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We are going to show you how to acquire Gold and a Gold Backed Digital Currency.

Our digital currency right now at the time of writing this info is 0.14 euro cents and our company is going to back this currency to be valued at 1 gram of gold per coin at January 2023.

So think about this if you had 100,000 of these coins at the price of a gram of gold in 2023 and lets just say gold will be 50.00 a gram so it would be valued at $5,000,000.00, now this could be more than that number by then who knows depending on the crypto exchange price, but we are assuring you 1 coin at a gram of gold with us.

We are also going to be the first listed gold crypto currency company that will be listed on a stock exchange in Germany Dec 15 2019.

That’s right we are going public, then we will be listed on the other stock exchanges like NYSE for example next year.

When you decide to join us, for your purchase with a profit package or WHIM K1 PACKAGE your going to be gifted a VIP STATUS and KCB coins well over 40,000 coins and higher depending on the package your take.

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