

Most network marketing companies you join only cost under a $1000.00 to get set up, and a lot of them you can invest in for only up to $300.00, and your off on to your new adventure in your network marketing business.

Now joining a network marketing company is just not something you want to do without no knowledge of what they have to offer the general public, like products and services.

Before you decide to join any network marketing company, you have to make sure they have a good track record, been in the business for some time, and have a good Better Business Bureau Rating I would suggest before you get involved, but that’s me.

Also, I would suggest you get involved with a network marketing company that you have a passion for and are proud to tell everyone about their products and services, as your going to be a salesperson for them, if you don’t have faith in their products, how are you going to sell to others.

Now we got this out of the way, let’s get back to why you are seeking what the top 10 network marketing companies in 2020 are in my opinion.

The Top 10 Network Marketing Companies for 2020 are listed below, and again this is my opinion.

10. Vasayo

If you like the Health and Wellness Niche, Vasayo just may be what your looking for.

With their products backed by science and using the latest technology, they help solve the common problems with extraordinary solutions using their proprietary delivery system.

With their rewards plan, you get no only 5 star service, you get a chance to earn income right away with the 8 different ways of earning income, and their system is built for long term success for everyone involved.

9. Total Life Changes

Another one of those companies that offer Health and Nutrition Products to their portfolio, they have been getting great reviews on Amazon with their products and show no time in slowing down.

They also have a system in place if you love Network Marketing or MLM, andoffer you the chance to earn up to 50 percent profit paid to you for sharing their products.

8. Senegence

If your into Beauty Products and have a passion for the beauty cosmetic line than this Network Marketing Company is for you.

But let me be up front here, its a little costly to get going with this one, but their products really have the power to sell for you and if your on social media or like to have home parties this one is a winner.

7. Karatbars International

Now here is a Network Marketing Company that is going to take the world by storm one day, its a Sleeping Giant waiting to let loose.

If you love everything around Gold, Blockchain, Technology, Financial learning, and Crypto Currencies this one is a winner.

They have claimed to be the first one’s in the world to solve the means of getting gold to the masses in small increments, and they also have a product call cash gold that has physical embedded gold bars in 0.1 grams presented right in the cash gold notes, so gain if you like gold and everything with it visit them here.

6. Modere

This company was is business for years, but recently was relaunched a few years ago as a new startup brand Modere.

They are into the health and home line of products and have a huge bonus structured, but do offer handsome commissions as well when you get involved.

They have a strong board of leading scientists, health physicians, and industry experts who do endorse their products.

If your into the health products, this company also shows no time of slowing down.

5. do Tterra

This company has a real niche in the healthcare product line, they infuse essential oils into products like shampoos and deodorants just to name of couple.

If you decide to join them, they have a strong team to guide you along the way, as its in their best interest to making sure you succeed in the essential oils line with them.

4. Young Living

This is another one of those companies who is also into the essential oils business, and want to harness the power to let the world know about the great benefits of essential oils and their impact on it.

They also have a great commission pay structure on the products you sell with them, and they have a strong list of spokesperson’s who back the product for 2020 and the years to come.


This is a company that specializes its products in the weight loss industry, they have a product called SlimRoast, a coffee that will promote weight loss as you are drinking your mojo.

They have another product call Keto Creamer, and you know Keto diets are the big thing right now in the weight loss segment.

If you are like me and love coffee and the promotion of weight loss, this maybe what your looking for,as again these guys show no signs of slowing down for 2020.

2. New You Life

This company is into the anti-aging segment, and their powerful key ingredient they use is called homeopathic human growth hormone.

If it was me and I was joining this one, focus your target market on the 40 plus age market, as when we all get to that age we all start to look in the mirror more often and fear the thoughts of getting old.

They also have a wonderful commission structure and offer bonuses that will keep you biting at the bit to keep on going.

1. My Daily Choice & Hempworx CBD Oil MLM

This Network Marketing Company has two product lines.

My Daily Choice network marketing, offers sprays to promote general well-being, and Hempworx, oils for humans and CBD oil treats for dogs.

Now, I could of listed the top 100 network marketing companies for 2020, but felt you wanted to get a list that can give you some insight for this topic.

This is only my list that I did some research on and they are all in the top 10 in my opinion, but everyone has their own opinion and I think those listed above are good companies for you to start with.

I’m also going to tell you that what ever network marketing company you decide to join, think of these niche’s before you join.

The top three niches that make a huge impact on any network marketing company and make a huge customer base and sales are, Health and Wellness, E-Marketing or Business Marketing, and Home Products.

What ever you do decide to join and dip your hand into the Network Marketing Industry, always make sure the network marketing company is legit and have a proven track record like in the top 10 or even the top 100 network marketing companies in the world to join.

Make sure you are happy with their ratings and their reviews from others online or off line so your not getting disappointed down the road on your journey.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in the World and I wish you great success with your endeavors in this space.

Please come back again to read my next post and again happy reading and blogging everyone.

bookmark_borderCan You Make Money With Network Marketing Companies And How Much Can You Make

I’m going to really share some insight for you with how much you can make with network marketing.

Well the real answer is Yes, you can make money with network marketing companies, but you really have to stick with it, and how much money you can really make is not going to come easy, but yes you can make money with network marketing.

The real problem trying to make money with network marketing is, after about 3 to 6 months 75 percent of the people who join these programs move on to something else as they don’t see the rewards fast enough and roll on to something else.

A lot of network marketers don’t make any money at all, they are actually out money, after they figured out what they spent on joining and keeping their membership paid up, or buying lotions and potions to stay active as this is a requirement for some network marketing programs.

So then they get frustrated and move on and they never made a penny with their network marketing program.

This was their first mistake, leaving a program or system in the network marketing space early was really the recipe why they never made anything with it.

Its usually about 25 to 35 percent of the people who work at network marketing programs make money with them and make a profit all the time, and about 40 percent break even, and out of the rest the others loss money.

Now, the real winners who make money is about 5 percent, roughly about 50,000 to 100,00 dollars in profit a year, and the jackpot winners is about 0.07 percent will earn over 1 million dollars with network marketing and even make that every year.

So, if your looking to make money with network marketing and make a profit, you can but its going to be hard work, 3 to 5 years effort in doing it, and again not jumping from one program to another as well, as that will kill your chances of making it to the top.

Now if you still want to make money with network marketing programs and give it a go, then do understand if you do succeed in it there is super great benefits with it.

I will list the Pros and Cons below.


  1. Work from home and be your own boss.
  2. Never have to take orders from anyone but your self.
  3. If you hate the 9 to 5 job and punching a clock this is for you.
  4. Meeting new people as you go along with your business.
  5. Get out of the house more often as you are always going to want to promote your product and services with others.
  6. You control how much you want to make the sky is the limit and beyond if so be it.
  7. Sleep in more in the mornings if your not a morning person.
  8. Spend more time with friends and family.
  9. Take more vacations when you are able too.
  10. Pay off bills fast if you fall in to that 0.07 percent, the list goes on.


  1. It’s not going to be easy first starting out, I’m not going to sugar coat it here for you.
  2. For the first 2 to 3 years your going to have to give it your all, 10 to 12 hour days.
  3. You really have to check over the program you join and make sure they have a good track record and been around for a while with a reasonable good name in the business.
  4. You mostly will have to build teams and groups to succeed.
  5. You have to train those below you in the art of duplication, if they can’t explain it your team will build slowly.
  6. Be prepared to answer emails, and answer the phone with your down line that you have built.
  7. Always be available for your group until you feel comfortable that they are good with out your guidance.
  8. Be prepared to advertise your butt off to get the word out.
  9. Make it a full time job if you want to be able to just relax in 5 years down the road.
  10. Make sure before you commit to it, and it will be a tough go at first.

Now depending on how much you have to invest, a lot of these network marketing companies can be cheaply to join and some do require a good chuck of money to get involved.

I would suggest that you join a program that is no more than say $500.00 to get set up, reason for this is like I said before, about 75 percent of the people who do join these type’s of programs, quit after a year or so, sorry for the hard truth.

Ok, lets talk about some positive stuff to get your juices flowing and wanting to get busy with network marketing and making some money with it.

Did you know that around 75 percent of the women in the world who are successful in network marketing make over $100,000.00 a year and more.

Now did you know that around 15 to 20 percent of the millionaires around the world did it through network marketing programs and direct sales, so there is a great chance anyone can achieve this, if you stay with it.

The thing about how you can make money with network marketing companies and how much you can make depends on you, your earning potential is really unlimited, but it does take money to make money.

The average person who does network marketing makes about $3000.00 a year, now this is the average person.

Now for those who are doing it full time and have great success with network marketing, they are making 6 figures and some are even making 7 figures a year, like millions of dollars for those lucky few who have a passion for what they are doing and build large teams of affiliates or sales under them.

The thing about network marketing and how much you can earn, depends on what company you get involved with and what they have for a commission pay structure.

I would personally stay away from those companies or programs that pay you less than 15 percent commission on their products or services, as this will take you a long time to earn with them.

How much money can you make with network marketing companies is again how much you want to earn.

You can literally make only hundreds of dollars a month, to thousands of dollars a month over and over again if you really want to.

Lets look at a regular job, you only get paid for the time you work, so if you only work 10 hours, or 20 hours, or 60 hours a week, you will only earn that amount for what you work.

Now, with network marketing and how you can make money with them, is a whole new game changer if you really work at this.

With network marketing it can be a passive income with leverage, and keep paying you around the clock.

In network marketing, if you build a large team, a large sales force under you, and keep plugging away in building your team, and sales force under you, it can literally make you money around the clock weather you get up and go to work or not, that’s the power of network marketing and how you can make money with it.

Unless you have a real good paying job and love what you are doing, you will not make any money for retirement doing the 40 year plan, you are going to retire broke.

But with network marketing, you can literally cut that down in to 5 years if you are dedicated to building a large team and building a large sales force in your group, and you will be in that 0.07 percent.

So, you may now ask what should I do or get involved with in network marketing.

Now this one is up to you to decide, you should only get involved with a product or service you strongly have a great passion for, is the first step, as if you don’t understand the product or service how will you become a sales person for that product if you don’t understand it your self.

So make sure you like what your selling and have a passion for.

Make sure your treating it like a business and always give it at lease 15 or more hours a week until you can give up your day job, and your new business is paying you enough to go at it full time.

The nice thing about network marketing is there is now ceiling on what you can make, if you work the business starting with party time or full time, or even full time right away, no one is telling you from work how much your going to make as you command your own destiny.

You can make as much as you want with it, as your not capped with a salary or hourly wage, you can make as much as you want and even go after those huge bonuses they offer and incentives they have to earning you the top prizes and cash giveaways they have sometimes.

You also got to get your mind set right in being successful with network marketing.

What I mean by this is, you gotta always set new goals and achievements all the time. You have to make sure there is nothing in your way of setting you back, and you have got to make sure that the reward is right there for the taking every time you set out to do it.

Once your focused on your goals and know what’s its going to take to get there, really think about it as much as you can to be the top earner in your business.

If you are struggling with making money with your network marketing business here’s what to do.

  1. Contact your up line or down line for advice if you hit a snag.
  2. Setup social media accounts and share your business with the world that way.
  3. Start a landing page to get people to your offers.
  4. Do advertising with PPC services or direct email campaigns.
  5. Create flyers and brochures to pass around.
  6. Buy paid solo ads.
  7. Buy paid ads on social media.

Network Marketing can be some work, it won’t be easy.

I’m going to be honest here with you, most people fail in network marketing, only about 1 to 2 percent achieve success with network marketing, the rest give up and quit, and continue with there normal jobs and never make it.

But, if you really come a across a product and service that you love and have passion for, you can make a big income from it, and you can literally make more money with network marketing with network marketing companies and be very successful with them, but that’s if you stay focused and give it your all.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and come back again for my next one soon.

bookmark_borderHow To Make Money With Network Marketing

Are you looking for ways to make money with network marketing or how to.

Well there is lots of ways to make money with network marketing, start with what is your passion as you will need that to be able to promote what you care about and love, find a product or service that is reputable as well, but the real answer is your willingness and passion to achieve in network marketing.

If you are in the process of giving network marketing a go, and want to see if making money with network marketing is for you, then read on and I will break it down for you.

Now if your like me, you probably had someone ask you in your life time to join there network marketing program, or mlm system to earning an income on or off line.

The reason why these programs are called network marketing is your joining a program or system and building teams to help everyone along as you all go.

There is no qualifications to join, everyone can join the program or system as long as they have a vested interest in joining and play by the rules of the system that the company has set out.

How to make money in network marketing is, I would recommend recruiting at least 10 strong team players and you will see the rewards fast.

Now to get those 10 strong members, you will need to at least get 20 or so to join you, I know it sounds like a lot but you can do this.

So out of your 10 strong members they will get at least say 5 each and then you will see the snow ball roll down the hill real fast for you.

The nice thing about network marketing is you can literally make a full time income from home, but you will have to work at it, as noting is life is free, unless you win the lottery.

Most of the time, its friends and family that will ask you to take a look at their new business or as we say their network marketing program, as with friends and family that is a great way to get a list.

Now some people will know if this route asking friends and family be good or not, but its a great way to work your warm list faster to get a faster start.

If you don’t like the thoughts of asking friends and family to join you, then go with social media marketing, email marketing, or search engine marketing, I will get to that shortly.

People do ask me, how easy is it to be successful in network marketing.

I tell them, you don’t have to be a salesman to achieve greatness in this niche, you only need to be proud and have a passion to promote your new product or program and show people how this benefits them.

Another nice thing about network marketing programs, you don’t have to compete with other big chain stores like you find at your local mall or grocery store.

Most of the money you and your team earns, is made by everyone who buys the products and services in your group.

I would personally stay away from programs that require you to buy hundreds of dollars a month to stay as member, but that’s my belief.

Ok lets get back to how to make money in network marketing without the hassle of nagging friends and family if you don’t want to.

The first way I would start without the big expense of out of pocket money is get on social media.

Start your very own fan page on facebook, insta-gram, and twitter to just name a few.

Now if you do the above, make sure its a professional looking fan page and post on those pages at least 2 to 3 times a day, and show the world your product and service as this is a great way to recruit that way.

Next I would build a landing page, there’s literally all kinds of places out there to offer you a way to build a landing page some are free others and cost a fee to start up, but really think about this to capture email leads that way.

My next step would be to go and setup a pay to click ad on any of the search engines and target that ad to the market your selling or offering.

There is also companies out there you can have others email your offer with paid solo ads, where you hire a person on those sites to send out your offer for a fee, can be expensive but they work great.

You can start a blog, like this one for example, but it can be a long time before you can get traffic as you need to have a lot a content on your blog before the search engines will send you traffic, its usually about 45 weeks before you see traffic from a post on a blog site, unless you have a real high authority blog already.

But here’s what I would recommend as one of the best ways to get off the ground fast.

You really need to see people face to face in person before they will follow you as then they see someone behind the story of how you started and who to look for when they need help.

Arrange to have meets at a local coffee shop, or a library, or do the home party thing to attract new members.

You can also be successful by doing your marketing on you tube and make marketing videos in your niche to promote, people love making a decision with you tube videos as it gives them more of a connect with you, also you tube is a search engine, so done right it will get ranked well.

Really understand your target market, as you want to make sure your getting really good leads or sales from people who are into what your offering, as you can’t sell someone Soap if there looking for Pizza.

If you go ahead and create a business page on any social media sites, join other groups in your niche, and post daily in those groups and offer them a the chance to visit your business and explain to them the benefits of yours in helping to achieve better results.

Make sure that you work at it everyday, like at least 2 to 3 hours a day first starting off, then as you go along treat it like a full time job and within a year you should see the rewards, its not easy but it will happen.

Stay consistent with your network marketing business, if you decide to join a program make sure its the one you are going to keep going with for the long haul, most network marketers fail as they keep jumping from one business to another.

Always look for a program that is cheap enough to start off with, unless you have lots of cash that you are willing to risk on your new venture.

You can also market your new network marketing business with the old traditional methods, like trade shows, newspaper advertising, leaf lets, flee markets, craft shows, and even magazine ads, if you take the magazine one make sure its the market your into for that magazine.

Make sure you are getting involved with a program or company that everyone wants or needs, so know your market, personally I like the 3 golden niche markets my self.

  1. Health and Nutrition
  2. Wealth and Network Marketing
  3. Social or Dating Niche

This is my main two methods for you on how to make money with network marketing.

Always be consistent, set up an action plan, like a ledger and follow these steps.

  1. Set a side at least 2 to 3 hours everyday to be active with your business.
  2. Take weekends off if you can away from it, to give yourself a break.
  3. Always follow up with people and share your passion about the product or service you so much love.
  4. Make sure you will always take that extra step to help others getting involved as this type of business can pay you handsomely.
  5. When ever possible always attend free training or webinars to learning how the business stays up to date on changes and the market trends.

Now my most secret tip or should I say its not a secret for those who are already doing this.

Duplication, always train those who you bring into the business on how to get started the right way.

  1. Show your new members how to duplicate the process like you are doing.
  2. Get them to know that they don’t have to be doing it the same as you, just tell them until you are comfortable telling others to reach out to you first to get them going the right way.
  3. Always tell them when they have a prospect and if they are nervous to do a 3 way call with them, that way it puts the pressure off of them and you can take the necessary steps to close the sale or deal for them.
  4. Make sure you tell them to never worry about explaining the business they way you do, everybody does it some times a little different so just get them on the phone with you, then over time they will be doing it like you.
  5. The best thing to do for all your down line is to always tell them you will be there for them whenever they need you.

In closing, I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to make money with network marketing, and I hope you find this very appealing to you, also share this article to those who need a good read.

Talk to you again and happy prospecting